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Lyr Add: The Reverend Jones (Anne Lister)

26 Jan 08 - 12:36 PM (#2245446)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE REVEREND JONES (Anne Lister)
From: Mrrzy

Anne Lister (aka our very own Tabster), on "Waiting For The Hero"

The fairies danced up on our hill
Years ago and they dance there still
You can't see their ruins or find their bones
But I've seen them there – so did Edmund Jones
Don't expect chiffon and don't expect wings
But listen for the music and the songs they sing
And don't wander far into the woods alone
Or you'll end up with the fairies and with Edmund Jones.

Three hundred years is no time at all
Though cities crumble and rulers fall
Although his house may be rubble and stones
The fairies still dance with the Reverend Jones.
Of course I'm a Christian he said to his foes
God creates more than we can know
Humans are not on this world alone
Of course there are fairies said the Reverend Jones.

Big as rugby players, small as sprites
The fairies hold their revels on the hills at night
Dancing together or dancing alone
Dancing with me or with the Reverend Jones.
The roads that cross this hill are old
There's more beneath this hill than coal
Look past the houses, the trees and the stones
Come and dance with the fairies and the Reverend Jones.

27 Jan 08 - 02:56 AM (#2245947)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Reverend Jones (Anne Lister)
From: Joe Offer

This one needs some explanation. Here are Anne's notes, from Waiting for the Hero:
    The Reverend Edmund Jones lived up the hill from us in Pen Tranch, Pontypool, South Wales in the eighteenth century and wrote about the folklore of the area. He was adamant in saying that seeing fairies was no contradiction of his Christian beliefs, as after all God was a spirit and therefore would create more spiritual beings in addition to the material world. He says that the fairies were frequently seen dancing, and were occasionally spotted conducting funerals which presaged a human funeral. Written at Hawkwood College, Stroud in December 2004.