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Anne Lister

27 Jan 08 - 05:46 AM (#2245987)
Subject: Anne Lister
From: Dave Hanson

A sudden spate of threads regarding Anne Lister, is it ' Anne Lister Day ' or her publicity machine in overdrive ?
And just who is Anne Lister ?


27 Jan 08 - 05:57 AM (#2245992)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: John MacKenzie

Anne Lister aka Tabster on Mudcat. Well worth a listen mate.

27 Jan 08 - 05:58 AM (#2245993)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: The Borchester Echo

Where've you been, Eric?
Anne Lister is, well, extremely well known.
Use those googling fingers.
However, I was more than slightly alarmed by the explosion of interest.
Only a few weeks ago there was another thread with just her name as the title.
Was afraid she'd taken a nose dive when flying too close to the sun by, fortunately, this is not the case.

27 Jan 08 - 06:52 AM (#2246010)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Anne Lister

The "explosion of interest" is largely due to Mrrzy, fellow Mudcatter, who received one of my CDs as part of her Secret Santa pressie. She asked if it would be OK by me to post some lyrics up to Mudcat and I agreed.

So, no nose dives, no national or international days in my honour ... but the messages have brightened up my weekend enormously!


27 Jan 08 - 06:58 AM (#2246012)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Dave Hanson

I promise to have a look and a listen, can I go now ?


27 Jan 08 - 06:59 AM (#2246014)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: John MacKenzie

Only if you promise to Google first, before posting next time!

G ¦¬]

27 Jan 08 - 08:12 AM (#2246038)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: MoorleyMan

Already looking forward to Anne's northern date at the Black Swan Folk Club in York on 10th April...

27 Jan 08 - 10:02 AM (#2246097)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Surreysinger

Actually I have to say that I'm really glad that Mrrzy did post those lyrics - I sat down and looked at them, and there were a couple of sets there that really really appealed, so I now want to hear the tunes - who knows I might have found my next couple of non-trad songs to learn (I hope), and there'll be another CD sale for Anne ... maybe no national or international days in your honour Anne - but hey, quite a few threads can't be bad!!!

27 Jan 08 - 10:16 AM (#2246109)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Joe Offer

It's not a horrible thing, but it probably would have been better for Mrrzy to post all the songs from the one album in one thread; or to post a few at a time, one per thread, and allow for discussion. If you put a lot of separate one-song threads into the Forum at one time, some get left alone - orphans with no discussion. Since Anne is known here, we got more discussion than usual.

Anne's Website is She has lots of recording clips available there, so you can get a good a good idea of what a wonderful singer she is. I like the song about the black cat, although there are times when I am not so sure about the black cat who has chosen to live with us.

-Joe Offer-

27 Jan 08 - 12:00 PM (#2246200)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: McGrath of Harlow

Yet again - could people please avoid posting the unadorned names of performers etc as thread headings. It always makes me think they may have died, and I know I'm not the only one.

28 Jan 08 - 02:52 AM (#2246747)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Dave Hanson

Good link Joe, I've just listened to ' The Reverend Edmund Jones ' sample, WHY have I not come accross this very very good singer before ?

I was surprised and delighted. eric

28 Jan 08 - 08:02 AM (#2246878)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Hawker

Not only is Anne a fine singer, storyteller and songwriter, she is a lovely lady too, she came to our first Bude Folk Festival last year and was stunning. I am hoping we can have her back again this year for a repeat performance. If you haven't heard her already you have really missed out!
Cheers, Lucy

28 Jan 08 - 12:35 PM (#2247115)
Subject: RE: Anne Lister
From: Girl Friday

Anne played at my club, several years ago. She is an excellent writer, and performer. Many of her songs are regularly sung by one of our residents, Ralph Henning, who rates her highly.