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Tune Req: I Hold Your Hand in Mine (Tom Lehrer)

17 Jul 07 - 10:14 AM (#2105119)
Subject: Tune Req: 'I'll Hold Your Hand in Mine'
From: GUEST,Guest No. Two Squillion

On and off over the years I've played 'I'll Hold Your Hand in Mine' - Tom Lehrer. I even sang it to-for Vin Garbutt and assemebled friends at a party in the early hours of this Millenium.

For some reason, unknown even to me, I 'Googled' it the other night (late) and found some chords that I really liked and I picked up the old Maton and made up a tune to fit the chords and vowed that I would return to it soon.

'Soon' has arrived and I have tried Google and cannot find the chords and hence - the tune that jumped into my head.

I have never heard the Tom Lehrer original. I simply sing it as an old friend of mind used to sing it, which was in 'G' with no Minor chrods. The chords that I saw on Googe had 'Dm" in it, but beyond that I haven't a clue.

Any ideas?

(I know....... It doesn't get any more vague than that does it?)

17 Jul 07 - 10:45 AM (#2105131)
Subject: Chords Add: I HOLD YOUR HAND IN MINE (Tom Lehrer)
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)

Here are the chords from Too Many Songs By Tom Lehrer, in the key of F. If you don't know them just ignore the + on the augmented chords and play the basic chord; similarly use m for m7 and D7 for D9 if you don't know them or want to play them.


(Tom Lehrer)

(C7)I hold your hand (C7+)in (F)mine dear,
I (C7)press it to (C7+)my (F)lips
I (A7)take a healthy (Dm)bite from
(D7)Your (G7)dainty finger(C7)tips.

My (C7)joy would be (C7+)com(F)plete, dear
If (C7)you were only (F)here_(Cm)_(D7),
But (Gm)still I keep your (F)hand_(Cm6) (D7)as
A (Gm7)precious (C7)souve(F)nir.

The (Db)night you died I (Ab)cut it off
I (Eb)really (Eb7)don't know (Ab)why_(Ab7)
For (Db)now each time I (Ab)kiss it
I get (G)bloodstains (G7)on my (C7)tie

I'm sorry now (C7+)I (F)killed you
For (F+)our (C7)love was something (F)fine_(F7)
And (Bb)till they (Bbm)come to (F)get me
(D9)I shall (Gm7)hold your (C7)hand in (F)mine.

17 Jul 07 - 03:29 PM (#2105268)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: 'I Hold Your Hand in Mine'
From: SharonA

Guest Number Two Squillion: First of all, the proper title of the song is "I Hold Your Hand in Mine" (not "I'll"). And as to the matter of the tune...

On this page, you'll find a Tom Lehrer CD and, if you scroll down to the song list, you'll find links to a clip of a portion of the song (for Music Sampler and Windows Media). Fortunately it's a recording of the middle of the song, which is the trickiest part.

Click on the "Download MP3" link on this page to hear a choir sing the entire song. They changed one word, though: they sing "little bite", which should be "healthy bite."

Mick Pearce has posted a good set of chords so, between that and listening to the tune, you should be all set.