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Fred Neil/Tim Buckley

04 Jun 99 - 06:40 AM (#83913)
Subject: Fred Neil/Tim Buckley
From: dwditty

These are two that I listened to constantly in the late 60s. It was only when I picked up "The Many Sides of Fred Neil" - a 2 CD release of his 3 albums plus some other stuff - that I realized just how much they sound alike. Not just becouse Tim recorded Fred's Dolphin song. It those 12 string "strum" songs that just kind of go off and get lost and either come back or just poop out that makes the connection for me. I do recommend the CD.


14 Jun 99 - 02:13 PM (#86614)
Subject: RE: Fred Neil/Tim Buckley
From: TequilaRon

DW, You are a man after my own heart. I have been a Neil fan since the mid- 60's. I have all three of his albums, but thanks for the tip on the CD re-issue. Fred Neil is one musician from that era that I would like to meet personally. It's just a shame (for his fans) that he has chosen to sort of disappear from the spotlight. A promoter friend of mine has been trying to find him. If anyone has a clue how about E-mailing me: Fred's old partner Vince Martin played for my friend about a year ago, and did a great show.