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Lyr Req: various songs (mostly Irish)

25 Apr 99 - 11:16 PM (#73410)
Subject: Please help me
From: Camilla

I have been looking for lyrics for those songs, but I couldn't find them anywhere:

"The Shores of Lough Bran"
"The Cliffs of Moher"
"The Hills of Sweet Mayo"
  • "Johnny Lovely Johnny"
  • "Lifeboat Mona"
  • "Courting is a Pleasure"

    Could anyone help me with the lyrics?

    Another question: I heard this song once in a pub in Ireland and don't know the name of it. I only remember two lines of it, and they goes something like this:
      "I'm sailing, I'm sailing to far Amerikay
      ...Never more my green valley to see.."
    Heard that one before?
    Please help me...


    25 Apr 99 - 11:43 PM (#73415)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Rick Fielding

    Hi Camilla, excuse the joke in your other thread. "Mona" is Ewan MacColl and my friend Glen Reid wrote "My Green Valleys". I've asked him to post it.

    26 Apr 99 - 01:01 AM (#73434)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Joe Offer

    Well, Camilla, I think maybe I found one - enter [lovely Johnny] in the search box on this page, and you'll come up wiht several songs with that phrase (but not that title - titles are deceiving). Can't find any of the others - you pose some good puzzlers.
    Here's Lifeboat Mona
    -Joe Offer

    26 Apr 99 - 04:13 AM (#73447)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Brakn

    For Lough Bran previous requestLough Bran
    Mick Bracken

    27 Apr 99 - 12:10 PM (#73751)
    Subject: Johnny / Courting pleasure
    From: Philippa

    sorry to be so tantalising, Joe, but the song Mick posted does indeed have a lovely air. I sing it starting with another verse:
    The high walls of Derry are distant and grey
    So is lovely Johnny he has gone far away
    He is gone to South[far] America [he is gone to bonny Scotland]
    some sweetheart to see
    May the high powers above bring him safe home to me

    I question the virtue of remaining true to deceiving Johnny, but I usually sing the verse about the blue ribbons and forget-me-nots as I learned it. I don't remember who I heard it from but the song's common enough in singing circles in the north of Ireland. I think the song is published in a compilation by Robin Morton (a Boys of the Lough founder) and that Ann Brolly sings it (?). I know this song by the title "The High Walls of Derry".

    The song I thought of when I saw Camilla's request IS in the database THE BANTRY GIRLS LAMENT I have slightly different words, such as "Johnny's gone a thrashing the dirty king of Spain". Dolores Keane, Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Jimmy Crowley all sing that one.
    which, if any, of these songs meets your requirements Camilla? Don't forget the other [lovely Johnny]entries in the database.

    Courtin's a Pleasure is another problematic title - "Courting's a pleasure but parting's a grief/A false hearted lover is worse than a thief" or "Courting is a pleasure between my love and I...." I can't recall the next line of the second song, a version of handsome Molly with lines such as "drink thee of the cup, love, leave the bottom unto me/For there's wagers made and money laid that married we ne'er shall be" recorded by Kevin Mitchell.

    I leave the obligatory lecture on thread titles and contents to A. Nother.

    27 Apr 99 - 01:54 PM (#73781)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Brakn

    Philippa, what is the air?

    Mick Bracken

    28 Apr 99 - 09:11 AM (#73984)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Bev Lawton

    Nic Jones recorded (possibly wrote) Courting is a Pleasure. Bev Lawton

    28 Apr 99 - 11:47 AM (#74021)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Wolfgang

    Camilla, I only know Cliffs of Moher as an instrumental (in the realm of music, I mean), how about Cliffs of Doneen (a long shot) in the DT?


    28 Apr 99 - 11:59 AM (#74025)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Wolfgang

    well, I found one 'Cliffs of Moher'. Can't believe you mean this bit, but just in case look there


    30 Apr 99 - 07:47 PM (#74721)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: John Wood

    Hi Camilla.

    I think I can help you with a couple of the songs you requested.

    ``Shores of Lough Bran.´´ I've got a tape with that one on.Tape's called ``All the best from Ireland´´ 49 Great Irish Tracks,and it's played by De Dannen.I have a copy of the words ,but I,m not quite sure how I can send them-----(new machine and I'm not certain which buttons to push!!).

    The other song is ``Courting is a pleasure´´´

    I've got that one on a CD called ``Phoenix´´by the group ``Any Old Time´´(Matt Cranitch,Mick Daly,Dave Hennessy).Sean Keane also has a very good version,but he calls it ``Meeting is a pleasure´´(that one's on his ``Turn a Phase´´album.I have the texts to both versions, but.......these buttons,these buttons!!

    I'll have to get back to you soon as I get my act together.

    P.S.The song is also known uder the title ``Loverly Molly´´

    Greetings John from Norway.

    05 May 99 - 05:05 PM (#75865)
    From: John Wood

    Hi Camilla.Here's the text to:
    Courting is a Pleasure(Lovely Molly).

    Courting is a pleasure between my love and I,
    And it's down in yonder valley I'll meet her by and by
    It's down in yonder valley she is my hearts delight
    And it's with you lovely Molly I would stay 'til the broad daylight.
    I first produce a bottle and held it in my hand
    Saying here's to you my lovely Molly for our courtship is at an end.
    So raise your glass lovely Molly,leave the bottom dry to me
    For there are ten guineas wagered that married we ne'er shall be.

    While going to church last Sunday my love she passed me by,
    I knew her mind was changing by the roving of her eye,
    I knew her mind was altered to a man of high degree
    And it's Molly,lovely Molly your looks have wounded me.

    Never court a wee lassie with a dark and a roving eye
    Just kiss her and caress her, never tell her the reason why,
    Just kiss her and caress her,it will cause her heart to yeild,
    For a faint-hearted soldier never gained the battlefield.

    Oh I wish I was in London,in Kilburn or in Camden Town
    I would call for liquor of the best and I'd pay my money down,
    I'd call for the finest liquor and I'd pay before I would go
    And I'd roll my Molly in my arms let the wind blow high or low.

    Fare thee well Tipperary and likewise farewell Mayo,
    For a thousand times my lovely Molly wherever you may go,
    America is far away across the ocean blue,
    But it's there I'd go my lovely Molly and again would I ne'er see you.

    This is the version by ``Any Old Time´´.Sean Keane's version is very similar,except he calls it ``Meeting Is A Pleasure´´,and he leaves out verse 5.

    Greetings John.

    24 Aug 99 - 05:26 PM (#108159)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: BeauDangles

    Hi Camilla,

    I know Johnny Lovely Johnny from the singing of Dolores Keane. You will find it (with the High Walls of Derry verse) onone of the finest traditional recordings I have ever heard, Broken Hearted I Will Wander by Dolores Kean and John Faulkner. Every track on that recording is a flawless gem, even if it did take me ten years to understand all of the lyrics. On this song in particular, for the line "with my white apron round us" I would sing "with my white hair pulled round us" ! There is also a very good piece of Lowland Scots mouoth music, which I still can't figure out what they are singing! Any help out there. I may start a new thread.....


    24 Aug 99 - 07:05 PM (#108186)
    Subject: Lyr Add: SHORES OF LOCH BRAN (from Dolores Keane)
    From: Richard Adrianowicz (San Francisco)

    I believe one of the songs you want is "The Shores of Loch Bran". It was recorded by Dolores Keane.

    Dolores Keane

    Sit you down, loyal comrades
    Sit you down for awhile
    'Til I spend my last hours
    Around Erin's green isle

    Come fill up your glasses
    And we'll drink hand in hand
    For tomorrow I'll be leavin'
    The shores of Logh Bran

    There's my father and mother
    You can now hear them cry
    With their tears, be willin'
    Would moisten your eye

    But I will assist them
    Please, God, if I can
    Far away from lovely Erin
    And the shores of Loch Bran

    In the end, come in mourning
    I will bid you adieu
    To (Lithra, Drum Shamble)
    And sweet Kerry too

    But no matter what fortune
    I might make far away
    My thoughts shall be with you
    By night and by day

    My thoughts shall be with you
    While ice course is spanned
    Far away from lovely Erin
    And the shores of Loch Bran

    Note: Words in parentheses are ones I couldn't quite make out.

    04 Sep 99 - 07:06 PM (#111503)
    Subject: High Walls of Derry
    From: Philippa

    Thanks Alison. Several lyrics on on this thread. Most of the words for the song which goes with this tune were posted by Mick Bracken on 26 Apr and I added a verse the following day.

    05 Sep 99 - 11:24 AM (#111631)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Jeremiah McCaw

    "My Green Valleys"

    Glen's computer is often eccentric. If he doesn't get a chance to post it, I'll do so myself once I've had a chance to sit down and transcribe the lyrics. Glen actually gave me a tape with 3 recordings of it; one by him, one with "Brannigan's Boys" and one by the "Irish Rovers" (on their 25th anniversary album, or silver anniversary album - think there were 2 such albums). I understand the "Wolftones" have recorded it as well.

    Guess I'd better get my tail in gear and learn the darned song!

    06 Sep 99 - 02:54 AM (#111779)
    Subject: Lyr Add: MY GREEN VALLEYS (Glen Reid)^^
    From: Jeremiah McCaw

    Here it be ...

    Glen Reid

    Oh the seagulls are callin' and the wind is in the sails
    And she's fast moving out to the sea
    On a ship bound for St. Johns three thousand miles away
    A human cargo: my comrades and me

    It hurts me to think of the things I left behind
    'Though the famine has blackened the land
    And to look now for something that I may never find
    It's a problem that's now close at hand

    Fare thee well, green valleys, God keep you the same
    If only in my mind you'll be
    I'm sailing dark waters for far Amerakay
    And never more my green valleys to see

    There's a fever a-ragin' and the winds have died away
    And our journey may no longer be
    'Though the plague is a shadow that lingers night and day
    Warmer thoughts of green valleys I see

    chorus twice and repeat last line
    Lyrisc posted by Glen here (click) Added to DT.
    -Joe Offer-

    06 Sep 99 - 03:00 AM (#111780)
    Subject: RE: Please help me
    From: Jeremiah McCaw

    Phooey! And I thought I had the line breaks figured out.

    I occurs to me to ask, does anyone have a copy of Glen Reid's album "Hard Rock Miner". It's long out of circulation, and I don't think even Glen has a copy of the cassette around anymore. If anyone has such a beastie, I would love to make a copy thereof (and never fear, I'll get Glen his share, this being an infringement-free zone)

    11 Feb 04 - 04:19 PM (#1114310)
    Subject: RE: Please help me - various songs
    From: GUEST

    11 Feb 04 - 04:32 PM (#1114318)
    Subject: RE: Please help me - various songs
    From: Joe Offer

    I think I'll close this thread and copy the songs into separate threads. Threads discussing multiple songs can be devastatingly confusing.
    -Joe Offer-