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Pennywhistle opinions ?

09 Jun 99 - 04:32 PM (#85269)
Subject: Pennywhistle opinions ?
From: Dave Swan

Has anyone has a chance to play the Alba soprano D whistle? What did you think? Also, what's your favorite low D whistle?

10 Jun 99 - 01:12 AM (#85431)
Subject: RE: Pennywhistle opinions ?
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Dave, you don't seem to be getting much help here, but you can ask that whistler at the Lighthouse tomorrow night. You are coming, of course. Roll will be taken. --seed

10 Jun 99 - 04:52 AM (#85469)
Subject: RE: Pennywhistle opinions ?
From: alison


Here's a previous thread... can't help with Alba's though....

tin whistle preferences

tin whistles tweaking and tuning

The Tin whistle table includes links to Chiff and fipple.... has reviews on most kinds of whistle ... you're bound to find something there..