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Lyr Req: First Time at a War (Si Kahn)

21 Jun 08 - 09:12 PM (#2371688)
Subject: Lyr Add: FIRST TIME AT A WAR (Si Kahn)
From: AnneMC

Have been transcribing from the CD but need help with the second line -a word I can't get.

Si Kahn
As recorded by Si Kahn on "New Wood" (1974)

1. It snowed all night the day I left Kentucky.
The Middle Fork was choked with ice and snow.
I left sixteen years and all my friends behind me.
Somehow I had to be the first to go.
My mama baked all night before I left her.
At supper, there was not too much to say.
My daddy put his arm around my shoulder.
He said, "Son, I hope we'll see you home someday."

CHORUS: So don't you play no sad songs on the jukebox.
I've heard 'em all a hundred times before.
And excuse me if I seem a little crazy.
You see, this is my first time at a war.

2. It froze all night before we left the trenches.
The fields ahead were caked with mud and snow.
With nothing to depend on but our fortune,
I knew I'd be among the first to go.
They treat me pretty good here at the rest home.
The sheets upon my bed are snowy white.
The nurses say that supper's almost ready.
Mama, don't you set a place for me tonight. CHORUS

21 Jun 08 - 09:25 PM (#2371698)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Si Kahn - Frist Time at a war
From: Dan Schatz

Deja vu! Someone was just asking about "Wild Rose of the Mountain," and in the process of reading that thread I discovered the Si Kahn online songbook!

It's at Si's website, more specifically page 24.


22 Jun 08 - 01:30 PM (#2371966)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Si Kahn - Frist Time at a war
From: Stringsinger

Si Kahn is a great humanitarian, labor leader, organizer, influencer and as a result,
a great songwriter.

The title for the thread is "Frist Time at a war" which characterizes Bill Frist and his role in exploiting the HMO cash cow and the support for the Invasion of Iraq.

Could we call this title a "Fristian slip"?