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Wegen Picks

08 Jan 08 - 11:28 AM (#2231177)
Subject: Wegen Picks
From: oombanjo

A friend put me on to this, I have bought the blue grass 1.4 and the triangular 1.2 and never had better, and that includes my collection of torte shell. Have you tried them? The dealer lists can be found by putting Wegen pick into goggle and finding the dealer list. Cheers Oombanjo.

08 Jan 08 - 11:55 AM (#2231198)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: Mooh

I've used a 1mm Wegen for a few years on mandolin, cittern, and tenor banjo, but find them and the other thicker ones too heavy for guitar. Very durable, nicely shaped and bevelled, but way too expensive for every day use on my income. Not too much pick clatter when played hard, and nice tone over all.

Peace, Mooh.

08 Jan 08 - 12:01 PM (#2231204)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: Wesley S

I've tried both the Tortis and the Wegan and have a slight preference for the Tortis. I just wish they weren't so darned expensive.

08 Jan 08 - 12:06 PM (#2231206)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)

I've had a couple of their Gypsy Jazz picks (3.5mm) for a few years. I use them mainly for guitar lead work and love them.


08 Jan 08 - 01:36 PM (#2231274)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: GUEST,mandotim

I've used them for about seven years. Current favourite is the 'Dipper', a thick asymmetric triangle. The corners all have a different radius, but the same bevel. Each corner has a different 'feel', and it's possible to produce a range of toned by turning the pick round. I also have two different thicknesses of their mandolin picks. They are expensive, but they last a very long time without any visible wear; the fact that they are expensive means I tend not to lose 'em! I've had the current fave for about three years.
One interesting thing; because of the pre-cut bevels, you have to order right or left-handed picks. They only work one way round.

08 Jan 08 - 02:02 PM (#2231308)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: GUEST,mandotim

I've obviously been reading the Grauniad for too long...'The corners have different radii' and for 'toned' read 'tones'.
Tim in pedant mode

08 Jan 08 - 02:07 PM (#2231313)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: ThreeSheds

Whats this best glue to make them stick to your fingers?

08 Jan 08 - 04:16 PM (#2231432)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: oombanjo

Hi Andy the glue's called "dropumnot" especially at +£5pund a throw

08 Jan 08 - 04:29 PM (#2231444)
Subject: RE: Wegen Picks
From: Stringsinger

I have a wooden and a cowbone Wegen. I like the wooden one best. It has a nice feel
and glide. It seems to make chords clearly. I have problems playing single lines fast with them (but I have that problem anyway). I like the way the pick locks between my index and thumb. As for Hot Club, I don't have a Django Modele or D holed instrument so i can't judge how it would sound on that.

With all picks, I think a lot is what you get used to. I have some Tortis picks and (oh! oh!)
a tortoise-shell one (sorry about that) and they all sound and record differently.

I find that the Wegen is fun to play with because it doesn't slip and feels like you play with the whole hand rather than just the thumb and index.

I've been using it on my Gibson electric 345 (earlier version of the 355) and it feels good.
I like the solid feeling of it and it seems to produce a "fat" sound rather than the bright
sound of the Tortis and other types.

I think the Tortis picks seem to be brighter on an acoustic but I guess it depends on what sound you're going for. Also, it depends upon the weather, the mood and the psychology
of pick vrs. sound.

i think it's a well-made pick.