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Tech: KORG AT-2 Tuner:Help needed.

21 Mar 08 - 11:37 AM (#2294485)
Subject: Tech: KORG AT-2 Tuner:Help needed.
From: Murray MacLeod

I recently changed the battery in my Korg AT-2, and somehow have succeeded in changing the settings.

When I switch it on, both diodes flash on and off simultaneously, and when I play a note which I know to be correct at A=440 concert pitch, it indicates that the note is sharp, suggesting that I have inadvertently recalibrated the tuner to a different pitch (which I do know is possible with this model )

Unfortunately, I have long since lost the instructions that came with the tuner, so it would make my day if anybody out there can tell me how to get the thing back onto concert pitch.

21 Mar 08 - 11:40 PM (#2294964)
Subject: RE: Tech: KORG AT-2 Tuner:Help needed.
From: JohnInKansas

A quick check at Korg's websites doesn't show any place to download instructions (for anything). The picture of the AT-2 (from their archives) shows a rather large button marked "Calibrate" which likely does "something." Pushing the button may let you discern how it works.

A SWAG would be that pressing the calibrate button will light up an LED for one of the "A-frequencies" along the top of the display. Repeated pushes should advance to the next setting. You want the light at 440, of course, the last time you punch the button.

Once the correct "A" is selected, the AT-2 probably senses the "closest tone" and the same LEDs now indicate what scale note you're close to.

But I'm just guessing.

If you're convinced it's "wrong" you're unlikely to make things worse by experimenting.

Several places still advertise the AT-2 for sale, even though it appears to be on Korg's "obsolete" list. If you can find a local seller you might be able to "examine" one and sneak a look at the destruction manual(?).


08 Nov 17 - 12:16 AM (#3887421)
Subject: RE: Tech: KORG AT-2 Tuner:Help needed.
From: GUEST,Serge

Each time you fast double-click on the calibration button, the frequency changes from 438 to 444 (+ #) as desired

08 Nov 17 - 04:21 AM (#3887442)
Subject: RE: Tech: KORG AT-2 Tuner:Help needed.
From: Nick

Is it possible that Korg might use the same idea on other tuners? This one has a calibration button which it describes in the manual. it suggests that it will be reset by taking out the batteries and it will reset to 440.

Korg Chromatic tuner manual

08 Nov 17 - 04:22 AM (#3887443)
Subject: RE: Tech: KORG AT-2 Tuner:Help needed.
From: Nick

Whoops. 9 years ago.