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Wanted - 'Catters with CDs

04 Jun 99 - 03:18 PM (#84019)
Subject: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Bert

Max and his elves are furiously working on the 'new and improved' Mudcat.
One of the features will be the ability to buy CDs.

So, We need Mudcateers who have CDs and would like to sell them through Mudcat.

Send me the following info....

Your Name:
Contact info:
How much you need to make from each CD:
Details, if there is another supplier involved:

and for each CD....
CD Title:
All track titles:


04 Jun 99 - 09:10 PM (#84091)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Guy Wolff

Hey Bert,Let Max know I've just finished my second CD and will send him one as soon as Discmakers get it into my gruby little hands. I sent it off today and paid them so they say two weeks.I like thier turn around} Also I got 500 more of the first one so I'm all set to help all I can....Yours Guy Wolff

04 Jun 99 - 10:19 PM (#84108)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Susan A-R

Oh my, I just realized that I'll actually have one next fall (Civil War stuff) Still haven't actually heard how things came out, so I'll reserve judgement as to whether I want ANYONE to hear it (it's a fairly ecclectic group and . . .

If it bears listening to, I'll certainly provide info, etc. as needed.


05 Jun 99 - 10:23 AM (#84213)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Cat a Tonic (inactive)

Hi Susan A-R Just noticed yr coming out with a Civil War CD in the fall. great stuff! Just for fun - If there's been too much singing and cavortin' (never too much), here is a civil war tonic for restoring the spirits, curing the cough and increasing morale - weather Union or Confederate! 2 tablespoons strong, ground ginger 1 pound sugar 1 quart red currants juice of 1 lemon 1 half-pint of best whiskey


05 Jun 99 - 02:39 PM (#84241)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Bulldog

Wonderful idea! Any Sea shanties out there?

05 Jun 99 - 05:25 PM (#84257)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Liam's Brother

Hi Bert!

I should send you the info you need via e-mail. May I have your address?

All the best, Dan

05 Jun 99 - 06:20 PM (#84272)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Paul G.


Ditto on Dan's request. If I can email you my prepared stuff as attachments, it will likely save both of us some valuable time...but if you'd rather not reveal the location of the Bat Cave, that's okay too, just let me know and I'll start typing...



06 Jun 99 - 07:55 PM (#84476)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: bill\sables

Bert, The C.D of myself and Sam Pirt is now ready I will bring you one over when I see you after 16th June. I will give you a ring, Cheers Bill

07 Jun 99 - 09:02 AM (#84568)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Bert

My email at work is
or you could send me a personal message through Mudcat then Max can get to it.

Susan, send me the details, if it's a Mudcatter singing it MUST be good.


07 Jun 99 - 04:55 PM (#84681)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Bert


I was going to send messages to you individually but I can't seem to get the Mudcat personal messages thing to work, so I guess you'll just have to use email.


15 Jun 99 - 03:05 PM (#86903)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Bert


Come on guys, There must be more of you!!

16 Jun 99 - 05:21 PM (#87236)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Bert


You'd better get recording guys.

16 Jun 99 - 05:33 PM (#87239)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Mudjack

I've got lots of CDs, none by me. Someday when the Lottery gods shine on me or when Howard Hugh's estate declares me an illegitimate desendent and throws the capitolistic redemption coupons my way.
Until then, you have to experience me live and bear the pain.

16 Jun 99 - 08:55 PM (#87270)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs

Hi Mudjack, A casette will do

16 Jun 99 - 09:03 PM (#87272)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: SeanM

Umm... I may have one soon? We just need to get through a couple of months worth of gigs so that we have the money to record...


17 Jun 99 - 01:57 AM (#87314)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Musicman

You may recall my post of Celtic Waltzes in Feb. Well, the CD is nearing completion. Into the final mixing stages and preparing the cover etc for duplication. When it is all done (hopefully by the end of the summer!) I hope to have a web page and will post it for all to see. Thanks to everyone who help either with tunes or moral support to this project.


PS, the album will be called "Farewell, A collection of Celtic Waltzes and Slow Airs" You may remember that it is in my wife's memory and all the proceeds go towards a Scholarship fund that we have created in her name.

18 Jun 99 - 02:01 AM (#87589)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: reggie miles

From someone who is actually trying to make a living doing this crazy stuff, music I mean, let me say that it's a sad and woeful story that seldom do I have the means to even get my stuff reproduced in any quantity. Therefore the cost of reproduction is always so great that the reproduction house makes more money than I on my recordings. I don't know when I'll be able to get enough $$$ together for another run. Sawry 'bout that Max, I workin' on it.

21 Jun 99 - 08:20 PM (#88510)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: John Wood

I've got a CD out.I produced it in autumn 1995,and it was released at the Oslo Irish Music Festival(last weekend in November)1995.
This is a sort of sampler.....where each of the artists/groups did a couple of songs each.
The basic ideas behind the album were:
No cables or synthetic sounds!Every instrument must be played acousticly into a mic.(even the bass was an acoustic guitar bass played directly into a mic.)
When mixing,the sound engineer wasn't allowed to alter any tones(only add clang/rev. and adjust balance between instuments)
I was also of the opinion that people who bought this album should feel that they'd got good value for their money......hence we ``filled up´´the CD with 23 songs/tunes.......Mainly Irish.
I think Mike Robertson has put some samples on the webb side for ``The Oslo Irish Music Festival´´,so why not take a look!!
Greetings John.

23 Jan 03 - 09:16 AM (#872784)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Deni-C

Hi Bert,

if you let me know your email by PM I can forward you our prepared files & stuff. Got a new album coming out in er...2 weeks....


23 Jan 03 - 11:53 AM (#872927)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: radriano


I've PM'd you the information on my new CD "Time Ashore is Over," an album of sea shanties and sea songs. As usual, I'm just too quick with the send button so I'll PM you again with info on a previous CD.


23 Jan 03 - 11:57 AM (#872928)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Rick Fielding

Hi Bert

I'm not sure how things work with Folk-Legacy Records (Lifeline) and Borealis Records (This One's The Dreamer, and Six Strings North of the Border) but I'm happy for the Cat to get any it's fine with me.



23 Jan 03 - 12:45 PM (#872986)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: sharyn

Hi Bert,
Are you serious about wanting cassettes? I have one, produced in 1998. I'm hoping to get to a CD this year.

If you want cassettes, PM me please, and I'll send you the info.



23 Jan 03 - 06:03 PM (#873257)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Jeri

Yo - Bert wrote that in 1999 when he was working at Mudcat and before you could buy CDs here. Old, old, old. (The thread, not Bert.)

23 Jan 03 - 07:19 PM (#873333)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: radriano

Thanks Jeri!

Radriano apologizing to Bert for all the PMs.

Radriano slinks away with tail between legs.

23 Jan 03 - 08:34 PM (#873409)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Uncle Jaque

Name:   J. Cardigan Clarke ("Uncle Jaque")

Biography: Born feisty; weaned on pickles, and grew up wormy.

Contact info: MC PM or

How much you need to make from each CD: Ten bucks would be nice I suppose. What's the going rate?

Details, if there is another supplier involved:

Have one master CD from the Studio from which we burn copies on our home PC. This is rather time-consuming, but I do not anticiate such popularity as to make this shortcoming an issue.

Album Name:   "Home From The Hill"

Tracks: Title:

1.   "Morning Has Broken" Low "G" Flute*; Trad'l..
2.   "Adam Bell" Bb Military Fife; Trad. Martial Air c.1812
3.   "Minguolay Boat Song" Flute, Vocal; Scots Trad.
4.   "Battle Cry Of Freedom" Fife; G.F. ROOT, 1862
5.   "Jerusalem"   Guitar, Voc.; J. CLARKE, Circa 1989
6.   "Frog in the Well " Fife; Civil-War Period Minstrel / Trad.
7.   "Lorena" Guitar, Voc.;Rev.H.D.L. WEBSTER & J.P. WEBSTER,1857
8.   "Nearer My God To Thee" Flute; Chas. BEECHER, c. 1845
9.   "Beautiful Feet" Guitar/Voc. J. CLARKE Circa 1984
10. "Old Ship of Zion" Flute; From "Southern Harmony" c.1835;
       Arranged by J. Clarke.
11. "Battle Hymn of the Republic" Guitar/Fife; J.W. HOWE; 1861
       Arranged by J. Clarke & Kim Bean
       from arrangement of the 3rd Maine Fife & Drum Corps.
12. "Lower Lights" Guitar/Voc. P.P. BLISS c. 1880(?)
13. "Going Home"   Flute; Trad. Spiritual, Early/Mid 19th Cen.
14. "Requiem"   Guitar/Voc.; Poem by R.L. STEVENSON, 1887;
      Music by J. CLARKE, May 2001.
15. "Amazing Grace" "Gilead" Walnut Flute*; Trad.Gospel,
      John NEWTON; c. 1850

      * The "Gilead" low-"G" open-holed primitive Irish-Style flute is one I turned, carved, bored and sculptured from a block of American black walnut in the year 2000.

   This is my first attempt at a Studio Recording, and was certainly a learning experience for a 19th-Century sort of Musician. With very limited time and no prior studio recording experience, it came out pretty well.

Although I considered this project essentially a "Demo", I have since recieved favorable feed back from several Friends and Family Members who I have given copies to.

I have saved a few of the tracks as Mp3 files, which I could send as an E-mail attachment to anyone with the capacity to handle large files or could send one demo CD copy via the USPO for evaluation if need be.

Let me know if interested.

23 Jan 03 - 10:24 PM (#873497)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Stephen L. Rich

This is a great idea!!!!

Stephen Lee

24 Jan 03 - 03:47 AM (#873582)
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
From: Susanl

I'm feeling pretty sheepish now too. I PMed Bert twice. Thanks Jeri.