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EFDSS Presidential Nominations

02 Jun 08 - 01:21 PM (#2355302)
Subject: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: GUEST,Derek Schofield

Folk Presidential Nominations

The Trustees of The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) are delighted to nominate Shirley Collins MBE and Eliza Carthy as the Society's President and Vice-President respectively. The nominations will be proposed at the EFDSS Annual General Meeting in November.

Responding to their nominations, Shirley Collins said 'Looking back to the first time I visited Cecil Sharp House as a timid, but enthralled, 18-year old so many years ago, I could never have thought it possible that one day I would be nominated for the Presidency of the EFDSS. In accepting this great honour, I promise to continue sharing my love of our wonderful folk traditions by promoting and encouraging an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of them. And I will strive to prove a worthy follower to the renowned and greatly-loved Ursula Vaughan Williams.'

Shirley Collins is a pivotal figure in the English folk song revival of the last forty years. While maintaining her love of traditional song, she has also been an influential innovator: folk-jazz collaborations with Davy Graham, combining early and folk music on the 'Anthems in Eden' album, and using electric instruments with the Albion Dance Band.

Her contribution has been recognised with the EFDSS Gold Badge in 2004, an MBE in 2007 and, in February this year, the 'Good Tradition Award' at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Eliza Carthy added, 'As a lifelong member of the EFDSS, I have used its Library and know of the great resources it has produced. I am absolutely delighted to be nominated for the position of Vice-President.'

Eliza Carthy is the foremost interpreter of English folk music among the current 'younger' generation of performers. She is a passionate advocate for traditional music, but is also an accomplished interpreter of that music for the twenty-first century. She performs with her band, The Ratcatchers, as well as with her parents, Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson as Waterson:Carthy. She was recently featured in Channel 5's 'My Music' programme and her new album, 'Dreams of Breathing Underwater' is released in June.

Chair of the National Council Trustees, Mike Norris, commented, 'Shirley and Eliza are the ideal people to fill these important roles, and to act as ambassadors for the EFDSS. Their contributions to traditional music, dance and song have already been immense, and we are delighted that they have accepted these nominations.'

Both Shirley Collins and Eliza Carthy will be appearing in 'RVW', a day of concerts and talks to celebrate the folk music legacy of Ralph Vaughan Williams. (Saturday 4 October 2008 at Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London).

Previous Presidents of the EFDSS have included Ralph Vaughan Williams and HRH The Princess Margaret. The last President was Ursula Vaughan Williams, who died in 2007. Former Vice-Presidents have included Dame Ninette de Valois.

For further information and photographs, please contact EFDSS Chief Executive, Katy Spicer, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London NW1 7AY. Tel: 020 7485 2206.

02 Jun 08 - 05:02 PM (#2355518)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: irishenglish

So is the first time these honors have actually gone to singers/musicians? In any case, fine selections I would say.

02 Jun 08 - 05:39 PM (#2355569)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: GUEST,Derek Schofield

well, Ralph Vaughan Williams was a bit of a musician! and Dame Ninette de Valois was a bit of a dancer too! And Douglas and Helen Kennedy were both Vice-Presidents in the 60s, and they were folk musicians, Douglas was a singer, they were central to the folk revival (mainly dance) from 1910 to the 1960s. But I know what you mean ... yes, this is the first time that such prominent folk singers / instrumentalists have been nominated for these positions.
Derek Schofield

02 Jun 08 - 05:41 PM (#2355571)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: The Sandman

Yes, they are both long term members of the EFDSS, they have both played a prominent part in the Folk Revival.
but how important are their roles?
do they have any input in decision making? how will they act as ambassadors for the EFDSS? are they figureheads?I hope that their roles will be more than just that.
anyway, every success to both of them.,and to the EFDSS.Dick Miles

02 Jun 08 - 05:43 PM (#2355572)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: irishenglish

Thanks Derek, thats a big d'oh to me for missing Ralph Vaughan Williams!

02 Jun 08 - 05:53 PM (#2355581)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: Steve Gardham

What a brilliant idea to appoint someone who has strong links with the past and enormous experience, with someone who is a great ambassador and representative of the new wave as it were. Full marks. The great success the library is having must be starting to rub off on the executive.

02 Jun 08 - 05:57 PM (#2355584)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: Bonnie Shaljean

Glad to hear it. Best of luck and congratulations to both of them.

02 Jun 08 - 06:05 PM (#2355590)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: Surreysinger

And to add to Derek's list of singers and musicians who have been Presidents of the Society, Irishenglish, Lucy Broadwood should also be added - she was both singer, pianist ( a well known accompanist) and composer as well as collector and researcher (and Ralph Vaughan Williams' immediate predecessor in the post).

Re the current nominations ... congratulations from me as well ... both very well deserved and extremely good choices.

02 Jun 08 - 06:10 PM (#2355597)
Subject: RE: EFDSS Presidential Nominations
From: Surreysinger

Oh whoops ...more haste, less speed - put it down to tiredness. Strictly speaking Lucy wasn't a President of the EFDSS - she was president of the Folk Song Society, which was the predecessor of the EFDSS - Vaughan Williams succeeded her in that post ... but she was part of the long line that leads down to this month's nominations !! And they're still well deserved and good choices [grins]