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BS: oz catter in ireland next year

17 Sep 07 - 02:46 AM (#2150914)
Subject: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: GUEST,maureen

I will be in Ireland for 5 days in late May/early June. Can you suggest not to be missed locations. I'm interested in music, history and landscape.


17 Sep 07 - 07:32 AM (#2151009)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: Shaneo

For landscape, you cant beat 'The Ring Of Kerry', also not too far away is West Cork, towns like Skibbereen, Clonakilty, Bantry. You will also find great music in the pubs there.
Kilkenny Castle is also a site to behold,
If you plan to go to Dublin , stay away from Temple Bar, it's a tourist trap.
Galway City is one of my favorite weekend away places, there's always a great buzz about the place.

17 Sep 07 - 01:22 PM (#2151203)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: Gulliver

I'd second Shaneo's suggestions. But Dublin is well worth a visit, and I'm sure we could recommend lots of places to visit there.


17 Sep 07 - 09:16 PM (#2151536)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: GUEST,Maureen

Thanks for the tip about Temple Bar shaneo. Do people think the Aran Islands are worth a trip?


17 Sep 07 - 10:53 PM (#2151594)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: Mickey191

Agree totally with Shaneo's suggestions-Bantry area - dear to my heart. In Clare-the Burren, The Cliffs of Moher-not to be missed-Donegalcoast-Bundoran.

I always thought the Lakes of Killarney are much overrated. Gougane Barra (Cork)a lovely, mystical little island with the smallest church imaginable. The stain glass windows portraying Irish Saints are beautiful.

The Gap of Dunloe (Kerry) is a nice ride in a pony trap. The driver accompanys the tourists into Kate Kearney's Cottage-You have to buy him lunch-which is fine. My Mom & I were finishing up & our driver stood & raised his glass to me: "Will You Come Share My Tent With Me, Foxy Red?" My face was as red as my hair! It's a great tourist story. I've a feeling I wasn't the first-nor the last!

The one place I'd say NOT to miss-(if the history of Ireland is of import to you) is Killmainham Jail. The heroes of 1916 did their time (as well as many others) & also died there. In the chapel is a pastoral painting by Countess Markevitz. She was imprisoned there & when released spent the rest of her life helping the poor-she died pennyless. Upon Leaving there I had the same feeling of reverence & respect one does at Gettysburg.

Sorry-I do go on about Ireland. It's been a few yrs. & I hear from good sources that one must be mindful of certain areas. Dope has reached its shores-thus crime is no longer a stranger.

18 Sep 07 - 12:05 AM (#2151617)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: JennyO

Here are some of the parts of Ireland I have enjoyed, as a visitor from Oz.

Dublin - Temple Bar may be a tourist trap, but it is still interesting. Gogartys had good music. I enjoyed a Guinness in Lanigans Bar near the river Liffey - but in general, I just enjoyed the atmosphere.

For atmosphere, history and landscape, Wicklow Mountain is breathtaking, especially at the top. So rugged, and you can feel the history! Glendalough on the way up is lovely.

Spent a very enjoyable couple of days in Doolin - small but pretty and full of music. Some might say it's a bit commercial, but not all of it is. The pubs all had music every night - if you could get in. We stayed in a lovely B and B called Pairc Lodge - walking distance from the town. You can also get a ferry from there to the Aran Islands. I didn't actually go, but others in the group did and they were impressed.

I also agree with Mickey 191, that the Cliffs of Moher are not to be missed. On a clear day (which is was when we went), you can actually see the Aran Islands!

18 Sep 07 - 02:31 AM (#2151665)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: alison

just head for the west coast - anywhere on the west coast.

although being from Belfast originally the Antrim coast is superb too (top right hand corner)

for a place you will never forget get a boat to Great Skellig (Skellig Michael) from Ballinskelligs (ring of Kerry) - it is an amazing place with a 7th Century monastic settlement built right at the top..........



18 Sep 07 - 02:41 AM (#2151669)
Subject: RE: BS: oz catter in ireland next year
From: alison

Here is another thread which could be helpful choose a place to visit in Ireland