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Mandolin tutor on-line?

05 May 99 - 08:44 PM (#75917)
Subject: Mandolin tutor on-line?
From: alison


At long last I am going to attempt to break through my fear of stringed instruments.... (give me things to blow and hit... no problem....... strings.... aaarghhh!!)

Are there any good online tutor /guides for mandolin that any of you have found helpful?




05 May 99 - 09:57 PM (#75935)
Subject: RE: Mandolin tutor on-line?
From: Mudjack

Hi Alison, I've looked with little to no success. I did manage to borrow a video on slide guitar that was very helpful. I'm going to follow this thread as someone may come to the rescue and I could use some tutoring and/or instruction. You might try your local library system for an instructional video.Good hunting....Mudjack

05 May 99 - 10:13 PM (#75940)
Subject: RE: Mandolin tutor on-line?
From: alison

Hi Jack

here's one I found...... it's got plenty of tablature... but I'm a dots and lines girl myself...

Mandolin cafe tablature