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Need an address: Folk-Legacy Records

01 Jun 99 - 05:32 PM (#83295)
Subject: Need an address
From: Banjoman_CO

Can someone give the address of "Folk Legecy" records. I would like to get a catalog or visit their web sight if they have one. Thanks


01 Jun 99 - 05:49 PM (#83302)
Subject: RE: Need an address
From: Joe Offer, or : 800-836-0901

More information in the Famous Mudcatters thread.
-Joe Offer-

01 Jun 99 - 05:59 PM (#83305)
Subject: RE: Need an address
From: Barry Finn

Give this question a few moments & you'll either get to Folk-Legacy or to one of it's parents, Sandy, who'll you'll find here often & helpful. Sorry, I'm techno-challanged & can't send you anywhere but there are plenty here that can & will. Barry

01 Jun 99 - 06:04 PM (#83307)
Subject: RE: Need an address
From: Barry Finn

Gee Joe, I didn't even get the gun out of the holster & here you are already shooting from the hip, trickster style & right on target as usuall, making my info redundent & useless. Anymore of this & your gonna end up home schooling me whenever you do get to the Right Coast. Your check is in the mail, have a good time in Denver. Barry

01 Jun 99 - 06:15 PM (#83313)
Subject: RE: Need an address
From: Joe Offer

Yes, Barry, my other students are doing very well and progressing admirably with their blue clicky thingys and often beating me at my own game. You, on the other hand, may just be hopeless....

-Joe Offer-

<a href=>Click here</a>

01 Jun 99 - 11:26 PM (#83363)
Subject: RE: Need an address
From: Rick Fielding

Barry, the problem is, you're not scared enough yet. I had a feeling if I posted one more thing saying " you can find 'such and such' if you go to this website..etc" without clickin' blue, Joe was gonna go "BIG and COLOURFUL"!
Actually, maybe I'll learn the colour stuff now. It IS impressive.