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cruel mother - with 'penknife three foot long'

24 May 99 - 08:29 PM (#81413)
Subject: cruel mother
From: maddy

i'm looking for the irish street kids version, the one with the pen knife three feet long and the chorus that sounds like wheel-a-wheel-a-whal-ya. i looked for cruel mother, pen knife, babby - no find.

24 May 99 - 11:26 PM (#81450)
Subject: RE: cruel mother
From: rich r


Type "wela" into subject line of forum search and you will get to a thread with the lyrics. (sorry, I don't do BCT's)

rich r

24 May 99 - 11:52 PM (#81456)
Subject: RE: cruel mother
From: katlaughing

Here ya go: clicky thingy

25 May 99 - 06:32 PM (#81695)
Subject: RE: cruel mother
From: PJ Curtis, Ireland

maddy, You can get the words to this street song on the old CBS 'The Clancy Brothers at carnegie Hall' album PJC