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The Freight Hoppers ride again!

13 Apr 08 - 08:26 PM (#2314649)
Subject: The Freight Hoppers ride again!
From: Desert Dancer

Though old-time music fans will probably check in on the old thread "what is old-timey music?", which was revived with the message, I thought the news was big enough for its own thread:

Subject: RE: what is old-timey music?
Date: 13 Apr 08 - 11:39 AM


Just so's folks here know ..

The Freighthoppers Ride Again!



The Old Time Music Forum (Europe)


I'm pretty excited to see that they'll be in Santa Fe -- only 8 hours away!

Maybe they'll get to LA, which is 8 hrs the other direction, but the direction I'm usually going...

~ Becky in Tucson