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Lyr Add: The Work Song (from Maria Muldaur)

21 Jun 08 - 02:50 AM (#2371254)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE WORK SONG (Kate McGarrigle)
From: Genie

Not sure who wrote this, but Maria Muldaur sang it on her "MIdnight At the Oasis" album. Maybe not politically correct, but I've always liked the song - especially with a clunky ol' barroom piano backup.


Back before the blues were blue,
When the good old songs were new,
Songs that may no longer please us
'Bout the darkies, about Jesus,
Mississippi minstrels, color of molasses,
Strummin' on their banjos to entertain their massas --
Some said "Garbage!" Some said "Art."
You couldn't call it soul,
You had to call it heart.

Backs broke bendin', diggin' holes to plant the seeds.
The owners ate the cane and the workers ate the weeds.
Puttin' wood in the stove and water in the cup,
You worked so hard that you died standin' up.

When I was a little thing
My papa tried to make me sing.
"Home Sweet Home" and "Aura Lee" --
These are songs that my daddy taught me --
"Camptown Races" and "Susanna, Don't You Cry."
"Gentle Annie" still brings a tear to my eye.

Label it "garbage", label it "art,"
You couldn't call it soul,
You had to call it heart.


Sing me songs 'bout days gone by,
Make me laugh, make me cry.
Break my female heart in two:
Sings me songs that say "I love you,"
Lower your eyes and raise your hand up to your breast,
Sing me one about the sun a-settin' in the west.

(Sing this bridge again or just play it instrumentally.)
Label it "garbage," label it "art" -
You couldn't call it "soul,"
No, you had to call it "heart."


I haven't found it at YouTube and right now I have no turntable to play my vinyl on, but I thought I'd add the lyrics to the forum. I really do like this song.

21 Jun 08 - 02:54 AM (#2371255)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Work Song (Kate McGarrigle)
From: Genie

ETA: I just discovered that this song was written by Kate McGarrigle.