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Allister MacGillivray-recent songs, performances?

29 Oct 07 - 12:48 AM (#2181508)
Subject: Allister MacGillivray
From: Warsaw Ed

Has Allister MacGillivray of Cape Breton written and/or recorded any songs rcently? I can't seem to find any thing new about him on the Web?    Thanks   Ed

29 Oct 07 - 06:47 AM (#2181621)
Subject: RE: Allister MacGillivray
From: Sandy Mc Lean

He seems to be mostly involved with promoting the careers of his children CiarĂ¡n & Fiona .

29 Oct 07 - 09:38 AM (#2181785)
Subject: RE: Allister MacGillivray
From: George Seto -

He's written a lot of songs even recently. Check their web-site

That web-site lists books and such he has. If you're looking for songs of his own, Songs For the Mira includes some recent songs as well as old favourites. There is a CD available with about 14 or 15 of the songs.

19 Jan 08 - 05:39 PM (#2240216)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: John Allan Camerons 'Tie Me Down'
From: George Seto -

We've posted a tiny fraction of the songs Allister has written. Check his Sea-Cape Music web-site out for recordings and books of the songs. Not all the songs are on them.

27 Dec 15 - 05:20 PM (#3761167)
Subject: RE: Allister MacGillivray-recent songs, performances?
From: GUEST,Pam

The website appears to no longer be available. What is Allister doing lately?