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Rick Fielding

14 Sep 08 - 09:53 PM (#2440505)
Subject: Rick fielding
From: GUEST,Arnie Naiman

Just listened to This One's A Dreamer. Haven't pulled this one out for a while. What a gem! It seems like yesterday He sang those songs so enthusiastically. I can't believe it's been 4 years since He left us. We miss you Rick.

14 Sep 08 - 10:38 PM (#2440535)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: catspaw49

............yeah............................we do..........


14 Sep 08 - 10:43 PM (#2440539)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: Beer

The first thread I posted was in search of a musician by the name or Ray Materick from the Hamilton Ontario area.
Rick replied. I was shocked that this person answered. I guess because I was new to Mudcat and had no idea that folks like Rick Bruce and others were members.
Beer (adrien)

14 Sep 08 - 11:49 PM (#2440581)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: Sandy Mc Lean

A man of sage advice always! Rest in peace!

14 Sep 08 - 11:54 PM (#2440584)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: katlaughing

My grandson, Morgan, will be 5 years old in November. He has grown up listening to Rick. His mom made a compilation CD of a bunch of my CDs to listen to at night with him when they went to bed, when he was just a wee baby. She lost the CD she made when they moved into their own house a couple of years ago, BUT Morgan still listens to Rick several times a week. he is over here every day during the week, knows how to turn on my CD changer, dial it to the right slot and hit play to hear Rick whenever he wants. He loves all of Rick's CDs, but esp. the one you mentioned Arnie. Me? I love all of them, too and miss him very much, but I am very glad he tells kids they really should stay in school at the end of that one song as it is one of Morgan's VERY favourites!

Love you, Rick, and miss you buckets,


15 Sep 08 - 03:23 AM (#2440634)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: skarpi

does any one have his music to burn for me or where can I buy
his cd´s ??

kv Skarpi

15 Sep 08 - 07:08 AM (#2440769)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: bbc

Rick was a very special person. I miss him, but I'm sure glad I had the chance to know him! Skarpi, his Lifeline recording is Folk Legacy CD-123, available at In my opinion, it is his best.


15 Sep 08 - 07:18 AM (#2440777)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: catspaw49

Skarpi!!!! Shame on you old friend---LOL---As long as you've been around here and you need to ask?   Contact Sandy and Caroline at Folk-Legaacy as bbc listed and of course you can buy any from Dick Greenhaus (of DT fame) at Camsco.

I'm so ashamed of, not really......Just had to kid you a bit about it!   Much Love to You!

I know you too used to enjoy having Rick around here. He was a special person, a special musician, and a special friend. Much Love to You!


15 Sep 08 - 08:15 AM (#2440809)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: Jeri

Rick Fielding web page, with info about how to order the recordings.

15 Sep 08 - 05:52 PM (#2441452)
Subject: RE: Rick fielding
From: skarpi

my dear Spaw , i was not so lucky to meet Rick , and as I am collecting
as many Mudcatters cd´s , I am gonna put his in my collection .

I will conntact them

kv Skarpi

16 Sep 08 - 12:37 AM (#2441771)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: JedMarum

Seems like yesterday.

I still thank him most every day.

16 Sep 08 - 12:43 AM (#2441775)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Big Mick

I sang two of his songs, and one of yours, Jed, this weekend at the Michigan Irish Music Festival in the session tent. Had a young guy there that liked songs that fan the flames, so I sang him "Voices of Struggle". Scottish couple loved "Angus Frazier", and the Irish immigrant woman married to a Mexican born immigrant loved "Con Este Beso". Rained like hell all weekend. But I got to spend some lovely quality time with the grand, wee fella himself, Senor Seamus Kennedy. He is a much better musician than he is a poker player.... oops .... gotta run!!!

All the best,


16 Sep 08 - 01:18 AM (#2441787)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: GUEST,Blake Madison

Like I know my way around Sunset, he knew his way around a fretboard. Funny guy. Kind of guy that would slam a quarter dipped in SuperGlue into a jukebox coin hole just to give himself some space. Had a good fastball, and a nasty slider too. If the curveball hadn't had a tendency to hang on the corner, he might have had a career with the Expos. But instead we got music from him, and plenty of things to think about. He had a way of making you laugh that put people at ease. I guess the freaks in this joint got a lot more out of him than we could ever give back. I know I owed him a Four Roses or two.
There's a coffee house where there ain't no juke boxes, or poker machines, or karaoke, where the music goes all night and the whiskey and songs get passed around 'til dawn. Maybe I'll catch up with you there someday, Big Guy.

16 Sep 08 - 03:02 AM (#2441810)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Seamus Kennedy

I'm glad I got to know Rick and his music before he died.
It would have been so much more difficult after he'd died.....
his words of musical wisdom were gems to be treasured.

Good seein' you Mick. Glad I could help fill your coffers.


16 Sep 08 - 03:11 AM (#2441816)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Little Hawk

Yep. Seems like yesterday all right. Rick was a great man and a great musician.

16 Sep 08 - 11:49 AM (#2442099)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: open mike

check some of the linked threads above to find
out more about Rick and his influence here.

let the music carry on!

16 Sep 08 - 10:14 PM (#2442686)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: katlaughing

Blake, so good to *see* you!