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Lyr Req: Black Bean Soup (David Soul)

05 Nov 96 - 11:19 AM (#259)
Subject: George Harrison - Black Bean Soup

Looking for George Harrison song

chorus is ----- All I want ... is black bean soup... and you to make it with me..

It was on a juke box in 1975 approximately....

on the flip side of the hit...

Don't remember what it was on with...


Love that soup!!

07 Nov 96 - 02:32 PM (#304)
Subject: RE: George Harrison - Black Bean Soup
From: Bill Day..(officially certified 'folk fascist')

George Harrison is now traditional??..(Sorry..I just dread the basic theme of this being watered down too much by requests for everything that is not pure rock & roll) How to draw the line??..*grin* let me do it!! No? *sigh* I thought not...

08 Nov 96 - 10:21 AM (#315)
Subject: RE: George Harrison - Black Bean Soup

What is traditional??? My definition. A folk song is a song that has survived because people keep singing it. Therefore it follows that folksingers have a duty to sing 'the songs that they like' so that songs are not lost to future generations.

26 Feb 07 - 12:47 PM (#1979946)
Subject: RE: George Harrison - Black Bean Soup
From: Alec

Saw this thread linked to another one.
For what it's worth after all this time "Black Bean Soup" was written and performed by David Soul,it was the B side to "Don't Give Up On Us" (1976) He also sang it in an episode of Starsky & Hutch.
Nothing to do with the quiet one.

04 Mar 07 - 12:17 PM (#1985898)
Subject: Lyr Add: BLACK BEAN SOUP (David Soul)
From: Jim Dixon

Hey, this would make a good addition to our thread Recipe songs!

Copied from here:

Words and music by Gardner McKay & David Soul

CHORUS: All I want is black bean soup, and you to make it with me.*
Be my love while love will stay, and wear your ribbons for me.

Boil those black beans, honey. Mash them up real well.
One big soft tomato, just a handful of sorrel, well.

Cut up your chili pepper. Squeeze that garlic smell.
One mouthful of drippings, a granddaddy onion and well, well, well. CHORUS

Well I've been kicked in the head a few times, but that just made me high.
I believe in the good things now. You know black bean soup don't lie, lie, lie.

[*I found this line misquoted at several places on the Internet:
"someone to make it with me,"
"you to bring it to me,"
"you to eat it with me,"
"you to give it to me," and
"you to make it for me."

[A brief sound clip at David Soul's web site confirms that "you to make it with me" is correct.

[However, if the existence of variant versions is the hallmark of a folk song, then this song may be well on its way!]