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Lyr Add: Dan the Dustman (John Kirkpatrick)

11 Sep 07 - 06:50 PM (#2146823)
Subject: Lyr Add: DAN THE DUSTMAN (John Kirkpatrick)
From: Jim Dixon

I heard this on the radio today. I don't even know what album it's from, but the announcer said it was an LP. Isn't it nice that some stations still play LPs?

I assume John Kirkpatrick wrote this. Anybody know for sure?

And can anybody supply a correction to verse 6, line 1?

As sung by John Kirkpatrick

1. Oh, me name is Dan the dustman; a jolly boy am I.
I travels the streets around all day and I makes the dust to fly.

CHORUS: With a hell of a din, with a clash of me bin,
A dustman's life for me.

2. It's early in the morning when folks are still in bed,
I bashes me can as loud as I can to give 'em an aching head.

3. We collect the stuff in bucketfuls, in tins and paper bags,
And there's many a tramp that I've shoved up the ramp in mistake for a pile of rags.

4. To me all men are equal no matter what their name.
Whatever their occupation, their rubbish all stinks the same.

5. Now, Christmas comes but once a year and we all show good will;
Oh, but if you don't give us a Christmas box, your dustbin will stay filled.

6. So come, me boys, and make your noise, for no … let joy impart, (?)
Raisin' a hullabaloo with a jovial crew all on the dustman's cart.

[To hear an archived radio program that includes this song, Click here and then advance to 1 hour 9 minutes from the beginning of the segment.]