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Respect for a singer

30 Sep 07 - 05:25 PM (#2160633)
Subject: Respect for a singer
From: Frazz

Last night I sang three songs at my companies Centenary Ball. I had been nagged for a while to sing at the function. The hotel room had 200 guests and a Rock and Roll band with a meal etc. The room was very noisy as you can imagine.
                              I had been dreading this as most of the people I spoke to previously said they had never heard folk songs before. Anyway, after an hour of Status Quo and Beatles music, I was called up to sing. It was really noisy with people enjoying themselves and being merry.
                           I sang three songs acapella ie Leaving of Liverpool, She moves through the Fair and Wild Mountain Thyme. I was amazed at the order I received. you could have heard a pin drop. I finished to raptuous applause and lots of genuine praise.
            Although I would not sing at a firms do again, I,m glad I did this and was so pleased that everyone listened to the songs and showed the songs and the singer some respect. Sorry, just wanted to share this experience with you.

30 Sep 07 - 05:27 PM (#2160638)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Peace

That means 'you got the thing'! Great, Frazz.

30 Sep 07 - 06:18 PM (#2160661)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Leadfingers

A competent quiet singer will get more silence faster than a Loud Singer in the same circumstances ! Well Done ! You are obviulsly a competent singer ! nd a nice choice of material.

30 Sep 07 - 06:40 PM (#2160679)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: open mike

be prepared to be asked to do this again..
(*why say you would not sing at a similar function in the future?)
(although the centenary ball may not happen for 100 more years)
it sounds like you were well received,
and please so not be sorry about sharing this!

30 Sep 07 - 07:00 PM (#2160693)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Folkie101

hi Frazz,

cheers for getting a positive response from the audience.


30 Sep 07 - 07:07 PM (#2160698)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: the button

Nice one, Frazz. Hooray for this sort of thing I say.

If we believe in the power of the music we love, I reckon this means having the bottle to give it a go in front of people who haven't heard it before and trusting in the generations that have kept the songs for us.

As I've posted before, I've done a couple of internet radio shows for a website that does mostly jungle, drum'n'bass, & the more avant-garde corner of contemporary dance music. (Ask your kids. Heh.). And was quite moved by people's responses to what I did. Now, I'm not a great performer, so it's fairly certain that what was responded to was the songs not the singer.

30 Sep 07 - 07:12 PM (#2160700)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Beer

That's great. Best of luck in the future. As the saying goes, " Break a Leg".
Beer (adrien)

30 Sep 07 - 07:58 PM (#2160735)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: George Seto -

Congratulations!!! I wish you'd reconsider doing it again. If everyone who CAN do what you did DOESN'T it allows the music to die a little bit! When obviously they seemed to enjoy what you were doing you should not give them the benefit of a repeat performance some time.....

01 Oct 07 - 04:29 PM (#2161388)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Frazz

Thanks for the responses. went back into work today and have been asked to sing at a Wedding!! I had another E mail from a colleague who said that he and his partner were "Blown Away" by the songs and my singing. They asked where they could go to hear more and thanked me for introducing them to Folk Songs.
                                     I really believe strongly in the power of a good song and although the singing of it may be incidental,a good singer can do justice to the song and have an effect on the listener. After Friday, I feel confident enough to sing at any function and your comments are encouraging. Thank you.

01 Oct 07 - 04:37 PM (#2161392)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Wesley S

When you described the situation I was expecting a different outcome. I'm glad it went well for you. Keep your options open and go for it.

01 Oct 07 - 04:43 PM (#2161397)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Jim Lad

You're a brave soul and by the sounds of it, a wise one.
Nicely done!

01 Oct 07 - 04:52 PM (#2161400)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: Folkie101

Wow Frazz!

I'm inspired by your last post! Wow! You had it in you the whole time. Clearly, in my humble opinion, your heart, voice, the lyrics & your love of the songs you sang, all came together and stunned & delighted your audience. Please move forward with courage & take with you the love you have for the music you sing.


01 Oct 07 - 09:08 PM (#2161536)
Subject: RE: Respect for a singer
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

You MUST command the respect of your audience first.

It might take 90 seconds of silence on the stage and mic and audience (don't milk-it or all is LOST)

If you lose them (you audience half-way into your first do not have what it takes to control a slightly inebreated are not "worthy of respect."

Weddings are difficult, YOU are NOT the center of attraction....friendships from 5, 10, 15 years renewed are the focal point....(outside the ceremony.)

Look Dude/Dudette! You are BACKGROUND NOISE.... and if you are good enough.... were paid well for your distraction....and entertainment to those (wives/girlfriends/husbands) who had NO connection to the nuptuals. They were thankful you filled a void.