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Miss Dorothy, Dorothy

20 May 99 - 09:49 PM (#80314)
Subject: Miss Dorothy, Dorothy
From: John Hindsill

I hope this is seen by a calypsonian or someone from the West Indies familiar with calypso:

I have several older songs in which the name of the girl is Dorothy or Miss Dorothy. Is (was) this local slang for a girl generically, or perhaps a convention to denote 'the other woman' or perhaps a woman of [delicately, John] easy virtue? Or maybe the syllables of the name just fit well.


20 May 99 - 09:56 PM (#80316)
Subject: RE: Miss Dorothy, Dorothy
From: Barry Finn

?? Dou Dou ?? West Indian term for a female sweetheart. Barry

19 Apr 11 - 04:09 AM (#3138025)
Subject: RE: Miss Dorothy, Dorothy
From: MorwenEdhelwen1

I am not West Indian (Chinese Australian) nor a calypsonian (I want to be one, but I don't know whether foreigners/non-West Indians are allowed to become calypsonians) but it could just have been a popular woman's name which was so common that it became a standard name in songs in the same way as Nancy or Sally in British songs.

03 Jun 11 - 09:21 AM (#3164686)
Subject: RE: Miss Dorothy, Dorothy
From: MorwenEdhelwen1

In fact, I have started a thread on Macbeth the Great's song "Dorothy One Morning", which might suggest that Dorothy was a prostitute. "I went on a spree one morning, I went to see Dorothy one morning."