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Lyr Add: Brose & Butter (Robert Burns)

02 Jan 08 - 03:55 PM (#2226934)
Subject: Lyr Add: Brose & Butter
From: chico

Gie my love brose, brose
Gie my love brose and butter
Aye gie my love brose
Yestreen he wanted his supper

Jenny was up at the laft
Johnny was glad to be at her
A wind came oot o' the west
Made all the windows to clatter

A dow is a dainty dish
The goose is hollow within
The sight would make you blush
But aw the fun is to finishing

My daddie sent me to the mill
To pull my minnie some heather
And drive it intae yur fill
Yur welcome tae the leather

A mouse is a merry wee beast
The moodiewark wants the een
And oh for a touch o the thing
I had in my nieve yestreen oh

The lark she loves the grass
The hen she loves the stubble
And hey for the gardner lad
Tae gully away wi' his dibble

[brose = oatmeal and hot water
[yestreen = yesterday evening]
[laft = loft]
[oot o' = out of]
[dow = pigeon]
[aw = all]]


02 Jan 08 - 06:01 PM (#2227043)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Brose & Butter (Burns)
From: Joe Offer

Attributed to Robert Burns - (click).

02 Jan 08 - 06:26 PM (#2227055)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Brose & Butter (Burns)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

O gie my love brose, lasses;
O gie my love brose and butter;
For nane in Carrick wi him
Can gie a cunt its supper.

Jenny sits up i' the laft,*
Jockie wad fain a been at her;
But there cam a wind o' the west
Made the winnocks to clatter.

O gie my love brose, lasses; etc.
(posted 81553: Brose

Some say collected by Burns. * In Merry Muses.