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Lyr Req: Sheffield Grinder

09 May 99 - 12:54 PM (#76972)
Subject: need songs

Could any one in the void help me out by supplying lyrics (midi or abc or graphic files) of the following songs for a gig I have to do soon.

The Lyke Wake Dirge The Brockie Lads Rise Up Jock The Sheffield Grinder

I think these are obscure English Folk songs.

Many thanks for anyone who can help out here.

Joe Mink Saskatoon, Sk. Canada


09 May 99 - 01:31 PM (#76981)
Subject: RE: need songs
From: Roger in Baltimore


Welcome to the Mudcat. Two of the songs you seek are in the DigiTrad Database. There is a search engine in the upper right hand corner of this page. If you type in Lyke Wake Dirge and encase it in brackets [ ]. You will get the lyrics. Unfortunately the file looks a bit corrupted, but it may help you. Also unfortunately, it does not have the air (many of the songs in the DT do). You can do the same for Rise Up Jock, again no air.

I will post the others as a separate thread. It will grab more attention. The will be entitled LYR REQ:title. Hope this helps.

Enjoy the music.

Roger in Baltimore

09 May 99 - 01:45 PM (#76984)
Subject: RE: need songs
From: John Wood

Lyre-Wake Dirge is on ``Basket of Light´´by the Pentangle(TRA 205).Can send text later.

Greetings John.

09 May 99 - 07:25 PM (#77038)
Subject: RE: need songs

Hi Joe, I've got the words of The Sheffield Grinder, but I'll have to check and format them first. OK if I send them tomorrow? (Well, you can hardly say 'no' to that ...) - Susanne

09 May 99 - 11:07 PM (#77099)
Subject: RE: need songs
From: Joe

Thanks guys!


10 May 99 - 02:34 PM (#77244)
Subject: RE: need songs
From: Met Man

Sheffield Grinder An Irish group sing this song - they are called Afterhours I have it and can get you the number if you are interested Gordon.

10 May 99 - 04:47 PM (#77274)
Subject: Lyr Add: The Sheffield Grinder^^

I've got a version by the Ian Campbell Group. These are their words:
The Sheffield grinder's a terrible blade
Tally hi-o, the grinder
He sets his little 'uns down to trade
Tally hi-o, the grinder
He turns his baby to grind in the hull
Till his body is stunted and his eyes are dull
And the brains are dizzy and dazed in the skull
Tally hi-o, the grinder

He shortens his life and he hastens his death
Tally hi-o, the grinder
Will drink steel dust in every breath
Tally hi-o, the grinder
Won't use a fan as he turns his wheel
Won't wash his hands ere he eats his meal
But dies as he lives - as hard as steel
Tally hi-o, the grinder

These Sheffield grinders of whom we speak
Tally hi-o, the grinder
Are men who earn a pound a week
Tally hi-o, the grinder
But of Sheffield grinders another sort
Methinks ought to be called in court
And that is the grinding Government Board
Tally hi-o, the grinder

At whose door lies the blacker blame
Tally hi-o, the grinder
Where rests the heavier weight of shame
Tally hi-o, the grinder
On the famine-price contractor's head
Or the workman's, under-taught and -fed
Who grinds his own bones and his child's for bread
Tally hi-o, the grinder

10 May 99 - 05:56 PM (#77292)
Subject: RE: need songs
From: Graham Pirt

The Brockie Lads is written by Jez Lowe and performed on one of his CDs on Fellside