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Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio

01 Apr 08 - 12:59 PM (#2303415)
Subject: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Joe Offer

    This is an edited PermaThread® for the Thank Goodness It's Folk Radio Show, intended to provide performance schedules and other information about the show. This thread will be edited by Folkiedave. Feel free to post to this thread, but remember that all messages posted here are subject to editing or deletion.
    -Joe Offer-

03 Oct 10 - 10:18 AM (#2998686)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Howard Kaplan

Once again, for the benefit of the other podcast listeners like myself, I'm providing an update on how to find the TGIF podcasts on the Sheffield Live web site. Thus update describes the way things seem to be working on Sunday, 3 October; clearly, things are not optimal, and we can hope that there will be future changes to correct the problems. I'm sure that [folkie]Dave is not the source of this problem, which also affects other shows on Sheffield Live; that makes me optimistic that someone is working on fixing it.

This was the previous link, and it no longer works:!

Without the exclamation point at the end, it now almost works. If you use this revised blue clicky, you will not get immediately to the latest episodes of TGIF, but you will get to a retrochronological list of everything the station has broadcast recently. If you scroll back in time to the appropriate Friday morning, you should find the show you want.

If you try to go in from the top, starting at the home page at, clicking on "Schedule", and then "Friday", scrolling down to Thank Goodness its Folk, and then clicking on the link to Programme Archive, that doesn't help: it just activates the obsolete URL with the exclamation point at the end.

Having invoked [folkie]Dave's name, let me now thank him very much for producing this show. The mix of music (not surprisingly) reminds me of what I'd hear at a trad-oriented English folk festival like Whitby. Living in Toronto, Canada, I get to attend such a festival only on rare occasions, and I'm grateful for the carbon-friendly alternative between those occasions.

20 Nov 10 - 05:51 AM (#3036551)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio 19/11/2010
From: Folkiedave

I was away last week ably substituted by my friend Ron Day.

This week's programme has the Arrowsmith Family in the studio (yes you can hear Lucy) and Jess talks about the record she, Richard and friends in Sheffield have made. This is a brilliant record for anyone who has children (especially good to play in cars I would think and the words come with the record too).

There is a free CD for the first person who identifies the people who make the animal noises in the first song.

Jess lists them in the interview so all you have to do is get them in the correct order. Contact them via the website as above.

This is the play list.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon/Solid Records 1991
Pete Coe/Kings and Queens of England/Long Company/Backshift Music
Brian Peters/Yorkstone Flags Set/Gritstone Serenade Pugwash Music

Jess Arrowsmith Interview

Richard & Jess Arrowsmith/Went to Market/Off We Go/Hallam Traditions
Richard & Jess Arrowsmith/Row Row/Off We Go/Hallam Traditions
Richard & Jess Arrowsmith/When I Was One/Off We Go/Hallam Traditions
Richard & Jess Arrowsmith/The Animals Went in Two by Two/Off We Go/Hallam Traditions
Richard & Jess Arrowsmith/Hush Little Baby/Off We Go/Hallam Traditions
Richard & Jess Arrowsmith/Kirkby Malzeard Raspberry Song/Off We Go/Hallam Traditions

Janet Russell/Childminder's Song/Bright Shining Morning/Harbourtown 1993
Ewan MacLennan/Flowers of Edinburgh/Rags and Robes/Fellside Records
Brian Peters/Cotton Lords of Preston/Gritstone Serenade/Pugwash Music
Leslie/Miller/Buttermilk Hill/Shadows Tall/ 2010 Greentrax Records Ltd
The Shee Hand Ba' Breakdown/Decadence/2010 Shee Records


Andy Cutting/Fulmine/Voice to the People/Topic Records 2009
Lunasa/Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far/2008 Compass Records
Chris Wood/Grand Correction/Handmade Life/RUF Records
Lunasa/Cregg's Pipes/The Story So Far/2008 Compass Records
Ray Hearne/Things to Say/The Wrong Sunshine/No Masters 2009
Lau/Frank and Flo's/Arc Light/ Navigator Records
Malinky /My Ain Countrie/The Unseen Hours/2005 Greentrax Recordings
Breabach/Morning Lies Heavy On Me/Desperate Battle of the Birds/Breabach Records 2010
Breabach/Good Drying/Desperate Battle of the Birds/Breabach Records 2010
Eliza Carthy/Norma Waterson/Poor Wayfaring Stranger/Gift/Topic Records 2010
Fay Hield/Mad Family/Looking Glass/2010 Topic Records
Skerryvore/Jailhouse Jigs/Skerryvore/Tyree Records 2010

If you have been, thanks for listening.


26 Nov 10 - 10:52 AM (#3040861)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk


This week's programme has Paul Davenport in the studio talking about the Blind Fiddler's of Sheffield. Really fascinating stuff. All this to publicise "Total Eclipse", a concert which takes place on Wednesday December 1st, at the Hillsborough Hotel on Langsett Rd.

There is a facebook page with all the details.¬if_t=feed_comment_reply#!/event.php?eid=167680763251391

This is the play list.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon/Solid Records 1991
Ray Fishe/The Spinners Song Iron Muse/Topic Records 1993 Bellowhead/Hopkinson's Favourite/Burlesque
Paul/Liz Davenport/Pass the Good Old Bumper Round/Songbooks Hallamshire Traditions
Paul Davenport Interview

Favourite Jig/Yorkshire Lasses/Played in Sheffield
Month of May/Lady of the Lake?Played in Sheffield
Sheffield Hornpipes/Played in Sheffield
English Country Music/Off She Goes/English Country Music
Carol Singers Dungworth/Jacob's Wel/Hark Hark What News
Beeston Methodist Choir/Antioch/Brightest and Best
Kerr Fagan Harbron /Spanish Fandangle Set/Station House

Second Half

This includes an interview with Bella Hardy about her tour "Bright Morning Star" with Chris Sherburn and Anna Massie which arrives in Sheffield on Wednesday.


Gina Le Faux/Pigeon at the Gate/Body and Soul
Lunasa/Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
Uiscedwr/ESP/Fish Cat Door
Bella Hardy/Down in Yon Forest/Night Visiting
Bella Hardy Interview
Bella Hardy/All in the Morning/In the Shadow of Mountains
Alistair Anderson/Lindsays/On Cheviot Hills/On Cheviot Hills
Bob and Ron Copper/Season Round/Come Write Me Down
RSAMD Students/Lover's Heart/The Future of Our Past
Green/Massie/The Raffle /Maireard and Annie
Craig Morgan Robson/Snows of Winter Fall/Pepper and Tomatoes
Mabon /Schindig/OK Pewter

If you have been, thanks for listening

14 Dec 10 - 05:07 PM (#3053580)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

I missed one week due to being snowed in!! Sorry about that! And another apology for being late with this week's playlist, I was distracted by the birth of a granddaughter.

This week's programme has Graham Pratt talking about Sheffield Folk Chorale.

The playlist is as follows:

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Danu/Apples in Winter/Frost is All Over/Seanchas
Alistair Anderson/When the Frosts are Setting In/Steel Skies
Coope Boyes and Simpson/Drive Cold Winter Away/Fire and Sleet and Candleleet
Sheffield Folk Chorale/Lay Me Low No Easy Trade
Sheffield Folk Chorale/Carollers from Hell/No Easy Trade
Sheffield Folk Chorale/Three Kings Came/No Easy Trade
Sheffield Folk Chorale/Hail Chime On/No Easy Trade
Sheffield Folk Chorale/Grinder's Hardships/No Easy Trade


Kerfuffle/The Truth From Above/Lighten the Dark
Wendy Weatherby/Riccarton Tollman's Daughter/A Shirt of Silk or Snow
Kerfuffle/Branles/Lighten the Dark

Second Half

Niamh Ni Charra/Alegretto/From Both Sides
Lunasa /Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
Runrig/Tear Down These Walls/Searchlight
Norma Waterson/Bright Shiny Morning/Bright Shiny Morning
Eliza Carthy/Jack Frost/Holy Heathens And the Old Green Man
Niamh Ni Charra/Johnny O' Leary's/From Both Sides
English Folk Carols/Pentonville/English Villlage Carols
English Folk Carols/Hark Hark/ English Villlage Carols
English Folk Carols/Raise Christians Raise/English Villlage Carols
Glenrock Carolers/While Shepherds Watch/Voices of Christmas

I covered Radio Derby's axing of its folk programme. Any listener wanting to join me in the protest can write to:

Simon Cornes, BBC Radio Derby. 56, St Helen's Street, Derby DE1 3HY.

And send Lester and Mike a Christmas card. The next song seemed appropriate.

Ian Campbell Folk Group/Peat Bog Soldiers/Voice to the People
Roaring Jelly/Christmas in Australia/Nowt So Funny As Folk
Spooky Men's Chorale/Vote the Bastards Out/Tooled Up

Life and Times/All in The Wintertime/Charivari
Niamh Ni Charra/San Antonio/From Both Sides

Thanks for listening

17 Dec 10 - 05:31 PM (#3055903)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio Playlist
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 17-12-2010

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Roy Bailey/Welcome to the World/Why Does it Have to Be Me?
Artisan/I Want a Hippopotamus/Paper Angels
Belshazzar's Feast/Widows Shall All Have Husbands/Find The Lady
Kate Rusby/Walk The Road/Make The Light
Watersons/There are No Lights on Our Christmas Tree/Mighty River of Song
Karen Tweed/The Kilfodda/Christmas Eve/Silver Spire
George Papavgeris/ (Without You On )Christmas Day/ Ordinary Heroes
Coope Boyes and Simpson/Bradda Anthem/Fire and Sleet and Candleleet
Belshazzar's Feast/One Cold Morning In December/ Frost Bites
Moebius/Cowpie/December 1st/August
Kerfuffle/Nowell Nowell/Lighten the Dark
Davey Graham+Shirley Collins/Cherry Tree Caro/Folk Routes, New Routes
Steeleye Span/Gaudete/A Parcel of Steeleye Span
Belshazzar's Feast/Royal Flush+Elephant Stairs/Find The Lady

Second Half

Niamh Ni Charra/Bluebell Polka Set/Happy Out
Lunasa/Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
John Conolly/Boxing Day Blues/Send Us a Postcard
Kipper Family/Ring Out Wild Jingle Bells/Arrest These Merry Gentlemen
Ralph Jordan Interview
Jon Boden/Don't Wait Until Tomorrow/Songs From The Floodplain
Mike Peat Interview
Waterson Carthy Time to Remember the Poor English Village Carols
Throw Another Chair Leg on the Fire/Artisan/Paper Angels
Ingbirchworth/Prodigal/English Village Carols
Ingbirchworth/ Foster/English Village Carols
Waterson Carthy/Time to Remember the Poor/English Village Carols
Steam Chicken Gaby's Hornpipe+Rudolf. Xmas Single
The Facebook Group protesting against the closure of BBC Radio Derby's Folkwaves programme - is here:

Letters of protest can be sent to

but to be honest I suspect he has that message by now.

We need to be a bit more subtle.


26 Dec 10 - 04:02 PM (#3061628)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

This week's show is records of 2010. Not all of them and this is not the right order.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon

Martyn Bennett/Cuillin2/Birds and Beasts
Gabe McVarish/Donegal Highlands and Reels/Eclection
Askew Sisters/Sweet Lemany/Through Lonesome Woods
422/York Rant/Go Forth
Damien O'Kane/Summerhill/Summerhill
Anxi Lorenzo/Road to Errogie/Tiran
The Shee/Hand ba' Breakdown/Decadence
Bellowhead/New York Girls/Hedonism
Bellowhead/Parson's Farewell/Hedonism
Tim Edey/Little Bird/The Collective
Chris Newman/Temptation Rag/Still Getting Away With It
Tyde/Shake Loose the Border/Tyde
Demon Barbers/Kiss Me Quick Set/Adventures of Captain Ward
EwanMcClennan/Jock Stewart/Rags and Robes
Alistair Gillies/Hole in the Wall/Folk Sax
Fay Hield/Little Yellow Roses/Looking Glass
Niamh Ni Charra/Paddy's Lamentation/Happy Out
Altan/Is the Big Man Within Set/With The RTE Orchestra
Gilmore+Roberts/Fleetwood Fair/Up From The Deep
Breabach/Desperate Battle of the Birds/The Morning Lies Heavy on Me
Richard and Jess Arrowsmith/Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance Raspberry Song/Children's Record
Tommy McCarthy/Clasped to the Pig/Round Top Wagon/
Eliza Carthy+Norma Waterson/Ukelele Lady/Gift
Andy Cutting/Cuckoo's Nest/Andy Cutting

07 Jan 11 - 02:33 PM (#3069406)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 7-1-2011

Back to live broadcasting - a fact that will become immediately obvious with an almighty cock-up just after the start of part two. And part one had gone so well.

    Listen to part two to see just how bad it can get!!

    Sharron Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
    QP /Speed the Plough/Intro
    Pete Coe/Bring the New Year In/Long Company
    Craig Morgan Robson/ Wassail the Silver Apple/Stranded
    Stringtones/Mick Hendry's and Maisie Hendry's/Stringtones
    Emily Smith/Somewhere Along the Road/Traveller's Joy
    Pete Coe/Byker Hil/ Backbone
    Brian Peters/Yorkstone Flags+Pokerwork Polka/Gritstone Serenade
    Old Dance School/John Ball/Forecast
    Life and Times/Plough Monday Song/Charivari
    Roy Bailey/Lack of Jolly Ploughboys/Business As Usual
    Waterson:Carthy/Residue/Holy Heathens and The Green Man
    Emily Smith/Gypsy Davy/Traveller's Joy
    Gavin Davenport/Jolly Bold Robber/Brief Lives
    Stringtones/Mist Covered Mountain Set/Stringtones

    Part two

    London Lassies+Pete Quinn/Planxty Joe Burke/By Night and By Day
    Lunasa /Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
    Tom McConville/Azalea/Tommy On Song
    Coope Boyes and Simpson/Now is the Cool of the Day/As if...

    Nancy Kerr Interview

    Jon Boden/Going Down to The Wasteland/Songs From The Floodplain
    Alistair Anderson/In Trim Set/Steel Skies
    Coope Boyes and Simpson/Fooled Again/As if..
    JATPDHB/Wok This Way/We Aint Dead Yet
    Jackie Oates/May the Kindness/Hyperboreans
    Pilgrim's Way/A Pilgrim's Way/Pilgrim's Way
    O' Hooley+Tidow/Spancil Hil/Silent June
    Old Swan Band/Schottis Fran Havero Set Swan UpmanShip

    And if you have been, thanks for listening.


07 Jan 11 - 09:05 PM (#3069610)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Ian Fyvie

Had a quick look at your thread for curiosity, having been part of one of the Raise Your Banners weekends in the 1990s. I'll start a thread on RYB in a few minutes.

Ian Fyvie

08 Jan 11 - 05:13 AM (#3069704)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: GUEST,folkiedave

Not signed in at the moment. I do cover anything that I judge is of interest on the folk scene in my diary items and I have covered this and the Sheffield Socialist Choir at the last one in Bradford.

My colleague Jill Turner who broadcasts just before me each Friday morning with "Gondwana Sound" also covered the event I seem to remember.

15 Jan 11 - 06:40 AM (#3075026)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 14-1-2011

Sorry to take a day over posting this - I had a funeral straight after the show and then last night a Burns Supper - a bit early but a great do!

Sharron Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Ainslie/Henderson/Absynthe/Partners in Crime
Kerr/Fagan/Queen of Waters/Twice Reflected Sun
Robin Garside/January Man/Ragman's Trumpet
Chris Foster/Cod Banging/Outsiders
Ann Briggs/The Snows they Melt the Soonest/Classic Ann Briggs
Tom McConville/Goodnight Waltz/Cross the River
Voice Squad/Annan Water/Homfirth Folk Festival Compilation
Norma Waterson/Three Maidens A Milking/Bright Shiny Morning
Boat Band/Bad Week for Old Fiddlers/Burning the Water
Fraser Sisters/Watercress Girl /Going Around
Fiddlers Bid/Astrid Vals/All Dressed in Yellow
Chris Foster/Deportee/Outsiders
Alasdair Fraser/Natalie Hass/Stirling Castle Set/Fire and Grace

Second Half

Nancy Kerr/James Fagan/Night Night/Twice Reflected Water
Lunasa /Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
Martin Simpson/Home Again/True Stories
BlackBeards Tea Party/Belgian Tune/Heaven's To Betsy
Anthony John Clarke/Banjo Antarctica/Anthony John Clarke
Kepa Junkera/Ortiguiera Dantza/K2
Sylvia Barnes/Turn Of the Road/Colour of Amber
Gerry Mc Neice/Braw Sailing/Small Town Boy
Saltfish Forty/Glassel Jig set/Netherbow
Finest Kind/No More Fish No Fishermen/A Good Taste
Kris Drever /Call and Answer/Hard Earth
Innes+Robertson/Kazackh Ceilidh Commandos/Shout

If you want to send a "Get Well" card to Norma Waterson then:

Mrs. N. Carthy (that is the name she is registered under)
Warrington Hospital
Lovely Lane.
Warrington.WA5 1 QG will get to her.

And the re-arranged Blind Fiddler's Benefit at Hillsborough is Wednesday 19th January. Please ring for a ticket – 01142 322 100 and come and support this unusual venture at the Hillsborough Hotel.

And if you have been, thanks for listening.


21 Jan 11 - 01:24 PM (#3079487)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 21-1-2011

This may not be entirely correct. For reasons which I will not bore you with I had to play the "second half" - intended to be the diary+Burns stuff - first. First half was meant to be Brian Peters. Had to "swop" them around. Once I don't stick to the script I tend to lose what I have played. This is quite close though!

I thought Brian Peters was absolutely great.

Sharron Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Outside Track /Swerving For Bunnies/Curious Things Grow Wings
Pete Morton/Related to Me/Economy
Askew Sisters/Dusty Miller Set/Through Lonesome Woods
Tom McConville/How Can My Poor Heart?/Cross The River
Damien Barber+Wilson/Now Westlin Winds/Under The Influence
Irene Watt/My Love is Like a Red Red Rose/Tide of Change
Hector Gilchrist/Corn Rigs/Ingleneuk
Steeleye Span/Parcel of Rogues/A Parcel Of Steeleye Span
Red Hot Chili Pipers/Auld Lang Syne/

Second Half

Lunasa/O'Carolan's Welcome/ The Story So Far
Vin Garbutt/Absent Friends/Generosity

Brian Peters Interview

Brian Peters /Paddy Resource Set/Gritstone Serenade
Brian Peters /Ten Thousand Miles/Gritstone Serenade
Brian Peters /Good companions/Gritstone Serenade
Brian Peters /Turpin Hero/Gritstone Serenade
Brian Peters /Cotton Lords of Preston/Gritstone Serenade
Brian Peters /Twenty Sixth of Forever/Gritstone Serenade
Skyhook/Huckleberry Hornpipe/Skyhook

If you have been thanks for listening.

21 Jan 11 - 01:47 PM (#3079493)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Brian Peters

Thanks Dave for sparing my blushes and not "boring them with the reasons" for the altered playlist. I enjoyed our chat a lot.

21 Jan 11 - 04:24 PM (#3079626)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio

Indeed Brian - I really enjoyed it too. Any 'catter can miss out the first half and go straight to the second half.

22 Jan 11 - 04:35 AM (#3079860)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: GUEST,folkiedave

Sorry that guest was me of course.

28 Jan 11 - 12:15 PM (#3084127)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 28-1-2011

One small error - played the wrong track for James Findlay right at the start but I play the right track later in the show.

Interesting interview with Paul and Liz Davenport about their life and latest record. This will be launched at the Hillsborough Hotel on February 23rd.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Unusual Suspects/Pavilion Jig/Big Like This
James Findlay/ When A Man's In Love/Sport and Play
Jeana Leslie/Buttermilk Hill/Shadows Tall
Davenports Interview

Paul and Liz Davenport/Spring Tide Rising/Spring Tide Rising
Paul and Liz Davenport/Blacksmith/Spring Tide Rising
Paul and Liz Davenport/Judas/Spring Tide Rising
Paul and Liz Davenport.Glasgerion/Spring Tide Rising
Alan Reid /Dear Green Place /Recollections
Unusual Suspects/Under the Influence Set/Big Like This

Second Half

4 Square /Fit Arms/ 20/20 Manchester
Lunasa/Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
Little Johnny England/Welcome to the Sparrow Club/ Tournament of Shadows
Alan Reid /I am the Common Man/Recollections
Outside Track/Jubilant Goat/Curious Things Given Wings
Ewan MacColl/Manchester Rambler/Black and White
Maggie Boyle/Paddy's Rambles in the Park/Gweebarra
James Findlay/Jolly Joe The Collier's Son/Sport and Play
James Fagan/Hauling On/Twice Reflected Sun
Unusual Suspects/Both Sides the Tweed/Big Like This
Brass Monkey/ Betty Fitchett's Wedding/Sound and Rumour
Steel The Show/Just One More Chorus/Steel the Show
Little Johnny England/Jig set/Tournament of Shadows

And if you have been - thanks for listening.

04 Feb 11 - 12:26 PM (#3088656)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 4-2-2011

Kerr/Fagan/Queen of Water/Twice Reflected Sun
Unusual Suspects/Both Sides the Tweed/Big Like This
Stringtones/Mrs. James Favourite/Stringtones
Phil and Cath Tyler/Dearest Dear/Hind Wheels of Bad Luck
Phil and Cath Tyler/Whip Poor Will/Hind Wheels of Bad Luck
Phil and Cath Tyler/Lady Gay/Hind Wheels of Bad Luck
Phil and Cath Tyler/Interview
Tim Eriksen/Poor Honest Men/Oak and Ash and Thorn
James Findlay/Sorry the Day I was Married/Sport and Play
Martin Carthy /Seige of Delhi/The January Man

Second Half

Alistair Anderson /Green Ginger/Steel Skies
Lunasa /Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
Alan Reid /Allan McClean/Recollections
Jo Heatley interview
Jon Boden/Going Down to the Wasteland/Songs From the Floodplain
Webber/Fentiman/Red is the Rose/Constant Lovers ld Swan Band/General Ward/Dayroom/Swan-Upmanship
Olivia Chaney/Brookland Road/Oak and Ash and Thorn
Barber Wilson/On Board of a Man of War Boys/Under the Influence
James/Sweeney/Young and Single Sailor/Catches and Glees
Whaley + Fletcher/Red is the Rose/Their Fine Array
Galley Beggar/Outlandish Knight/Reformation House
Askew Sisters/Dorrington Lads/All in a Garden Green

If you have been thanks for listening.

18 Feb 11 - 11:41 AM (#3098010)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

There was no playlist posted last week -I my wife and I dashed off straightaway to catch a train to Cheltenham Festival. After "Harmonium" you can hear:

Random/Nellie Bligh+Chinese Breakdown/Deviation
Jim Causley/Old Uncle Whiteway/Dumnonia

Joanie Crump Interview

John Tams/Lay Me Low/The Definitive Collection
Dougie MacLean/Caledonia/The Essential Dougie MacLean
Unusual Suspects/Lose the Tude/Big LikeThis
Glorystrokes/Bob Tailed Mare/Rude Mechanicals
Anxo Lorenzo/ A Bruxa/Tiran

Second Half

Bottle Bank Band/Lusignac/Demo
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Habit of a Foreign Sky
Chris Foster/Australia/Jewels
For Chris and Bara and Lady Maisry Saturday night at Calver Village Hall Tel. Tel 01433 631907 (Mob: 07941418565)
Damien O' Kane/Summer Hill/Summer Hill
Kathryn Tickell Band/Ian's Trip to Wales/Anton's Muneira/Instrumental
Cockersdale/Black and Bitter Night/Doing the Manch
Voice Squad/Brown and Yellow Ale/Holly Wood
Expatriate Game/Golden Keyboard Set/Expatriate Game
Voice Squad/Little Jimmy Murphy/Holly Wood
Tavella/Pinch of Snuff Set/Demo Record
Ewan Robertson/King of Rome/Some Kind of Certainty
Elle Osborne/Way Through The Woods/Oak Ash Thorn Old Swan Band/Sloe Set/Swan for the Money

25 Feb 11 - 02:21 PM (#3102728)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 25-2-2011

Slight technical issue at the start of the show this morning. Meant that we started late and in a hurry!

Old Swan Band/In and Out the Windows/Swan For The Money
Jim Causley/When I was Young/Dumnonia
Danu/Fiona's Arrival/Seanchas
Cara Dillon/Spencer the Rover/Hill of Thieves

Mick Peat Interiew

Cara Dillon/Verdant Braes/Hill of Thieves
Flook/Mouse Jigs/Haven
Les Barker/Guide Cats for the Blind /Arovertherapy
Pete Coe/Light From the Lighthouse/Backbone
Cupola/Sing Ivy/Ivy
Beoga /Factory Girl/Mischief
Belshazzar's Feast/Widows Shall All Have Husbands Find The Lady
Old Swan Band/Staffordshire Hornpipe/Swan For The Money

Best contact for the Cara Dillon and other similar concerts is via the PR Promotions website

Second Half

Donald Grant /NZ 2004/The Way Home
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Damien O'Kane/Banks of the Boyne/Summerhill
John Kirkpatrick/Gigue/Anglo Concertina International
Damien Barber+Mick Wilson/Shiny – O/Under The Influence
Keith Hinchliffe/Carolan's Quarrel/Carolan's Dream
Kris Drever /Shining Star/Mark The Hard Earth
Anna Massie+Maireard Green/The Raffle Set/ Mairearad and Annie
Breabach/Under the Influence/The Big Spree
Finest Kind/Song of the Lower Classes/For Honour and For Gain
Session A9/Rabbit Set/Bottlenecks and Armbreakers
Chris Sherburn+Denny Bartley/Rainy Night in Soho/Lucy Wan
Finest Kind/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Silks and Spices
Session A9/Running to Mull/Bottlenecks and Armbreakers

Special thanks to Laura Pennington for driving me along today. Way above the normal level of duty!!

And to you - if you have been - thanks for listening.

12 Mar 11 - 08:53 AM (#3112283)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 11-3-2011

Apart form a couple of obvious blips - today's show went well and both section's playlist is spot on as far as I remember. There are a number of short items on the list this week so there are a couple more tracks than normal. And of course a St. Patrick's theme.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Karen Tweed /Drops of Springwater/Drops of Springwater
Ruth and Sadie Price/Counting Song/RaSP
Life and Times /Witch of Conger Hill/Charivari
Ralph McTell/From Clare to Here/Definitive Collection
Martin Byrnes/Paddy Fahey's Jig/Paddy in the Smoke
Maggie Barry /Galway Shawl/Her Mantle So Green
Stringtones/Mick Hendry's+Maisie Hendry's/Stringtones
Mark Dunlop/Black Velvet Band/Islands of the Moon
Dervish/Last Night's Fun/Playing With Fire
Racker Donnelly/Beast Feast/The Racker 2005
Maggie Boyle/Gweebarra Shore/Gweebarra Shore
Arty McGLynn/Blackbird/McGlynn's Fancy
Ciaran Boyle/Fionn Boyles Reel /Sunday Walks

Second Half

Brian Finnegan/If Only A Little/Ravishing Genius of Bones
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Steve Tilston/Some Kind of Sonnet/Such and Such
Fay Hield/Looking Glass/Looking Glass
Pete Coe/Recruiting Officer Set/Backbone
Ben Sands/Hug/Better Already
Chris Wood/Lusignac/Albion
Hannah James+Sam Sweeney/Gaol Song/Catches and Glees
Ewan McLennan/Jamie Foyers/Rags and Robes
Dazkarieh /Repasseado Da Calcada/Ruido De Silencio
Show of Hands/AIG2/Covers 2
Beltaine/Head Up/Koncentrad
Tavella /The Cows Lick/Tavell Demo

18 Mar 11 - 01:13 PM (#3116522)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

I was looking for a theme for this week and the obvious thing was lent. But there aren't a lot of sings about Lent. So I chose "Fish" instead.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Skerryvore/Angry Fiddler/Skerryvore

"Fish" theme.

Waterson:Carthy/Goodbye Fare The Well/Fine Fishes and Yellow Sand
QP/Fish Fisch/Intro
Archie Fisher/Star of the Belle Isle/Outward Bound
Saltfish Forty/Creelman Set/Netherbow
Jack Crawford/When Fishes Fly/Pride of the Season
Uiscedwr/Sunshine/Fish Cat Door
Brian Peters/Chips and Fish/Anglophobia
Planxty/Hornpipes/Well Down in the Valley
Paul McKenna/Mermaid/Stem the Tide
Johnson Girls/Fisherman's Lassie/Johnson Girls
Andy Cutting/Granton Fishbowl/Andy Cutting
Dave Goulder/Man Who Put the Engine in the Chip Shop/Golden Days of Steam
Harem Scarem/Finnish/Let them Eat Fishcakes

Second Half

Session A9/Aird Ranters/One for the Road
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Jon Boden/We Do What We Can/Songs From The Floodplain
Urban Folk Quartet/Upstart Set/Urban Folk Quartet
Urban Folk Quartet/Wedding Dress Set/Urban Folk Quartet
Paloma Trigas interview
Ewan McLennan/Yorkshire Regiment/Rags and Robes
Ray Hearne/Things to Say/Wrong Sunshine
Bachue/Rumble Thy Bellyful/Butterfly
Alistair Russell/Rambling Irishman/A19
Watersons/Hal an Tow/Mighty River of Song (1)
Fraser and Haas/Grand Etang+Hull's Reel?Highlander's Farewell

And to you - if you have been - thanks for listening.

27 Mar 11 - 03:06 PM (#3122834)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 25-3-2011

No theme this week but interviews with Dogan Mehmet (first half) and Sarah Popplewell of the Irish Dance Group Sciorr. Plus a world first for the Dogan Mehment single.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Doghan Mehmet/Wraggle Taggle Gypsies/Gypshead
Roy Bailey/When Johnny Comes Marching/Below the Radar
Finest Kind/Bay of Biscay Oh!/For Honour and For Gain
Doghan Mehmet/Seventeen Come Sunday/Gypsyhead
Doghan Mehmet/Interview

Dogan Mehmet - Cut The CLoth (World Exclusive)
Doghan Mehmet/Susta /Gypsyshead
Finest Kind/Tenting on The Old Camp Ground/For Honour and For Gain
Finest Kind/Deconstructing John Barleycorn/For Honour and For Gain
Altan/As I Roved Out/Local Ground
Cosmotheka/I Can't Do my Belly Bottom Button Up You Only Had to Ask
Waterson Carthy /Sheffield Waltz Set/Broken Ground

Second Half

Katriona Gilmour+ Jamie Roberts/Badger Set/Follow the Deep
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Martin Carthy/ Stitch in Time/Right of Passage
House Band/Happy One Step+Green Willis/Three Score and Ten
Sarah Popplewell Interview
Outside Track /MacCallum's Reel/The Outside Track
Capercaillie/Michael's Matches/Nadurra
Coope Boyes Simpson/Spring 1919/As if......
Kathryn Roberts+Sean Lakeman/Granite Mill Holmfirth Festival Compilation
Dave Burland/Hot Asphalt/Benchmark
Mc Sherry/Rose in the Gap Set/Tripswitch

And to you - if you have been - thanks for listening

01 Apr 11 - 12:10 PM (#3126307)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 01-04-2011

Couple of mini themes in the first half - there's a bit of an April/spring thing and a couple of alcohols in there towards the end. In between a couple from "A Banquet of Boxes" a new CD from Mrs. Casey's Music.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Demon Barbers/Kiss Me Quick Me Mammy's Coming Set/Adventures of Captain Ward
Show of Hands/AIG 2/Covers 2
Norma Waterson/April Morning/Bright Shiny Morning
Chris Newman/Cardrona Spring/Stil Getting Away With It
Bailey Sisters/Cuckoo/After Silence Music
Jon Boden/April Queen/Songs From the Floodplain
Notts Alliance/Perfumes of Arabia/Out of the Darkness
Matt and Dan Quinn/No More Wabbits/Banquet of Boxes
Dan Quinn/Bonny Bunch of Roses/Duck Soup
Pete Coe/Sound of Hohner/Backbone
Debra Cowan/Alcohol/Fond Desire Farewell
David Parry/In Praise of Alcohol/Man From Eldorado
Four Square/April Snowfall/ChronicLes

Second Half

It was really good to have old friends Sean Lakeman and Kathryn Roberts as guests along with their children, twins Lilly and Poppy and even Poppy singing.

Guidewires/Buoy M5/II
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Dave Burland/Willie More /Benchmark
Kathryn Roberts+Sean Lakeman/Lord Gregory 1
Kathryn Roberts+Sean Lakeman/The Lambs on the Green Hills/1
Kathryn Roberts+Sean Lakeman/Red Barn/2
Cara Dillon/Johnny Lovely Johnny/Hill of Thieves
Old Dance School/The Envelope/Forecast
Karine Polwart/Sorry/That's Proper Folk
Guidewires/The Eff Reels/II

And to you - if you have been - thanks for listening.

15 Apr 11 - 02:44 AM (#3135573)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 15-04-2011

Sorry about the podcast for last week. I am told it was definitely recorded and the problem lies at one of our suppliers. There seemed little point in putting up the playlist - but if you are interested then by all means get in touch.

Anyway, lets hope things go better this week.

Sharon Shannon.Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Pete Coe/Byker Hill/Backbone
Chris Coe/Poacher's Song/A Wiser Fool
New Victory Band/Speed the Plough Set/One More Dance and Then
Pete Coe/We'll Have a May Day/Long Company
Chris Coe/Peeler Creek Waltz/A Wiser Fool
Pete Coe/PR Man From Hell/Long Company
Pete Coe/Kings and Queens of England/Long Company
Bartram Bookes Weatherall/Campanero/New Midsummer's Day
Bartram Bookes Weatherall/Pilot/San Sebastian/New Midsummer's Day
Bailey Sisters/Navigator/After Silence Music
Aly Bain+Phil Cunningham/Mrs. Jameson's Favourite        Portrait
Tannahill Weavers/Gallant Shearers/Alchemy
Uiscedwr/Girlyjig/Fish Cat Door
Dazkarieh        Legua de Paova/Ruido do Silencio

Second Half

Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain/Munster Buttermilk Set/Portrait
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Chris Coe and Annie Dearman/Bonny Boy/Demo
Dana and Susan Robinson/Canoe Club Waltz/Round My Door
Kathryn Roberts+Sean Lakeman/Rule and Bant/2
Crucible/Bobbing Around Set/Crux
Martin Byrne/Lucy Campbell Set/Paddy in the Smoke
Jim Interview                
Dempsey and Broughton        /So Long/Every Other Word
Bodega/The Stomping Ground/Under the Counter
New Victory Band/Mamie May/One More Dance and Then
Simon Mayor Quintet/Apanhei-te/Mandolinquents
May Monday/Ensuite Barn/Midnight

And if you have been thanks for listening.

15 Apr 11 - 03:50 AM (#3135590)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: ChrisJBrady

With podcasting as opposed to live streaming how do you get round the copyright / performing rights / licensing issues?

22 Apr 11 - 10:41 AM (#3140347)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave


To be honest I have no idea. I know we pay a lot of money to podcast - which is why few community stations do it.

So sorry I can't help you further.

22 Apr 11 - 10:42 AM (#3140348)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 22-04-2011

    Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
    Bacup Coconut Dance Band/Bacup Coconut Dance/Voice of the People
    Sherburn+Bartley/Roseville Fair Set/Last Night's Fun
    Cockersdale/Normandy Orchards/Doin the Manch
    Jim Couza/Kitchen Girl/Out of the Shadowlands
    Paul and Liz Davenport/If I Were A Blackbird/Spring Tide Rising
    Coope Boyes and Simpson/We got Fooled Again/As If......
    Brass Monkey/ Charming Maid/Sound and Rumour
    Swan Arcade/Lowlands Away/Full Circle
    Old Blind Dogs/Psychopomps/Wherever Yet May Be
    Damien O Kane/Strand of Magilligan/Summerhill
    Flook/On One Beautiful Day/Haven
    Cockersdale/Black and Bitter Night/Doin the Manch
    Balir Dunlop/Morris Medley/Blair Dunlop
    Fay Hield/Mad Family/Looking Glass
    Jamie Smith's Mabon/Schindig/Live at the Grand Pavilion

    Second Half

    Robin Garside/Tommy's Robin's+Ruthies Reel/Ragman's Trumpet
    Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
    Dana and Susan Robinson/My Peach Pie/ Round My Door
    Annie Dearman+Chris Coe/My Bonny/Dearman and Coe
    Blazin Fiddles/Sliabh/Live at the Caley
    Blazin Fiddles/Strolskas/Live at the Caley
    Dougie MacLean/Caledonia/The Essential Dougie Maclean
    Askew Sisters/Jolly Jack Tar/Through Lonesome Woods
    Andy Cutting/Granton Fish Bowl/Andy Cutting
    Jim Causley/Tythe Pig/Dumnonia
    Marie Little/Mary Ellen Carter/Hot Pants to Hot Flushes
    Voice Squad/Brown and the Yellow Ale/Hollywood
    Blazin Fiddles/Thursday Night/Live at the Caley

    And if you have been, thanks for listening.

29 Apr 11 - 11:39 AM (#3144758)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Simon Mayor/Apanhei-Te/Mandolinquents
Bailey Sisters/Stretford and Northen May Song/After Silence, Music
Padstow People/Padstow May Songs/World Library of Primitive Music
Oysterband/Oxford Girl/Oxford Girl and other Stories
Unusual Suspects/May the Morn/Big Like This
John Jones Interview                
John Jones/Walking through Ithonside/Rising Road
John Jones/Searching For Lambs/Rising Road
John Jones/Henry Martin/Rising Road

Andy May/Swearybox/Happy Hours
Ann Briggs/Gathering Rushes/The Bird in the Bush
Bellowhead/One May Morning Early/Burlesque
Magpie Lane/Round about the Maypole/Six For Gold

Second Half

Tickled Pink/Three Jolly Sheepskins/Ceilidh
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Kris Drever/Banks of the Nile/Mark the Hard Earth
Uiscedwr/Dirty Nine Steps/Fish Cat Door
Jez Lowe/Old Bones/Back Shift
Chris Wood/Grand Correction/Handmade Life
Martin Simpson/Greystones/True Stories
Walsh & Pound/Old Tom of Oxford/Walsh & Pound
Tickled Pink/Italian Jig/Ceilidh
Walsh and Pound/Hammer and Nail/Walsh & Pound
Craig Morgan Robson/Keep you in Peace/Pepper and Tomatoes                
Old Swan Band/Basquet of Oysters/Swan For the Money                                                                
Tickled Pink/HorsesBraw/Ceilidh                                        

And if you have been, thanks for listening.

16 May 11 - 04:02 AM (#3154893)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Playlist 13-05-2011

    Regular listeners will know we have had a technical problem at the station which affected both streaming and the regular podcast. The regular podcast for last week is unfortunately lost - which is a great shame because it featured Nikki Hampson talking about Shepley Spring Festival.

    Today's programme includes Peter Halfpenny Squire of the Morris Ring talking about the Joint Morris Organisation's Day of Dance in Sheffield tomorrow.

    Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
    Richard Lumsden/Tubs of Lard/Morris: A Life With Bells On
    Young Uns/Hard Times/Man I Feel Like A Young Un
    Morris On Band/Willow Tree Set/Morris On
    Maddy Prior/Staines Morris/Seven For Old England
    John Conolly/Lady Morris Dancer/Send Us a Postcard
    Young Uns/Old Oss/Man I Feel Like A Young Un
    Duncan Mc Farlane/Anna Morrison/All Rogues and Villains

    Interview with Morris Squire

    Second Half

    Hut People/Basque/Home is Where the Hut Is
    Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
    John Conolly/Fiddler's Green/Ranter's Wharf
    Finest Kind/Song of the Lower Classes/For Honour and For Gain
    Hut People/Da Day Dawn/Home is Where the Hut Is
    Ewan McLennan/Jamie Foyers/Rags And Robes
    Wendy Arrowsmith/ Southern Girls Reply/Love Life and Chocolate
    Young Un's/No More Frying Bacon/ Man I Feel Like A Young Un
    Poozies/Will I See Thee More/Yellow Like Sunshine
    Tom McConville/Thomas McElvogue Set/Tommy on the Bridge
    Anthony John Clarke/Good Old Days/The Man with The Golden Plectrum
    Young Un's/Rolling Down the River/Man I Feel Like A Young Un
    Brenda Wootton/Padstow's Farewell Shanty/All of Me
    Genticorum/Violin Guerisseur/Nagez Rameurs

    Do enjoy!

20 May 11 - 08:18 AM (#3157501)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

Playlist for May 20th 2011

Today's show starts with the first half being devoted to Martin Carthy - who celebrates his 70th birthday tomorrow. Thanks for all the music.

Martin Carthy /Heartbreak Hotel/Signs of Life
Martin Carthy/ Fair Maid on the Shore/Second Album
Martin Carthy+Dave Swarbrick/Swaggering Boney/ Because it's There
Steeleye Span/Rave On/Carthy Contemporaries
Martin Carthy/Seige of Delhi/January Man
Martin Carthy/Prince Heathen/Signs of Life
Martin Carthy+Dave Swarbrick/I'm As Happy As I Can Be/Carthy Contemporaries
Waterson:Carthy/Black Muddy River/Fine Fishes and Yellow Sand
Band of Hope/Carthy's March/The Lemon Tree/Carthy in Company
Waterson:Carthy/Rackabello/Common Tongue
Imagined Village/John Barleycorn/Imagined Village
Martin Carthy+Oskorri/Nafarroa/Carthy Contemporaries
Brass Monkey/Banbury Bill Set/Head of Steam

Second Half

Brian McNeil/Follow The Heron/The Road Never Questions/2011 High Hold Productions
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection/2011 Lilly Neill
Brenda Wootton/Silver Net/All of Me/Knight Design

Doncaster Festival Interview

Ewan McLennan/Tramps and Hawkers/Rags And Robes / Fellside Recordings
Finest Kind/Bay of Biscay/For Honour and For Gain Fallen Angle Music 2010
Gilmore Roberts/Badger Set/Up From the Deep/GR! Records 2010
Sheffield Folk Chorale/One More Song/Now Gathered Together/Grail Recordings 2007
Nancy Kerr+James Fagan/Hauling on Song/Twice Reflected Sun/Navigator Records 2010
Tom McConville/Azalea/Tommy On Song/ TomCat Music 2008
Session A9/Kirstie's Set/Bottlenecks and Armbreakers/ 2008 Raj Records
Fotheringay/Wild Mountain Thyme/Fotheringay 2/ 2008 Wing and a Prayer
Brian McNei/Tommy Sheridan's Set/The Road Never Questions/2011 High Hold Productions

And if you have been thanks for listening.

Off to Shepley!

02 Dec 11 - 09:09 AM (#3267254)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Reinhard

What's up with Thank Goodness It's Folk, Dave? The last podcasts on Sheffield Live are from November 24 and I'm missing two shows of yours already. Has it been closed down?

02 Dec 11 - 07:41 PM (#3267572)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Mysha


Sheffield Live are having trouble with the podcasts, but they are working on it. TGIF airs while I'm at work, but I assume the broadcasts continued as usual.


02 Dec 11 - 11:51 PM (#3267668)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: JohnB

They had a power outage during last weeks show, so nothing ended up on the podcast.

08 Dec 11 - 07:18 AM (#3270364)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Folkiedave

And I might add it is still giving problems, being fixed as I write - not sure if it is working tomorrow (Dec. 9th).

Tomorrow's guest is Professor Ian Russell - specialist in the carol traditions.

I don't post much in Mudcat these days. Best to contact me via Facebook where both I and the show have pages!

18 Oct 20 - 05:44 PM (#4075883)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Mooh

Is this thread about the program of the same name I've been watching on Facebook? The James Fagan effort? Most enjoyable box player, Will Pound.

19 Oct 20 - 04:53 AM (#4075930)
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
From: Joe G

Yes it is. An excellent programme and agree Will Pound is superb