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Need help in HELP FORUM

22 Apr 99 - 09:39 PM (#72862)
Subject: Need help in HELP FORUM
From: Joe Offer

Say, lately it seems that all the people who go to the Help Forum are people with problems, not people with answers. There's a problem in the tunes (click here) thread that's got me stumped, and I wonder if there's somebody with technical expertise who can help. The MIDI tunes in the database still work fine with Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), but recently people with Netscape have only been able to download the MIDI files, not play them online. Please go to the Help Forum and post an answer there, if you have one. I'm befuddled.
-Joe Offer-

23 Apr 99 - 11:00 AM (#72938)
Subject: RE: Need help in HELP FORUM
From: MMario

Joe - I've been trying to find the answer to this one for a while....will keep trying...I STRONGLY suspect it is something to do with the site itself as it interacts with NetScape, as I have had the problem on the MudCat just recently -- and at least two of the other sites where this occurs for me the web-wizards have told me that it is due to their programming of the link.


24 Apr 99 - 07:14 AM (#73124)
Subject: RE: Need help in HELP FORUM
From: Banjer

Again, I reiterate, I use Netscape 4.51, I have various sound capapble plug-ins such as Real Player, a Multi Media player device and even Netsacpe has its own built in player. I can go to any other site that feature MIDIs and play them with no problem. Here on Mudcat, all I get is a D/L screen. I know this is not an answer to the problem, but perhaps it will help someone with a lot more knowledge than me to help solve this problem.....Thans Joe for ALL your efforts on the behalf of the rest of us technoflops!

24 Apr 99 - 10:32 PM (#73239)
Subject: RE: Need help in HELP FORUM
From: Charlene

Hey, music buffs, I need help. I just finished watching Disney's Toothless and need help identifying a song from the movie. I think the first line is something like "You don't know how I feel, you can hurt me but you don't know. The chorus is "It's allright Allright,girl." If anyone knows the artist and song title I would really appreciate your sending me an email at Thank you

25 Apr 99 - 10:11 PM (#73387)
Subject: RE: Need help in HELP FORUM
From: Lyle

Don't know if this is any help, but when I try to play the midi through Netscape, I get a message that starts "Netscape can not recognize ..." followed by a whole bunch of nonsense characters, and the final line is, "Would you like to save the file?" If you press 'save' it will download and play.