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25 May 99 - 12:10 AM (#81459)
Subject: Yodelling
From: Rita64

OK, I grant the puzzled expressions and sad shakes of the head, I know this is a peculiar (ok, weird) request.


I have been trying but I just don't seem to be able to sustain it. A husky, sore throat is the reward for my attempts. Any ideas? Thanks.

25 May 99 - 01:32 AM (#81473)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Mudjack

Concetrate on doing a falsetto breaking your voice from low to high and back. Sing this phrase over and over:
Little old lady...little old lady (and work into) little ol..d
Now if you can learn that much over a thread, you should be able to learn anything.
GOODLUCK Fair Youngmaid

25 May 99 - 01:45 AM (#81476)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Rick Fielding

Hi fairmaid. I've never been a good yodeler but I'll throw a couple of things at you that may help. The key that you try to break your voice in is absolutely crucial. If I sing Jimmie Rodgers' "Blue Yodel" in C,C#, or Eb or E, it doesn't work at all. ONLY in the key of D will the break be clear and on pitch. The yodel starts on the fifth of the scale and ends on the third of the next higher scale. If you're confused, maybe someone can explain it better. Good luck.

25 May 99 - 02:04 AM (#81481)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Fairmaid--In D, what Rick was telling you was to jump from the A in one octave to the F# in the next. That, of course, is if you yodel in the tonic chord. But it sounds like your problem isn't so much where to go as how to do it without destroying your vocal chords. The most important thing is to relax on the high notes (a good vocal coach would be helpful with this). This is, of course, all theoretical: I lost my own falsetto decades ago, and with it any weak ability to yodel I had. I have recently, however, learned to extend my range several notes by learning to relax rather than strain to make the high notes. --seed (who has unauthoritative advice on almost any subject)

25 May 99 - 03:26 AM (#81496)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Rita64

Oh, the responses overwhelm me. Thanks, I am going home right now to try (I don't think yodelling in my work place would be appreciated).

Befuddled, she wonders to herself, "What inspires people to yodel in the first place?"

25 May 99 - 04:45 AM (#81503)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: takeo

hi yodelling youngmaid, originally, i heard, yodelling method is purposed to avoid snowslide among snowie mountain region, and to reach voice as far as possible. so falset voice with a little air vibration (usually bass voice make air well vibrate) is the key to master it though i cannot do it. btw, i like jimmie rodgers very much. -takeo

25 May 99 - 05:01 AM (#81505)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Banjer

I have heard that an alternative way to learning the yodeling technique is to stand in a #2 washtub full of extremely hot water, whilst at the same time dropping 10 to 25 pound rocks, (cement blocks will suffice if rocks are unavailable), on ones feet. The effect will last longer if the washtub is strategically placed over a roaring fire. This method can be used by those folks who cannot read music nor have any idea what the pitch of certain keys may be. I assume that various weights of rocks or stones will give different pitched sounds to the yodel.

25 May 99 - 05:46 AM (#81510)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Night Owl

Do NOT practice yodeling from the back of a horse! It frightens them.

25 May 99 - 08:24 AM (#81528)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: sharon

If you ever attend a festival where "Small Potatoes," are featured (a very versatile group from around Chicago..) attend one of their yodeling workshops. I went to one, and it all made perfect sense, and I have played around with yodeling ever since.

25 May 99 - 10:11 AM (#81560)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Shack

There was a thread on yodeling songs about a month ago, and one of the responses recommended a instructional tape: check it out and good luck.

25 May 99 - 10:30 AM (#81567)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Mike Billo

There's a good instructional tape from Texas music and video(1-800-874-8384), "How To Yodel" by Tania Moody and Rusty Hudelson. They teach you to find the narural "break" in your voice. This worked OK for me, but interestingly, my wife, who is a "trained" singer and therefore has spent years learning how to not have your voice break, has a VERY difficult time yodeling. And she's the greatest singer in the world in my opinion(of course, I might be biased).

25 May 99 - 01:38 PM (#81631)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Alice

KC needs to join this thread. She is a championship winner in yodelling in the state of Wyoming. Her mom was a classical voice teacher. KC says she practiced in the long miles driving in the car. ~alice

25 May 99 - 11:24 PM (#81768)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: Don Meixner

During my Jimmie Rodgers period I had to learn to yodel and I chose as my teacher Bill Staines.( Lofty goals) When thast failed I tried this. Sing the vowel "A" in a comfortable point in your rage then slide the "A" to "E". The natural tendencie is for the voice to lift slightly. As it lifts force it to a falsetto. When you can make this break cleanly move to the vowel "O" and with the same process slide from "O" to "OOOO". A little work to clean up the slides and a little imagination you should be able to figure it from there.


Cathy Fink has an excellent audio tape on yodeling. I reccomend it highly.

25 May 99 - 11:59 PM (#81771)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: KC

Hi there, I'm visiting in Massachusetts and just borrowed a machine to check in with the Mudcat folks. Yes, I yodel, or at least am well on my way to learning, and I have had classical voice training (way back when I was a sprout). I also know of a "Learn to Yodel" kit that a singer out in the West (Colorado, I think) named Liz Masterson has. When I get back to Wyoming, I can find her address if anyone's interested.

I CAN say that if you were serious about getting a sore throat from your attempts, Fair Youngmaid, you probably are straining at it. A light touch is better than working at it hard, and part of the trick is figuring out the melody of the passage you're wanting to yodel and, believe it or not, the "words." It matters if you say "oh-di-lay-ti-yicky-oh," or "ah-di-lay-ti-i-ho..." (WHATEVER), so slow it way down, get the tune sorted out, practice it slowly and with the same syllables, just as you would with any other song you're learning, then speed 'er up.

Worry less about getting the "break" in your voice at first than just learning the melody of it. Then you'll be able to work at the fluidity later.

Also, if you want to sing clearer and better on your pitch (in either yodeling or just plain vanilla singing) visualize yourself coming in from on top and landing on the pitch or note, rather than trying to reach up to it. That will give your voice more buoyancy and cause less strain (and less flatness...)

Hasta later -- y buena suerte, KC

26 May 99 - 01:03 AM (#81782)
Subject: RE: Yodelling
From: reggie miles

Perhaps listening to a variety of yodelers and settling on a style of yodeling would be a good begining. Once done, then practice in various keys until you find a key that you feel comfortable with.