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BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams

11 Jun 08 - 02:08 PM (#2363418)
Subject: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

I got this one today.


SIR/MADAM, SCAMMED VICTIM/ $100,000 BENEFICIARIES.REF/PAYMENTS CODE: ECB/06654 $100,000 USD. This is to bring to your notice that we are delegated from the UNITEDNATIONS in Central Bank to pay 150 victims of scam $100,000 USD (OneHundred Thousand Dollars) each. You are listed and approved for thispayment as one of the scammed victims to be paid this amount, get back tothis office as soon as possible for the immediate payments of your$100,000 USD compensations funds. Send a copy of your response to official email: NAME: ROLAND IYAMAH.SCAMMED VICTIM/REF/PAYMENTS CODE:ECB/02354 $100,000 USD.Email: Yours Faithfully,Mrs.Sharon Ramsey

11 Jun 08 - 02:32 PM (#2363449)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: PoppaGator


I'm sure that there is someone out there stupid enough to fall victim to this...

11 Jun 08 - 02:35 PM (#2363450)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

Only an English-as-a-Twentieth Language person.

11 Jun 08 - 02:38 PM (#2363460)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

"Mrs.Sharon Ramsey"

Any connection to the condom manufacturers? Hope so, because for sure some idiot will get fu#ked by this!

11 Jun 08 - 03:11 PM (#2363490)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: John on the Sunset Coast

I love it! Oh the Chutzpah! Scamming piggybacked on another scam.
I have a tummy ache from the laughter.

11 Jun 08 - 03:16 PM (#2363495)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

Tell us your bank account number and we will cure your tummy ache . . . .

11 Jun 08 - 03:44 PM (#2363537)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

You are also all invited to send in applications for the as-yet-untouched Deep Pockets From Nothing Government Fund for the Compensation of Scam Survivors. THis fund is authorized to pay to any survivor of a Nigerian scam or related scam attempt compensation up to $250,000 US for keyboard wear, personal stress, emotional distress, alienation of affection for all things Nigerian, and eyestrain caused by reading convoluted second-rate epictles seeking to bilk you ouot of your hard-earned dollars. The fund is originally established by the National Public Relations Department of the Government of Nigeria, and a per centage of all oil revenues from the recently discovered oil reserves in Nigeria has been earmarked for this charitable recompensation.

To claim your compensation, please send financial details to Ms. ALicia Nguri-Jones at "".


Say, this is kind of fun!!!


12 Jun 08 - 12:37 PM (#2364302)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Sorry, Peace, that's Rameses.

12 Jun 08 - 12:58 PM (#2364317)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: GUEST,Greycap

Oh, Nigeria, where art thou?

12 Jun 08 - 01:00 PM (#2364318)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

"Sorry, Peace, that's Rameses."


12 Jun 08 - 01:45 PM (#2364357)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Actually "R-a-m-s-e-s". Ask the man who once owned one....


12 Jun 08 - 04:57 PM (#2364545)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Arnie

Well, you would think no-one would be stupid enough to fall for these scams, but on UK radio this week they interviewed a British woman who believed that she'd won the Spanish lottery. Naturally she had to pay taxes etc. to get the millions of Euros out of Spain. It was only after she'd made a few payments, amounting to £50,000 that she learned it was a Nigerian scam! I think she'd been to Spain on holiday and may have bought a lottery ticket, so the scammers just got lucky. Obviously cases like this make it worthwhile for the scammers to keep on sending out their ludicrous messages.

12 Jun 08 - 05:07 PM (#2364555)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

We have the same sort of thing in Canada. It's called Income Tax.

14 Jun 08 - 10:15 AM (#2365788)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Arnie

Thought I'd refresh this thread as, further to my message about the woman sending off £50,000 to Spain, the Spanish police yesterday arrested 51 Nigerians residing in Spain who are thought to have made appprox £32 million out of the Spanish lottery scam. Think I'll offer them my magic 'Get out of jail free' card for a small fee.....

14 Jun 08 - 01:35 PM (#2365894)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Go for it Arnie! Maybe they'll buy in. Don't forget to get their tax ID numbers and bank account numbers.

01 Jul 08 - 09:35 PM (#2378740)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

This is one I never saw before. I have to refute my own death to save a bank account I did not know I had--located in "Edinburgh, London, England". A curse on Rick Jones, who told them I was gone!!!!


From the desk of:
Mr.Frank Ward
Foreign Operation/Remittance Manager
Bank of Scotland,
41 South Gyle Crescent
Edinburgh, EH12 0BR , London
England .UK
Attention: BeneficiaryÊ Amos H. Jessup
In the course of our General Auditing and Account revision of the first quarter of the year 2008 ending within few days from now, we discovered that the Bank Accounts belonging to some Benefactors have been changed on the basis that the owners have died some time last year or have given out an authorization note of change of data.
After the investigations however, it was revealed that there are Foreigners who are collaborating with Retired Staffs to make these changes illegally without the knowledge of the Bonafide Benefactors and one traced to your own change is this Mr Rick Jones who said you are dead, hence they have forwarded some documents of funeral service held for you so as to divert your fund.
They have also forwarded this bank account below as the new account that will receive this money.
Bank: Hang Seng Bank
Bank Address: 83 Des Veoux Road , Central - Hong Kong
Account Name: Rick Jones
Account Number: 235-325172-882
Bank Code: 024
Swift Code: HASEHKHH

But we wanted to confirm if actually this is true and hence decided to write to your email address which after 2 days from now and there is no response, we will then know that you are dead indeed and go on with the transfer.

If proved otherwise by you that you did not die, please forward to us all the related Benefactors particulars including your Telephone number,contact address.

These details from you will help to assist us reach a conclusion that you are not dead.
Anything contrary to this claim will help us charge this man to court and prosecute him while your fund will be paid to you immediately without any further delay.

You have to get back to us on time for us to commence legal proceedings against Mr. Rick Jones and his accomplices.

Yours Faithfully.
Mr. Frank ward
Remittance/Foreign Operation Manager
Bank of Scotland, Isle of Man
London Uk
Ph: 00 44 70240 6994 1234

01 Jul 08 - 10:04 PM (#2378753)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Celtaddict

They keep trying to add new wrinkles. I received one today purporting to be from the FBI asking my help in capturing Nigerian scam operators; naturally, the English, spelling, and punctuation were erratic, but they did need my bank information; they assured me this would allow them to deposit the reward for my assistance.

02 Jul 08 - 12:07 AM (#2378815)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: The Fooles Troupe

Tried to create a new thread, but it would not take...

so will put it here for the moment..
SMS death threat text scam

Police warn of death threat text scam
July 2, 2008, 12:30 pm

Queensland Police are warning of a text message scam in which recipients are told they'll be killed unless they pay $5,000.

Police on Wednesday said thousands of mobile users nationwide had already received the threatening text message.

It reads: "Someone paid me to kill you. If you want me to spare you, I give you two days to pay $5,000".

"If you inform the police or anybody, you will die, I am monitoring you."

It is followed by numerous other messages asking for funds to be transferred via Western Union to the name Assana Mizele Patrick.

A Yahoo! website address with the username khun19 is also mentioned.

Western Australian Police have issued a similar warning about an SMS scam in which recipients are told they'll be killed unless they pay up.

Queensland's Fraud and Corporate Crimes Group Superintendent Brian Hay said mobile users should not be alarmed if they receive the SMS and should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

"In order to protect Australian consumers, Western Union have advised that they have blocked the transfer of all funds to the name stated in the text message. However, the scammers may change the name," Supt Hay said.

02 Jul 08 - 12:14 AM (#2378818)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: The Fooles Troupe

PS - the Police also say to NOT reply to the SMS - it only confirms that your phone is working. They want people to report and show them the SMS details to help with the case.

02 Jul 08 - 08:07 AM (#2378984)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: A Wandering Minstrel


dare you to write back explaining that you are in fact dead but that your executors have found a huge sum secretly hidden in a bank account and asking Mr ward to help you smuggle it to Edinburgh in London :) for a cut of the proceeds!

02 Jul 08 - 06:07 PM (#2379529)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: GUEST,beachcomber

Have you heard about the GAA Official in S.E Ireland who, according to some press reporters, was taken in by a ' Nigerian Scam'except that it was some GAA money that went missing ? If some one clever enough to be elected to high office by a National Organisation could fall for such gibberish there is no hope for poor Ireland I'm afraid.

13 Jul 08 - 09:33 PM (#2388118)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Stilly River Sage

Here's one, supposedly from Oman this time. Poor guy, how can you not help but feel sorry and respond immediately? If there is someone who would like to take up this good work, feel free, I have included his contact information:

    From: "Mr. David Ibrahim" ...
    To: undisclosed-recipients@null, null@null
    Subject: Reply Soon !
    Date: Jul 13, 2008 2:15 PM
    My name is David Ibrahim, a merchant in Oman. I have recently been
    diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, which has defiled all medical
    treatment. Expert diagnosis has shown that I have few months to live.

    The intention of this email is to employ the expertise of a business
    entrepreneur, who can identify a viable investment and guarantee
    reasonable returns on my wealth. This is to secure a future for my 4
    years old son who lost his mother during birth. I cannot rely on his
    closest relatives any more, as they did not show responsible behaviour
    two years ago when I entrusted half of my wealth to them to invest on
    his behalf. They thought I wouldn’t survive the operation and then
    used the money for their personal needs.

    To prevent any more mishaps, my attorney will act as a check,
    monitoring every aspect of the investment. Funds should be split in
    half and distributed to charity organisation and the other half, as
    investment for my son.

    If this interests you, please reach me on the email address: to discuss terms and compensation.

    Kind regard
    David Ibrahim

    This email may contain information which is confidential and/or
    privileged. The information is intendedsolely for the use of the
    individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipiet
    be awarethat any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents is
    prohibited. If you have received this electronic transmission in error,
    please notify the sender bytelephone or return email and delete the
    material from your computer.

Be A Golfer?

28 Jul 08 - 12:30 AM (#2399168)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Joe Offer

    Hello Friend!
    From: 2008 Youth Conference Invitation (
    You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe
    Sent:Sun 7/27/08 9:17 PM

    Goodday friend,
    My name is Elizerbeth Kimberly, a Kenyan born based in England. I got your contact from during my online search for friends. I work in my organization as a Youth director and also for the U.N.H.C.R as Staff in the refugee department, and also served the World vision as director to Canada two years ago. I love making Friends from around the world, most especially honest individuals. I would love to meet you in person to know how best we can uplift the plight of children and youths in the less developed countries in Africa and Asia and see how best we can make the world a better place to live in. It is my pleasure to tell you that there is a youth Conference coming up soon both in the West Africa(Nigeria) and United State of America (USA)respectively between September 14th - 27th 2008..
    The Theme for this conference is "Anti-terrorism, HIV/AIDS awareness and child Labor". This conferences are Free, the Sponsors will be responsible for your flight air ticket, both in the Africa (Nigeria) and USA. You don't need to worry about Visa because the Conference committee /sponsors will also be responsible for your Visa after your application must have been accepted and granted. This conference is sponsored annually by UNICEF, USAID, WHO, UNESCO, the United Nations Security Council(UNSC) and First Ladies of Presidents of United Nations.For participation, all you have to do is to WRITE AN APPLICATION LETTER to the Conference Office telling them that you want to attend the youth Conferences that will be taking place in both Nigeria and USA. Once your application is accepted the conference participation form will be sent to you. Only recommended applicants from the conference head office or sponsors are to be given the opportunity to participate. send your interest by writing an application letter to the G.Y.C Application Office with the email below. G.Y.C APPLICATION OFFICEEMAIL- gyc2008_applications@live.comPhone: +44-704-577-6264, +44-703-194-9403 MR. RAYMOND is the Name of the man handling the applications. Just tell him that I recommended you to him to enable him give attention to your application. Don't forget to include my name and email ( your application letter. I will be away for 2 weeks for an official assignment in Poland. If you have any enquiry please do send it to my Private email below.
    I will love to see you there, God bless you. Have a nice day. Yours friend
    Mrs. Elizerbeth Kimberly
Now, look at that! Free plane fare to Nigeria and my visa taken care of! How can I lose? After all, "this conferences are free."


08 Aug 08 - 08:26 PM (#2408936)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Mr. Frederick Chu

I am Mr. Frederick Chu, do permit me to have introduced myself briefly, I
Am Head of Private Banking, SHANGHAI COMMERCIAL BANK. I know it may seem
Improper to introduce myself this way and more importantly via mail but I
have just considered it faster and safe means of communication. Do not be
amazed by this mail. I am contacting you based on Trust and
confidentiality that will be attached to this transaction. The Management
and the Legal department of our BANK in a recent meeting, Recommended that
the account of Mr. Alexander H. Chiang, who was one of my branch
depositors, should be Declared dormant, confiscated and the depositor's
fund sent to the Bank Treasury. He died in world trade Center as a victim
of the September 11,2001.Incident that befall the united state of America,
the bank has made series of efforts to Contact any of the relatives to
claim this money but without success.

Mr. Alexander H. Chiang is an account holder in my branch; he owns a
Secret dollar account with the sum of Thirty Nine Million, Seven Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars Only. Since his death, no next of kin of
the Dollar account holder nor any relative of his has shown up for the
claim, this is because he has the account as a secret account thus He
left all the documents for the deposit with me. This is where I am
Interested and where I want you to come in. I want you to come in as the
Next of kin of the deceased, I will give you the relevant documents And
contacts to file the claim application and then effect the Approvals for
the transfer of the money, I will be the one to provide the Vital
documents for the claims of the money and then advise you exactly on how
we should handle it, my solicitor will handle all the legal Process and
perfect the process of the transfer of the money to you.

Please include your telephone/fax number/ Home Address when replying this
mail and I will give you more information as soon as you indicate your
willingness to assist in this transaction. We will use our positions to
get all internal documentations to back up the claims. Do not be bothered
that you are not related in any way to Him, as I am in position to affix
your name as the next of kin. The whole Procedures will last only 7
working days to get the fund Retrieved successfully without trace even in
future. After the transfer of the money we shall share the money
Sixty/Forty. That is I will have Sixty percent while you will have Forty


Yours Truly,
Mr. Frederick Chu

08 Aug 08 - 08:36 PM (#2408947)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

We go be RICH!

08 Aug 08 - 08:38 PM (#2408949)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Peace

I looked again. Maybe not.

09 Aug 08 - 05:50 AM (#2409136)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: eddie1

I have been the recipient of some of these scams in the past and have always ignored them but a few days ago I received this:

Dear friend,

Though I have not considered this medium to be the best manner to have
approached you on this issue being that the Internet has been greatly abused
over the recent years and is very unsecured for informations of vital
importance. I have decided to take the chance seeing that no other means
could have been faster and more efficient than the E-mail. I am Mr. Terry
Wan, the Head Of Operations of the HANG SENG BANK. I am contacting you
concerning a deceased customer and an investment he placed under our banks
management four years ago. Gen. Aadel Akgaal Bastaan who was with the Iraqi
forces and also businessman made a numbered fixed deposit for 18 calendar
months, with a value of Twenty Four Million Five Hundred Thousand united
State Dollars only in my branch.

Upon maturity several notices was sent to him, We later found out that the
General along with his wife and only daughter had been killed during the war
in a bomb blast that hit their home in Iraq. legislation in Hong Kong demand
that I notify the fiscal authorities after five years. The above set of
facts underscores my reason to seek your permission to have you stand as the
next of kin to the deceased investor. This funds will be approved and
released in your favour as the next of kin if only you will adhere to my
instruction and cooperate with me in one accord as the sole originator of
this deal.

I assure you that I have had everything planned out so that we shall come
out successful. There is no risk involved at all in this matter, as we are
going to adopt a legalized method. Being a foreigner and a friend and a
business partner to be I am prepared to place you in a position to instruct
my bank to release the deposit to you as the closest surviving relation. I
have all the legal and Banking details of my deceased client that will
facilitate our putting you forward as the claimant/beneficiary of the funds
and ultimately transfer of the funds to you. Once the funds is transferred
to your personal account we share the proceeds 50% each.

Should you be interested in my proposal, I prefer you reach me on my private
e-mail address below:


I also ask that if my offer is of no appeal to you delete this message and
forget I ever contacted you.Please observe this instruction religiously.

Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.
Sincere regards,

Obviously it's not a Nigerian Scam, he's in Hong Kong.
He is warning me about such things on the Internet.
He is a religious man. (God Bless!)
He has sent me his PRIVATE e-mail address.
There is no risk to me cause he's going to adopt a "legalized method".

Looks like I'm in for a lot of money but I will share it with all 'Catters who send me their full bank details, details of how to get in touch with their girlfriends or a pre-war Martin!


09 Aug 08 - 09:22 AM (#2409215)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: frogprince

The ones I've been getting all claim to be folks with some legitimate right to the millions involved, asking for assistance from some kind soul. These last two are blatent appeals to people with more criminal instincts than intelligence. I love the concept of obvious fraud by "legalized method", with "no risk at all involved".

22 Aug 08 - 10:32 AM (#2420068)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

We hereby bring to your notice that our record shows that your fund,Three Million,Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars(US$3.7M) is on HOLD and awaits clearance before it can be remitted to you due to security reasons.

This is as a result of the United States of America security measured put in place to avert and combat any form of terrorism,money laundry through the sale of illegal drugs locally and internationally.

Our records shows that your fund is originally from the United Kingdom,due to bilateral relationship between both countries your fund was remitted to us by a registered private attorney through the British financial security department to ensure that all legality was met.

Consequently,this has made your fund to be on hold in other that due process was observed.

You are hereby advise to contact us with the following details stated below;

Full Names and Residential Address:


Date of Birth:

Telephone and Mobile Numbers:

As soon as we receive the information will commence the process of releasing your fund after observing all necessary laws of the United States of America.

We await your swift response.


Fred L. Schwien
Executive Secretary/Executive Director for Operations and Administration.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    America's Goal. Our Mission. Work with the Best.

02 Sep 08 - 10:01 AM (#2428708)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Here's a beaut! Gimme a break.


I am Mrs.Marina Litvinenko,wife of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian security officer who died in a London hospital after apparently being poisoned with the highly-toxic metal thallium by Mr Lugovoi,a Russian Government Paid agent.

Please I want you to assist in donating and distributing these funds to charity in your region on behalf of my humbleself, I shall be presenting the said funds (USD$3.5M) to you which was given to my husband before his death by Mr Berezovsky,A Russian Billionaire, Who he saved his life by exposing the plot against him.

The Funds are deposited with a Financial firm in Europe and I will want this funds for charity purpose in your region and with your assistance,
As i come to realise that all things are vanity when you are not helping others.

Get back to me via My E-Mail:

Best Regards,
Mrs.Marina Litvinenko

05 Sep 08 - 11:59 PM (#2432369)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos


Dear Publisher's Clearing House Beneficiary,

We the Board of Directors for Publisher's Clearing House(UK) official organizers of the Publisher's Clearing House Giveaway Program submits your notice that you are the lucky winner and beneficiary of the just concluded giveaway prize of £ 2,910,000.00 GB Pounds(Two Million Nine Hundred & Ten Thousand Great Britain Pounds Sterling) with the Giveaway #- 13101, Batch # - PCH/008-13101, Ref. # - 012057-SSL. To file for your claims, please follow below instruction:

*Required Details: Complete Names, Contact Address, Country, Telephone#, Mobile#, Email, Occupation, Sex, Marital Status.
*Amount Won:
*Giveaway Number:
*Batch Number:
*Reference Number:

PCH REMITTANCE OFFICER: Mr. Button Korman Campbell
OFFICE ADDRESS: 8 Shears Road, Brockton, London W4C 7ER

Please note that the information require will not be furnished to any third party and will be used for the purpose required.

Warmest Congratulations,
Mrs. Mary Ann Pardue
Online Coordinator

08 Sep 08 - 12:39 PM (#2434230)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: GUEST,B Harte

Some years ago, I used to get a lot of these things (having put some details - qualifications and the like - on a Recruitment site run by a national newspaper in the UK). I set up a new E-Mail account on Yahoo, and transferred the original messages to that; can't quite recall how I did it, but it was possible to store all these scam E-Mails as "drafts", and then it was comparatively simple to put them all in touch with one another. In fact, it was even possible by this method to edit the originals, and I remember one which even had a photograph supposedly of some chief of a Nigerian bank. Having been contacted by numerous widows whose politician husbands had supposedly been done in by Mugabe, I then contacted them with this photo of a beaming, shiny-faced suitor and made all kinds of overtures;

"Hi there, honey, Ah is sho' nuff taken wid yo kind words, and yo jes be gittin yo cute black ass over heah...."

Not surprisingly, the junk mail has ceased.

10 Sep 08 - 03:35 PM (#2436570)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Got another new one today! They've certainly got brass kishkes.

The organizing committee for International Forum on the 2008 Beijing OlympicGamesAddress to contact£ºRoom 511 New library of RUC   The organizers of the Beijing Olympics lottery following the crash of theonline booking system of the third phase -- from April to August,which forcedthe suspension of sales of the first 1.6 million tickets were allocated after alottery earlier this year has decided to disburse the funds to email accountholders after a successfully draws which was conducted by a random selection ofemail addresses from an exclusive list of 100,000,000.00 E-mail addressesusers picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. Your email address is among the (30) Thirty Lucky winners who won£150,000.00(One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) cash, to be paid through one of the following payment options, (A)CHEQUE (B) BANK TRANSFER.However, no tickets were sold but all email addresseswere assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. Theselection process was carried out through random selection in our computerizedemail selection machine (TOPAZ) from a database of over 250,000,000 emailaddresses drawn from all the continents of the world. Please note that yourlucky ticket and ballot numbers falls within our UK booklet representative(Beijing Olympics lottery office) in UK. This Lottery is approved by theChinese Gaming Board and also licensed by The International Association ofGaming Regulations (IAGR).For security reasons your winning amount has beeninsured and will be released for payment by THE INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY BOARDafter datas clearification and verification. For claims processing and remittance of your prize money to you, please contactour representative in UK Mr.Santos Rai . Call him immediately you receive thisnotification and furnish him with your datas in the order stated below via hisemail address and also send to him any of your identification copy, either yourinternational passport or National identity card for the processing: WINNERS INFORMATIONS1. FULL NAMES:2. ADDRESS:3. SEX:4. AGE:5. MARITAL STATUS:6.OCCUPATION:7. TELEPHONE NO :8. FAX NUMBER:9. E-MAIL ADDRESS:10. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Mr.Santos Rai(Claims/Customer Service Department)United Kingdom RepresentativeEmail:ukrbol@gmail.comTel:+44 70359 32524Tel:+44 70359 33956Fax:44-7006-090-938 Please note that processing and disbursement of przes are on a first-come-first-served basis!You are to keep all Beijing Olympics lottery information away from the familymembers,friends and the general public untilyour claim has been processed and your cash remitted to your desired OPTION OFPAYMENT as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming orunscrupulous acts by nonparticipants taking advantage of this programme-This isvery important, as double claiming will not be entertained and will result todisqualification! CONGRATULATIONS! once again from all staff and board members. Yours faithfully,Mr.Jie Yang(Online Coordinator)Beijing Olympics lottery© 2008 Beijing Olympics lottery

13 Sep 08 - 04:56 PM (#2439424)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Dear Friend,

I did not forgot your past effort and attemps to assist me, now I am happy to inform you that i have suceeded in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner presently in Japan on investment negotiation.

Now Contact my secretary ask him for($850.000.00)for your compensation,clerical Personnel incharge Mr.Kofi Chukwu,E-mail:( (229)93 23 26 09

1,Your Full Name..........

2,Delivery Address........

3,Phone Number............

4,Email Address...........

Dr.George Olekamma.

14 Sep 08 - 03:50 AM (#2439814)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Sandra in Sydney

how about a phishing email?

I delayed my usual automatic deletion to write down the sender's name 'cos it included their email address! Usually I have to open an email to see the email address.


I wonder if any BankWest customers answered this email, I also wonder why the email address appeared with the name in the inbox. Something must have gone wrong when they registered the address.

sandra (not a BankWest customer)

14 Sep 08 - 04:30 PM (#2440242)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: CamiSu

Yesterday I heard a program about scamming the scammers about these guys who sent this one scammer(A)to Chad w/o extra clothes and managed to keep him there for WEEKS! Told him if he joined this church they would give him $200,000 to start a new church. A few months after he(A) got back from his adventure, he was after one of the reverse scammers(B) again, telling him(B) to send him(A) money instead of paying for his daughter's medical treatments. After (B) played with him some more (A) began to suspect and even accused (B) of being the one who lured him to Chad. Funny thing was that (A) thought (B) was from Africa.

I have never gotten one of these messages but once, years ago.


14 Sep 08 - 05:31 PM (#2440298)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Donuel

The double reverse scamming of sammers is poetic justice but it is not justice enough

18 Sep 08 - 01:07 AM (#2443729)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: CamiSu

They sent this guy almost to Darfur, with no money, no clothes. I mean, he could have gotten killed, and then he's back doing it again as soon as he gets home!

22 Sep 08 - 09:51 PM (#2447783)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

You would think they would learn that "Nigeria" is a sure tipoff and that using a "" email addy is another. Sheesh.

"I have a new email address!
You can now email me at:
Your Payment
- Contact the World Bank Group For Your Payment You are hereby informed that the Nigerian government had decided to pay all her creditors through the WORLD BANK GROUP, London United Kingdom, based on memorandum of understanding reached between us and the World Bank for a success of your payment. Right now, we had forwarded to them your name as among the beneficiaries who should be paid without delay. So, you are hereby advised to reach them via their contact details for they mighty not have enough time to reach you in time and also accord them maximum cooperation for effective payment, and forward to them your banking and payment details as well a copy of your personal identification. See their details below: WORLDBANK GROUP LONDON UK (Monetary Unit) Address: New Zealand House, Haymarket, London SW1Y4T England, UK. Tel: +44 702 407 0970 Fax: 44 700 580 3117 E-mail: Contact the director of external remittance, monetary unit World Bank Group London. Mr. Thomas Brown Private E-mail:"

23 Sep 08 - 12:08 PM (#2448212)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Mark Ross

The newest scam I heard on the news last night; Fellow calls an elderly lady and says, "This is your grandson. Can you guess which one?". After mistaking him for one of them and saying a name, the guy says "I'm in jail in Canada, I need 5200 dollars to get out. Can you send me the money?" She does, and now she's out 5400(if you include the fees). Damn all those who would prey on the poor and gullible. Why don't they go after CEO's?

Mark Ross

23 Sep 08 - 12:41 PM (#2448251)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Well, CEOs are a harder sell, of course, but Paulson is giving it his best shot.


30 Sep 08 - 12:41 AM (#2453484)
Subject: Scam from FedEx West Africa
From: Joe Offer

I got this one today. It can't be legit, though - it doesn't say "God bless you" at the end...

Notification From FedEx
From: FedEx West Africa (
You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe
Sent:Mon 9/29/08 3:29 PM


Contact us back with the below information for the delivery of your cheque of $800,000.00 ( Eight Hundred Thousand) usd.
First name:
Last Name:


Regards,FedEx Award Team.

30 Oct 08 - 08:33 AM (#2479804)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Here's one posing as Geek Central, but when you view source you learn the link shown is actually to '', a domain somewhere, presumably, in Taiwan or SIngapore.

"Dear Network Solutions Customer,

We recently notified you that the registration period for your Network Solutions domain name had expired. As a benefit of having previously registered a domain name(s) with Network Solutions, you are eligible to receive a percentage of the net proceeds that were generated from the renewal and transfer of the domain name you chose not to renew. Since you have chosen not to renew the domain name listed below during the applicable grace period, we were successful in securing a backorder for this domain name on your behalf and it has been transferred to another party in accordance with the Service Agreement.

Renew your domain now -

You must click on the following link, enter your domain name, and confirm your contact information in order to claim these funds. If your contact information is not correct, you must enter Account Manager and make the appropriate changes prior to clicking "submit" from the confirmation screen. If you do not do this, you will be confirming inaccurate information and will not receive any payment. Checks will only be made payable and mailed to the Account Holder of record.


Network Solutions® Customer Support "

30 Oct 08 - 12:23 PM (#2479984)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Doktor Doktor

Great stuff -- is a great source of amusement & comfort!

30 Oct 08 - 03:55 PM (#2480205)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Wow--these guys are getting TOO clever!!

"Dear Network Solutions® Customer,

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008 20:31:23 +0100 we received a third party complaint of invalid domain contact information in the Whois database for this domain Whenever we receive a complaint, we are required by ICANN regulations to initiate an investigation as to whether the contact data displaying in the Whois database is valid data or not. If we find that there is invalid or missing data, we contact both the registrant and the account holder and inform them to update the information.

Please note: ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations state that the WHOIS Administrative Contact may initiate and approve domain name registration transfers from your Network Solutions account to other Registrars. If you are not listed as the WHOIS Administrative Contact a transfer can occur without your knowledge if Domain Protect is not enabled for the domain name registrations listed above.

To change the WHOIS Administrative Contact Information for any of your domains, please login to Account Manager:

1. Log in to Account Manager at:
2. Click on the "Profile & Accounts" tab in the left navigation menu to be taken to a page listing your account details.
3. Click on "Accounts" and select the account you wish to edit.
4. Click "View/Edit WHOIS Contacts" to make your updates.

If you believe someone requested this change without your consent, please contact Customer Service.

If you would like to order additional services or to update your account, please visit us online.

Thank you for choosing Network Solutions. We are committed to providing you with the solutions, services, and support to help you succeed online.

Network Solutions® Customer Support "

However, in this one, viewing source reveals the alleged link to network solutions actually goes to the bogus site, which gawd knows what or who is. I'm not going to bother finding out, although I could easily enough.

This is a funny con, following up on the earlier scam from a different scam-site. Reminds me of Paul Newman in The Sting.


31 Oct 08 - 01:06 PM (#2480966)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Bernard

What about this one...

From: henry borode []
Sent: October 30 2008 13:40
Subject: Enquiry

    I am henry borode by name.i was surfing
the net for (Equipment) and came across your store.i will like to
place an order in your store.Currently i am in Nigeria for
business supplies.i dont have the means of making i will tell my
client who is owing me who reside in the UK to send you a cashiers
cheque or wire transfer as a means of making payment.get
back to me if you want to sell

The address '' is nothing to do with us, and is probably bogus/spoofed.

Sounds like the perfect business opportunity...!!

03 Nov 08 - 09:15 AM (#2483220)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

NOw the RUssians are getting into the act:

"Dear user,

On Sat, 1 Nov 2008 18:09:45 +0100 we received a third party complaint of invalid domain contact information in the Whois database for this domain. Whenever we receive a complaint, we are required by ICANN regulations to initiate an investigation as to whether the contact data displaying in the Whois database is valid data or not. If we find that there is invalid or missing data, we contact both the registrant and the account holder and inform them to update the information.

The contact information for the domain which displayed in the Whois database was indeed invalid. On Sat, 1 Nov 2008 18:09:45 +0100 we sent a notice to you at the admin/tech contact email address and the account email address informing you of invalid data in breach of the domain registration agreement and advising you to update the information or risk cancellation of the domain. The contact information was not updated within the specified period of time and we canceled the domain. The domain has subsequently been purchased by another party. You will need to contact them for any further inquiries regarding the domain.


If you find any invalid contact information for this domain, please respond to this email with evidence of the specific contact information you have found to be invalid on the Whois record for the domain name. Examples would be a bounced email or returned postal mail. If you have a bounced email, please attach or forward with your reply or in the case of returned postal mail, scan the returned letter and attach to your email reply or please send it to:

Attn: Domain Services 14455 N Hayden Rd Suite 219 Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Thank you,
Domain Services


The actual link disguided as ENOM.COM goes back to a domain called "SYS43.RU".


13 Nov 08 - 11:25 AM (#2492803)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos

Can you spare $500? Nigerian scammers turn to Facebook
By Jacqui Cheng | Published: November 11, 2008 - 06:25PM CT

"Everyone is getting onto Facebook these days—even Nigerian scammers. The social networking site is falling victim lately to Nigerian scammers weaseling their way into registered users' accounts and then spamming their friends with requests for money. While the Facebook crowd tends to be younger and more Internet-savvy than most, the new tactic could be dangerous, as it makes users believe that the requests are coming from their own peers.

One example that has come to light recently is from Karina Wells of Sydney, Australia. She told the Sydney Morning Herald that she received a message on Facebook from a friend saying he was stranded in Nigeria and needed to borrow $500 for a ticket home. For most people, it wouldn't take much to try and help out a friend in need (assuming you had the funds). However, Wells hesitated because her "friend" had begun to use different language than she was used to—not to mention that people don't just randomly get stranded in Nigeria?—and avoided turning into a victim.

Wells was smart, and many of us like to think we would be, too, but there are sure to be throngs of other Facebook users who will try to reach out to a friend and end up getting scammed.

Why's that? Because scammers exploiting social networking sites for their own nefarious purposes isn't a new phenomenon. With social networking growing in popularity, it's only natural that scammers would turn their attention to Facebook, MySpace, and their brethren. It's not uncommon to receive messages or comments on MySpace, for example, that seem to be from your "friends" but are actually links to spam, porn, and other third-party affiliates. Scammers usually manage to gain access to people's accounts using the same old phishing techniques used in e-mail—by tempting someone to click on a link to another site and handing over their login credentials.

Nigerian scams have been around a long time, and perpetrators have had little difficulty finding new, gullible targets. Nigerian high commissioner Sunday Olu Agbi defends his country, insisting that fewer than 0.1 percent of Nigeria's population is involved in 419 scams, going so far as to say that victims are just as greedy as the scammers.

Many users have been conditioned to treat the contents of their inboxes with extreme suspicion, which is a good thing. What's clear from the increasing amount of suspicious activity on the likes of Facebook is that users of social networking sites are going to need to be just as wary. And if by some strange turn of events you find yourself stranded in Lagos, pick up a phone and don't rely on Facebook or MySpace to raise funds for your flight home. "

(Ars Technica)

20 Nov 08 - 05:53 PM (#2498831)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams


05 Apr 09 - 05:01 PM (#2605202)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Boy, talk about Slimeballs--This one's telling me it's legal to commit a felony at the expense of my Landsmen!

I am John Wild, I represent a top company executive in the United States,Ruth Madoff wife of Bernard Madoff the disgraced money manager and CEO ofMadoff Securities presently facing chargesof a USD$50 Billion Dollar scam in the United States, his business victimsincludes major Oil Companies, Construction Companies, Banks and top figuresarround the United States etc. I have a very sensitive and private brief from this top executive wife"Ruth Madoff" to ask for your partnership to re-profile funds over USD$15,000,000.00 I will give the details, but in summary, the fund is living aSecurity Company in Western Europe. This is a legitimate transaction but needs 100% confidentiality from youbecause of the dire sensitivity of the case at hand. You will be paid 40% ofthis fund for your proposed "Management Fees", to assist her to re-profilethese funds appropriately to a new investment location if Iam able to reach terms with you. If you are interested, please write backimmediately and I will provide further details. Please keep this close to your chest as much as possible; we can not affordto solve the problem if this issue blows up. Write me back immediately as Ilook forward to it.

19 Apr 09 - 08:25 AM (#2614338)
Subject: BS: Helping 'Our Boys' ?
From: Leadfingers

I've had Nigerians , FBI s and all sorts - What about this one I have just received ?

I am SGT Joey Jones, with the US Army in Iraq, we have about 20 Million United States Dollars and we want to move the funds out of the Country. Please respond for further instructions if interested. Your Buddy. SGT Joey Jones.

If any one wants to help Joey , I can let you have the reply address !

19 Apr 09 - 12:42 PM (#2614453)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

The line from "Prizzi's Honor" says it best: "The Prizzi's have no honor, only money."

06 Jun 09 - 04:38 PM (#2650174)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Here's a funny one I got this week.

Please,confirm if you are dead as applied for.This is very urgent.There is a deal now......ATM CARD payment for US$10Million was approved in your name.Reply now for details/Call me with my telephone number +234-708-4322-464þ
From: Spraci Com,Sydney,,ETALK,zDAGN ( on behalf of Alex Gajira (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Wed 6/03/09 9:14 PM

16 Jul 09 - 11:53 PM (#2681928)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Here's one I got today.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Chief Odo Nana,from Effiduase Village in Obuasi, Ghana- West Africa. Actually, I am traditional Chief here in Ghana governing the Village of Obuasi where I have many hectare of land of Gold, inherited by my grandfathers.

We have managed to dig out about this 200 KG which I wanted to use your assistance to sell in your country. I will advise you to look for more buyer because we are try to expand our mining strategy, that means we are trying to purchase a mining equipment which will be more easier after selling this 200 KG We have been selling to people who sell out to foreigners but I have discover that they are cheating us, that was why I decided to look for Direct buyers or foreign partner who will assist me in the selling of the product so that we can go into a long business relationship.

I have made the entire necessary enquiry for the shipment through a legal procedure here in Ghana, I wait to hear from you so that I can send you FCO which will enable us to move ahead. In your reply mail please add your phone number for calling,

My regards to your family.

Cheif Odo Nana.

28 Oct 10 - 11:35 AM (#3017764)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Oaklet

Oh Cack....if I don't claim my money in 72 hours I'm going to be arrested and jailed for money-laundering by Robert S Mueller the Third.....

Anti-Terrorist And Monetary Crimes Division
FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
J.Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nw Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Attention:Funds Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that it has come to the notice of the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) that the sum of $10.5 million united states dollars were

transferred from the central bank of Nigeria to the bank of America here in the united states, bearing your name as the beneficiary.
We did not believe this at first until we saw the transfer, then we had no other option than to place the funds on hold until you are able to prove to us that

you are not a terrorist or a money launderer, by obtaining what is called a diplomatic immunity seal of transfer certificate from the funds originated country.
Note that we have done a proper investigation on this transaction and from our investigation, this funds truly belongs to you and it is not a scam, but we have

instructed the bank of America not to release the $10.5 million to you until you prove the legitimacy of the funds you are about to receive.
As a matter of fact, you will be charged for money laundering and terrorism, if you fail to prove to us that you are not a terrorist or a money launderer by

obtaining the above mentioned certificate from the funds originated country,and if you are found guilty as charged, you will go to jail.
You have just only 72 hours to prove to us you are not a terrorist, failure to comply with our instruction, you will be arrested and detained until this matter

is settled. Meanwhile we have your full contact address which makes it easier for us to arrest you when ever we want to.
We are going to direct you on how to obtain the required document from the funds originated country in our next email to you, and your $10.5 million will be

released to you as soon as the required document is obtained.
Therefore you have been advised to get back to us immediately you receive this email or you will be arrested by the FBI, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

For more information's and quick response, reply back to us through this email address:

Mr. Robert S. Mueller, III
Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

10 Nov 10 - 03:08 AM (#3028122)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: JohnInKansas


(Well at least one of the original ones.)

Nigerian Sentenced in Million Dollar Email Fraud Scheme

updated 10/25/2010 3:48:10 PM ET

A 31-year-old Nigerian citizen has been sentenced to more than 12 years in U.S. federal prison for taking part in an Internet "advance fee" scam and ordered to pay over $1 million to his victims, according to federal authorities.

In this type scam, also known as the classic Nigerian scam, the cybercriminal persuades a victim to pay money (an "advance fee"), usually via Western Union, in order to get a larger sum of money – money that never materializes. The money the victim sends to the cybercrooks also vanishes. Advanced fee scams were the third most common type of scam reported to the FBI last year, according to an FBI report.

In February, a jury found Okpako Mike Diamreyan, who also lived in Accra, Ghana guilty of three counts of wire fraud stemming from the scheme, according to David Fein, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut. In addition to his prison term a federal judge last week ordered him to pay restitution in the amount of U.S. $1,021,560.74.

Authorities said they have identified 67 victims of Diamreyan's scheme and conservatively estimate that he bilked his victims out of more than $1.3 million. The case was investigated by the Defense Criminal Investigative Service of the United States Department of Defense.

From approximately August 2004 through August 2009, Diamreyan and others engaged in advance fee scams against a resident of Connecticut and others around the country. As part of the scam, Diamreyan sent a number of fraudulent email messages claiming he had a "consignment" stored in Ghana containing amounts ranging from $11.5 million to $23.4 million.

Using different identities including Prince Nana Kamokai of Sierra Leone, General Odu Kuffour of Ghana, and the Rev. Dr. Richard Camaro, airport director in Accra, Ghana, Diamreyan offered the victims 20 percent of the money if they'd help him transfer the money to the U.S. He even sent the victims fraudulent documents to persuade them that the money existed.

[end quote]

A little more (but not much) at the link.

Somebody might want to check whether the names he used against the prior posts on the subject - but I suppose it's only of real interest to those who bought into the scam.


10 Nov 10 - 10:32 AM (#3028311)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: EBarnacle

Regrettably, there are too many people who subscribe to magically thinking that a miracle will occur to make them rich.

15 Dec 10 - 09:49 PM (#3054451)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Amos


This Message is from (I.M.F) and Federal Ministry of Finance Burkina-Faso, This is to let you know that After the board meeting held at our headquarters yesterday,Your cheque has been cashed and the first $7,000 was sent today. We have concluded to release and effect your payment through western union $7,000 daily until the $900.000.00 is completed. the information are below:

First Payment has been send : MTCN:73-18-76-73-59 NOTE; this payment was directed to be made available in your name but you have to re-new your Payment file with the Western union as to enable them purchasing your transfer file to prevent illegal transfer before you pick it up.we instructed the western union office to keep sending you $7,000.00 daily until the payment of $900.000.00 is completed, again re-confirm your address to them by avoid sending it to wrong person so that they will be sure;

Sender Firs Name; William
Sender Last Name: Borner
Track your payment on the

Contact Person Mrs.Awa Fatou of Westen Union Agency if any problem to enable her issue to you the text question and answer so that you can pick up the amount, below email is her email address: forward her your Telephone number and address so that she will be sure.

TAKE NOTE:that because of internet hackers we ask the Western Union office not to mark the payment paid yet until you re-new and purchasing your transfer file so when track this payment it will show picked up it is from the Western Union office.

view more details about me
Currently IMF is giving out special grant on Economic empowerment program to selected corporate entities and Charitable organizations around the globe for the outstanding role and tangible performance in area of eradicating poverting and industrial empowerment.
Mr Olivier Blanchard,
IMF Grant Unit
Western Union Tel Phone:+22679028909
Mr.Olivier Blanchard

This is SO clever.    The key is emailing Ms. Awa Fatou at a domain called "" which is being presented as the correct corporate domain for a "westernunionagent" even though there is a perfectly useable domain "" mentioned in the same email.



12 Nov 14 - 08:23 PM (#3676797)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams

They're getting more complicated- think this one assumes I've already realised the original emails were a scam.
The US Border Patrol links are genuine, but if you try to contact Michael Fisher directly it goes to a website in Chinese characters.

Your Abandoned ATM Card Is Now In My Custody And Ready To Be Dispatched,‏

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Office of Border Patrol
Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, D.C.
From The Desk of: Michael J. Fisher
Chief of the Border Patrol

Attention: Beneficiary

I am pleased to inform you that your ATM Card worth Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$10.5m) sent from Nigeria as part of your overdue payment/funds was returned to our office last week from Atlanta, Georgia where it was held due to one unavailable document. According to the information reaching my desk today, the ATM Card was returned due to your failure to pay the necessary charges required by the delivery company to enable it pass through the security agency.

However, after due investigation was conducted, I found out that your ATM Card was stopped unnecessarily. Georgia office told us that your ATM Card has no INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT that was why you were told to pay huge amount of money which you did not pay. But after further investigation, it was very clear that your ATM Card has the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT attached to it therefore you will no longer pay the money you were asked to pay then. Now the only money you are required to pay is $90 only billed for NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to clear your file so that you can receive your ATM Card without further delay. Note that the Nigeria customs will process the CUSTOMS CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE and send it to us as soon as you send the money to them to enable us release your ATM Card.

Kindly reconfirm your full name, home address, I.D and direct/cell phone number so that your ATM Card will be dispatched to your preferred address immediately you send the fee to them without any delay. Be rest assured that your ATM card will be dispatched to the address you provided as soon as you send the fee for the document. Secondly, be rest assured that there will be no delay on your ATM card delivery after you send the money and the clearance document is been issued in your name by the NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE AUTHORITY.

For more information about me, kindly visit our website.

You can also contact me here,

Awaiting your timely response with the above stated details.


Michael J. Fisher

12 Nov 14 - 08:25 PM (#3676798)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Noreen

Oh- that was me, cookieless.

12 Nov 14 - 10:33 PM (#3676813)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: LadyJean

I run a very small business. Occasionally I get emails from people whose first language is definitely NOT Englilsh asking to see my merchandise, as they have opportunities for me. They go to my spam filter.

A friend of mine's husband is an immigrant. He's lived in this country for more than 40 years, has a master's degree and is fluent in English, especially cusswords.
My friend, occasionally, gets messages, usually on her answering machine, claiming that her husband owes the IRS a lot of money, or there is a warrant for his arrest and if he doesn't pay them, things will get difficult. My friend is a legal secretary and knows this is BS. She has complained to various government agencies. They all say there is nothing they can do. But a scam like this is really despicable.

13 Nov 14 - 08:13 AM (#3676875)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: GUEST,Manuel

Nigeria! Nigeria! Like thou there is none other!

13 Nov 14 - 09:54 AM (#3676899)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: GUEST,#

Reminds me of people who think they won a lottery prize even though they didn't buy a ticket.

""Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."

George Carlin

14 Nov 14 - 05:58 AM (#3677105)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: GUEST,Sol

I live strictly by he code "There is no such thing as a free lunch".

Okay, I may have missed out on the odd bona fide free sandwiches but overall I've saved myself a lot of grief.

14 Nov 14 - 08:47 AM (#3677145)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Uncle_DaveO


(Thank you, Mr. Heinlein.)

14 Nov 14 - 11:24 AM (#3677182)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: bubblyrat

I usually reply using my real name ,which is R Solster-Yew .

14 Nov 14 - 12:17 PM (#3677200)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Mr Happy

My first language is definitely NOT Englilsh - is anyone's?

10 May 16 - 02:57 PM (#3789640)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Joe Offer

I received this message today from Rev. Richard Homes. I get to help Rev. Homes battle "fraudsters," and then I'll be rich! rich! rich!!!!
    Dear Email Owner,

    This is to officially inform you that we have written to you before
    without getting respond from you and we believe that our previous mail
    did not get to you therefore we write you again.This is to inform you
    that we have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and
    scam Artists in Africa with the help of the Organization of African
    Unity (OAU) United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and FBI.We have
    been able to track down some scam artist in various parts of African
    countries which includes (Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana and
    Senegal etc) and they are all in Government custody now, they will
    appear at International Criminal Court (ICC) soon for Justice.

    During the course of investigation, they were able to recovered some
    funds from these scam artists and IMF organization have ordered the
    funds recovered to be shared among the 50 Lucky people listed around
    the World as a compensation. This notice is been directed to you
    because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file
    and computer hard-disk while the investigation, maybe you have been
    scammed. You are therefore being compensated with sum of $5,000,000
    (Five Million, United State Dollars).

    Since your email address is among the lucky beneficiaries who will
    receive a compensation funds, we have arranged your payment to be paid
    to you through ATM VISA CARD and deliver to your postal address with
    the Pin Numbers as to enable you withdrawal maximum of $10,000.00 on
    each withdrawal from any Bank ATM Machine of your choice, until all
    the funds are exhausted.The ATM Card with Security Pin Numbers shall
    be delivered to you .

    You are well aware many foreigners have invested thousands of United
    States Dollars into Africa transactions in Hopeless Dreams to have
    none of them become a reality Right now,as directed by UNITED NATION
    AND WORLD BANK (EU), We have agreed with the Nigeria Government that
    Five Million United State Dollars Only would be paid to you via ATM
    card which is cash-able in any ATM machine in anywhere in the world.
    don't forget to reconfirm your following information.

    1. Your Full Name:
    2. Address Where You want us to Send Your ATM Card
    3) Your Full Address:
    4) Your Contact Telephone and Fax No:
    5) Your Profession, Age and Marital Status:
    6) Any Valid Form of Your Identification/Driven License:

    We advice you to stop all the communications with everyone regarding
    your payment as we have short listed to deliver to you and now urge
    you to comply and receive your ATM Card funds.Thanks for your
    understanding as you follow instructions while I wait to hear from you
    today.Please send your reply to our alternative e-mail address as

    Yours in Services
    Rev. Richard.G Homes
    (HEAD DEPT: Anti scammers program).
Thank you, Rev. Homes, from the deepest depths of my heart.
-Joe Offer-

11 May 16 - 07:45 AM (#3789729)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: JHW

Nigeria fantastically corrupt says David Cameron

11 May 16 - 08:06 AM (#3789732)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Megan L

Our police recently posted on fb about fraudsters who had found a way to appear as a local number. A short time later those very nice microsft people in India phoned me(not a local number)For some reason when I asked"Are you the people our island police have been going round the doors warning us about?" the line went dead they must be having line trouble because they have never called back.

11 May 16 - 09:23 AM (#3789745)
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
From: Sandra in Sydney

my folk club received a message from Tamara16@superdon dot net
'Hello, my dear my name is Kincess Dave & I will like to have an important relationship with you' - alas I don't know what else "Kincess Dave" wrote cos my spam filter gets uneasy if I open something it has placed in the spam folder ...

I just googled 'superdon' & found it was an address on fakemailgenerator dot com - how interesting!
FAQ What is the Fake Mail Generator?
The Fake Mail Generator is a website that allows you to circumvent email confirmations by giving you a one time email address to use. Next time a site asks for your email address, give them a Fake Mail Generator address and avoid the spam that is sure to follow.

next I searched for 'Kincess Dave' & found an address kincess_dave@ (a well known ISP) on 2 anti-spam websites, one mentions Senagal, so maybe this is not a Nigerian scam, so maybe it doesn't belong here.

this is fun! what will I search for next??

nope! get back to work, sandra, stop wasting time.