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Yodeling songs

19 Apr 99 - 01:04 PM (#72025)
Subject: Yodeling songs
From: Dan

Can anybody recommend any good yodeling songs? I think yodeling is cool beans. Jerry Jeff Walker yodels real pretty in "Night Rider's Lament." So does Jerry Lee Lewis (and I'm sure Jimmie Rodgers) in "All Around the Water Tank." Any others? Any regular songs that you can adapt to a yodeling refrain? Thanks.

19 Apr 99 - 01:18 PM (#72027)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Harald

Any good yodeling songs ? I see nothing to be more incompatibly than the terms good and yodeling. Sorry for that. But here in Germany, you sometimes have the bad luck to get yodeling in pure culture. I can assure you, this experience really alters a human being. Sorry again for being so negative. By the way, have you ever asked yourself, why so many Germans are so exceedingly keen on Irish music ? ;-)

19 Apr 99 - 01:45 PM (#72040)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: tomtom

The finest yodeling tune I've ever heard is by Sly and the Family Stone, believe it or not. Anyone know the song "Spaced Cowboy?" Sly is a pretty amazing yodeler. It's from the album There's a Riot Goin' On. Maybe Funk Yodeling isn't what you had in mind, Dan, but don't knock it 'til you try it.


19 Apr 99 - 01:49 PM (#72042)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Dan - be sure to see our previous threads on yodeling:
***Yodeling:History & Lyrics
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Missing Verse!Yodel :Rockin' Over..Les Wilson .
These are the LONGER yodel threads. You can find a few others by searching under the subject yodel in our Forum Search.
-Joe Offer-

19 Apr 99 - 01:55 PM (#72045)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Mark Roffe

Best kids-of-all-ages yodeling songs I've heard are on an album by Cathy Fink called Grandma Slid Down the Mountain. This must-hear album even has a cut that teaches you to yodel, and it works!
The Holy Modal Rounders did some enjoyable yodels on songs like "Mister Spaceman."


19 Apr 99 - 02:02 PM (#72052)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Arkie

Latch on to recordings by Jimmie Rodgers, Patsy Montana, Elton Britt (Britt is hard to find), or contemporary western singers like Liz Masterson and Sean Blackburn, Prickly Pear, or Jill Jones or Swiss yodler, Kerry Christensen. Kerry can be found on the internet, but do not have his website handy. Will look it up and post. Janet McBride is another contemporary yodeler who has recordings available. She would be an excellent model for the neophyte yodeler. Leanne Rymes (whatever) learned her yodel from Janet. She did not take the whole course. Speaking of courses there are some available, stumbled on them via the internet with a general search for yodeling. I think Cathy Fink may have something on teaching folks to yodel. She at least sings a song about it.

Don't be surprised that your joy in yodeling is not shared by all you meet. Some will even resort to making fun of the art. They might not even call it an art. Have sympathy and move on.

19 Apr 99 - 02:08 PM (#72054)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Arkie


Thanks for the links. Your response was not there when I started mine. If it had been, I would of stayed out of this.

19 Apr 99 - 02:51 PM (#72074)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Joe Offer

I dunno, Arkie - looks to me like you posted a darn worthwhile message. Good thing you didn't stay out of this.
-Joe Offer-

19 Apr 99 - 03:54 PM (#72092)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Frank of Toledo

Early Patsy Montana and Elton Britt are hard to beat, but some artists still around are worth listening to: Don Walser on Watermelon Don Edwards on Shanachie. There are so many and not enough room to list them all. I think yodeling is a genuine musical art form and very compatible with quality and music. Have many Jerry Jeff old albums, and Night Rider's Lament is a great song, but to be right to the point, I could do without his yodel attempt (just kidding...but listen to the Nancy Griffith version on Other Voices where Don Edwards handles the yodeling part and copmpare. Thanks Gang........

19 Apr 99 - 04:12 PM (#72096)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Dan

Thanks, everybody, except Harald. And by the way, Harald, I didn't know you were from Germany. Do you know the words to "Auf Wiedersen" and "Auf den Reeperbahn?"

21 Apr 99 - 03:18 AM (#72374)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Charlie Baum

Bill Staines does a yodeling song that's quite a piece of exhibitionism. But on the anyone-can-do-it side, there's a wonderful version of "Over the Mountain" a/k/a "Ollie is waiting for me" (In the DT database under "Where my Eileen is waiting" and in the DT database under), but this version was altered by Uncle Dave Macon to include a yodel chorus. I learned it from the singing of Carmen Gillman on her recording "The Comforts of Home" [Northern Roads, NR-107].

--Charlie Baum

21 Apr 99 - 03:21 AM (#72377)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Night Owl

Wasn't Bill Staines national yodeling champion a few years (hundred or so) ago???

21 Apr 99 - 12:28 PM (#72453)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Wolfgang

as an aside, I happen to share Harald's feelings towards yodeling songs but I wouldn't have posted if that was all I wanted to tell.
Go here for Auf Wiederseh'n including a midi.
Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins was on that site too until a threat with legal action came. If you can read German and are interested what can happen if you post lyrics somebody still has the rights for click and read.
However, that threatening company has not found yet this place that also has a midi of 'Auf der Reeperbahn'. I think, I'd better not post that song but would like to add that in verse 3 a line is missing: After line 3 you have to add the line 'auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins'.


21 Apr 99 - 12:57 PM (#72456)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Peter Fisher

Seems to me there's yodeling, and then there's yodeling. At one end of the spectrum you have some guy in lederhosen yodeling at 90 miles an hour to a tour busload of overweight middle-aged Americans trying to have an Authentic German Experience. Here I agree with Harald and Wolfgang. But at the other extreme, you have the slow, mournful, sublime Blue Yodels of Jimmie Rodgers. That's a horse of a different feather.

21 Apr 99 - 04:24 PM (#72512)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Ferrara

Well, but there were times when Elton Britt yodeled at 90 miles an hour and it was, in Bill's and my opinion at least, some of the best yodeling we've ever heard. Bill says the best yodelers he ever heard were two sisters in Minnesota who may never have made a record. For me, one of my favorite examples of yodeling was done by two hefty gray-haired women in dirndls, I think in Interlachen in 1968, on a song called (forgive the spelling) "Mein Glueck ist am Huetterl." I've looked for that song ever since. Their yodeling was not slow and mournful and possibly not sublime, but it was splendid.

21 Apr 99 - 04:38 PM (#72516)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Mudjack

Oh yeah...Don Edwards, great yodeler.Others not yet mentioned should include Peter Rowan, Ian Tyson and Slim Whitman. Dang! I did include Slim in the same breath. Ya can't take it away from him, he did some great yodeling. Jack mostly folk..

22 Apr 99 - 06:45 PM (#72825)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Dan

Outstanding, Wolfgang--thanks.

22 Apr 99 - 07:04 PM (#72830)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: SeanM

Oddly enough, Yodeling just won't die... a young 'pop' musician by the name 'Jewel' apparently was trained, and often yodels during her show at the behest of the crowd... don't know if she's commited anything to tape, though...


22 Apr 99 - 11:58 PM (#72882)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Dale Rose

Real Audio of Jewel Kilcher singing Chimebells at Farm Aid You have the option of downloading it to your hard drive, if you choose.

Real Video of the same performance. Recommended if you have time to wait for it to download, about 15 minutes on my machine.

As Jewel comments at the beginning of the song, her dad taught her this as they weeded the potatos when she was a little girl. I find it definitely a bit off the beaten path, but certainly interesting, even a bit fascinating.

These and more of her live performances, are available at this site. Disclaimer from the site: Live performances are recorded with the consent of Jewel's management for the purpose of FREE distribution and NOT for profit. Commercially released recordings will not be available here. This page is to introduce new Jewel fans to songs which are not readily available. Do not purchase illegal tapes or CDs How many performers do you know who allow that?

15 Dec 09 - 12:05 AM (#2788534)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: GUEST,resykl

Don Edwards on Nanci Griffith's "Cowboy's Lament" is some wonderful yodeling! Heard a Bill Staines yodel that I'd dare anyone to try not to smile while listening to it. Just brightens the heart of a person!

15 Dec 09 - 12:12 AM (#2788537)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: Francy

give a listen to Sourdough Slim........Frank of "Toledo?"

15 Dec 09 - 12:15 AM (#2788539)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: GUEST,DonMeixner

One evening at a friends house before an Irish festival Seamus Kennedy showed me some pretty fine yodeling. He yodels on a new CD and it will not disappoint anyone who appreciates good yodeling.

Don Meixner

15 Dec 09 - 02:15 AM (#2788564)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: beeliner

"Wee Dog Waltz" by Joe Foss and his Hungry Sand Lappers.

15 Dec 09 - 01:25 PM (#2788942)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: GUEST,Black Hawk unlogged

Try listening to Tex Morton singing 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'.
THAT's yodelling :-)

26 Sep 10 - 06:03 PM (#2994151)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs
From: GUEST,berni

heard a lot of new yodeling songs from jim Whitman on Youtube, Stormclouds, king of the yodelers, footprints in the sands of time. He's a truely great yodeler.

26 Sep 10 - 08:51 PM (#2994224)
Subject: Double Yodel: The Berrymans
From: Genie

This is the easy way to yodel:
"Double Yodel" (Peter & Lou Berryman) - covered by Hank and Clare

27 Sep 10 - 04:07 AM (#2994321)
Subject: RE: Yodeling songs, yodellers
From: Genie

Roy Rogers teaches Kermit that bad guys don't yodel.

Judy Coder: Western Music Association International Yodeling Champion of 2001 DK if it's art, but it's definitely a rare skill!

Hank Williams: Ramblin' Man Simple yodelling but exquisite!

Hank Williams: Long Gone Lonesome Blues