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I need information on 'frailing tunes'

30 May 99 - 10:32 AM (#82864)
Subject: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: Banjoman_CO

I am a 'frailer' and have been out of touch with pickers for a number of years. Could anyone help me with a source of frailing tunes and tab. Some good recordings would help also. I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks


30 May 99 - 04:46 PM (#82893)
Subject: RE: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: Indy Lass

What is a "frailing tune?"

30 May 99 - 05:06 PM (#82899)
Subject: RE: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: Dale Rose

Banjo style ~~ old timey, frailing, clawhammer, rapping, NOT bluegrass. Grandpa Jones, Uncle Dave Macon, Art Thieme, etc. (I could name many more, but most are not household names, unfortunately) Those who play this way are not getting rich, but the music is simply wonderful.

30 May 99 - 05:27 PM (#82900)
Subject: RE: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: Dale Rose

Here are a few sound samples

Here's Uncle Dave with Railroading And Gambling, real audio courtesy of CD Universe. (available through the Mudcat links)

And here's Art with In And Around Nashville from the site (wave file)

One more, Sara Grey, Down The Road, also from Waterbug. There are many fine women players, too!

I know, this does not necessarily contribute to Banjoman's request much, but these are among my favorite recordings.

30 May 99 - 09:36 PM (#82929)
Subject: RE: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: Banjoman_CO

This is to Dale Rose. Thanks for your imput. I know there are many frailers but as you say they are not very well known. Most banjo players automatically think 3 finger(Scruggs style). Some of my favorites are Steve Brainard, Paul Prestipino, Erick Darling. I learned from Steve Brainard but have lost touch with him over the years. I would like to keep in touch with other players so send me an Email. I am in Eastern Colorado, Hope to hear from you.


30 May 99 - 09:46 PM (#82932)
Subject: RE: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Ken Perlman has a book, audio tape, and video tape program called "Clawhammer Style Banjo," plus a book of tabs and a CD of fiddle tunes popular in New England--I can't put my hands on either the book or CD on that to give you the exact name, but . Clawhammer is frailing with double (drop) thumbing. Art Thieme indeed has several clawhammer tunes on his "The Older I Get the Better I Was" CD. Suzanne Thomas plays a beautiful clawhammer tune on Dry Branch Fire Squad's "Live at Last" album, and more on her solo album, "Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts," both available from Rounder Records. Dwight Diller, a great West Virginia player, is another one. --seed

30 May 99 - 11:51 PM (#82950)
Subject: RE: I need information on 'frailing tunes'
From: DonMeixner


My favorite frailer/clawhammer player is Howard Bursen. He has a fine recording on Sandy Paton's very own Folk-Lethargy label . Howard is married to Sally Rogers who is her self a fine banjo player.

Howard plays a drop thumb melodic style that could be argued as not being a frailing style anymore.

I play a knockdown style similar to Uncle Dave Macon's that is as much rhythmic as it is melodic. A very primitive frailing style. Michael Cooney has an excellent method as does Cathy Fink and Cathy Barton.

Publications like Oak's "Oldtime Banjo Tunes" and believe it or don't " Mel Bay's Frailing the Five String Banjo" are good sources for advanced and begiinere tunes.