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Remember Colin Scot?

14 Jul 00 - 06:16 PM (#257835)
Subject: Anyone else remember Colin Scot?
From: Lanfranc

I discovered today from Derek Brimstone that Colin Scot died in Amsterdam some months ago. I don't think Colin had been back to the UK for a number of years, but I, for one, have fond memories of him back in the 60's and early 70's.

In recent years his reputation and notoriety were assured by Allan Taylor's song "Crazy Amsterdam" which describes visiting Scotty.

"Scotty, you're a terrible man, a rambling shambling Desperate Dan... "

Another for the Old Folkies Valhalla.

14 Jul 00 - 11:34 PM (#257960)
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone else remember Colin Scot?
From: katlaughing


15 Jul 00 - 06:39 PM (#258345)
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone else remember Colin Scot?
From: Lanfranc

Not this weekend, apparently.


"I'm thinking of you still, for the times we had were real. Maybe we could do it again in Crazy Amsterdam"

15 Jul 00 - 10:43 PM (#258411)
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone else remember Colin Scot?
From: katlaughing

Alan, hopefully someone will come in here and talk about him. If you have any info would you please post it? Some of us are still learning who is who and, while I know a few songs of Allan Taylor's, I am not at all in the know about Colin Scot. Let's use the thread to teach and learn. I, for one, am's part of why I come to the Mudcat.



16 Jul 00 - 03:24 AM (#258542)
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone else remember Colin Scot?
From: Kernow John

Real sad to hear of Scotty's death.
I sadly hadn't seen or heard of him since the end of the sixties.
I am racking the old brain cells to think of the title of song he did that I really liked .... got it 'Continental Trailways Bus'.
Colin had a great voice and a driving guitar style. I will be in touch with Mike Chapman later and I'll pass on the sad news, he Brimstone and Colin were good mates.

16 Jul 00 - 04:13 AM (#258549)
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone else remember Colin Scot?
From: scouse

I really thought that every one who remembered him had heard about Scotty dying. It's so sad to hear at the news at a later date. Years ago I had some hard nights with Scotty(60's). The last was with Hamish Imlach at Mulligans Irish Pub in Amsterdam,that must have been around 93/94. Hamish was booked to do a Folk Workshop,instead it ended up as a riotious Drinkin' bout with music and song thrown in for good measure.Oh,yes I remember him well.Many of the real characters on the folk scene have moved on to the "Session Upstairs", Alex Campbell,Derroll Adams,Danny Kyle,Hamish Imlach and Scotty.God,I'd like to be fly on the wall with that lot together.Let's keep their memory fresh in our minds.......

19 Oct 00 - 03:27 PM (#322712)
Subject: Colin Scott
From: GUEST,scouse

I was sittin' and thinkin', Collin Scott or "Scotty" to those who new him well, made as far as I know two LP's.Does any of you Catters know what they were and what was one them and if they are still available.I met him a few times,last was with big Hamish Imlach in Amsterdam. (but that's entirley an other story!!!! Enough said.only to say it included copious amount of Beer and Vodka....)I would be happy for any help. Phil Jackson. (Scouse)

19 Oct 00 - 05:14 PM (#322832)
Subject: RE: Help: Colin Scott
From: GUEST,Kernow Jon

There was a thread about Scottie a short while back, I'll see if I can refresh it.

19 Oct 00 - 05:28 PM (#322845)
Subject: RE: Help: Colin Scott
From: GUEST,Kernow Jon

I see you already know about that one Scouse you started it. Got no info about Scotty's albums though.
It would be great to have copies if you ever find a source.

25 Oct 08 - 08:17 AM (#2475741)
Subject: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Warwick Slade

I was playing old records the other day when I found a couple by Colin Scot (Thistlewaite) who, I understand, has gone to big Folk Club in the sky.
Colin burst into my life in the mid 70s and of a year or so arrived and departed, sleeping on floors etc. until he got his 'break'. I last saw him backstage at the Bournemouth Winter Gardens, where he was support to the Strawbs, in a cloud of aromatic smoke! Then he was gone. I later heard he had walked out on his contract and gone abroad.
I wonder if anyone can fill me in with any details.
Quite a character was Scotty!

25 Oct 08 - 10:33 AM (#2475813)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Ray

Never met him but I have one of his records. Seem to remember that he was a friend of Harvey Andrews but that was many years ago.

25 Oct 08 - 10:37 AM (#2475818)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,G-Force

Allan Taylor wrote at least one song about him.

25 Oct 08 - 01:58 PM (#2475952)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: alanabit

There are a couple of people here who knew him, so keep this thread up. I think Pat Cooksey may have been one of them, although I am not sure about that. I saw him gigging at The Last Waterhole in Amsterdam in the early eighties. He looked as though he had some rough living behind him. He was forceful on stage though.

26 Oct 08 - 11:23 AM (#2476490)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Warwick Slade

Thanks for the info.
Is there any more news out there

26 Oct 08 - 01:42 PM (#2476590)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Andy Jackson

I'm pretty sure he is still around. I'm sure we talked about a booking a couple or so years ago.

26 Oct 08 - 01:45 PM (#2476594)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Andy Jackson

Ahh, grey cells aren't what they used to be!! As I pressed the submit, a light came on that said "No you fool that was Pete Quinn".
Colin Scott was a 'hey Sandy' kind of performer, very powerful voice and personalityt.

Sorry about the mis-steer.


26 Oct 08 - 05:28 PM (#2476756)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: the lemonade lady



26 Oct 08 - 06:54 PM (#2476829)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: scouse

Scotty died over here in Amsterdam quite a few years back now. Knew him Londen years ago and last met him in Amsterdam around '93 or 4. When Big Hamish did a Gig in Mulligan's Bar. Grand night!!! Terrible man for the "Gargle." he was but a great performer. Oh, that night.... I was the last to leave... Nuff said.
As Aye,

27 Oct 08 - 05:28 AM (#2477068)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

Fond memories of 'Scotty', he could get an audience joining in, like nobody else I ever met.
His repertoire was eclectic, and a lot of what he sang wasn't exactly what you might call folk music. He was a force of nature, and a great entertainer.
I'm sorry he's shuffled off this mortal coil, but in a way, not surprised. he lived life hard, and to the full.
Alan Taylor's song 'Scotty', calls him "A sort of rambling gambling Desperate Dan" That says it all for me.

John 'G'

27 Oct 08 - 06:05 AM (#2477080)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Kevin Sheils

I have little information about him other than that I remember him much as John 'G' does.

Would see him regularly at the Troubador in London on Saturday nights, probably John would have been there as well. For some reason I recall a parody of the Doris Day song "Secret Love" being sung by him.

27 Oct 08 - 10:51 AM (#2477227)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Warwick Slade

Come to think of it, didn't Harvey Andrews sing about Scotty and others in his song Troubadours on Friends of Mine. I Must try to find that album in the loft. Is Harvey still singing? I am so out of touch.

27 Oct 08 - 08:32 PM (#2477699)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,harvey andrews

Yes I am! (

The lines were;
Scot's writing poetry
John's singing balladry
Alan's in the USA

Can you identify others I mention in the song? Seems a long time ago now.

Rab's on the bus again
Ralph's on a street of pain
David's on his forest mile
People down by the sea
Sing songs by Jeremy
So sad they raise a smile
Rosie writes lullabies....

So please if we sing a song
ask you to sing along
Don't be afraid to try
There's joy and there's sorrow
There's hope for tomorrow
So we'll see you by and by
If we leave a memory
That's all we hope to be
Helping you through your day
Living on your applause
We are the troubadours
Travelling along our way

27 Oct 08 - 11:02 PM (#2477789)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Effsee

Ah, come on Harvey, there's more to it than that!

28 Oct 08 - 06:24 AM (#2477933)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Warwick Slade

Glad to hear you are still performing Harvey. It's a long time since I saw you live, so to speak.I've found the old record and forgotten how good it is. Ofcourse Scotty recorded 'Hey Sandy'
Thanks for letting me know

03 Dec 08 - 04:22 PM (#2507125)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,woody woodhouse

I did post a thread on here the other day, don't see it but I'm capable of goofing up anything like this so here goes again.

I first met Colin in the late 50's when he moved to Canada from UK. He hated the nickname "limey" so I called him Sotty. Seems like it stuck. We were best buds in high school (Sir Adam Beck in London, Ontario, Canada) and pretty much were linked at the hips. At that time he was into "Skiffle" or "Skiddle" music and had a wash tub with strings and a wash board that he would play with thimbles. Even then he made quite a scene when he entered a room.

I lost track in the late 50s and early 60s when I moved to California, US. Didn 't catch up until the other day when a former class made turned me on to his Amsterdam time.

Not surprised that he was a scene, also not surprised that he took the walk before the rest of us. Never one to play second fiddle, he wanted to be first at everything.

Anyone that wants to drop me a line please do. I've lots of good memories of his teen tears and will share.

Woody Woodhouse

03 Dec 08 - 04:54 PM (#2507140)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: folkypaul

Rab - Noakes
Ralph - McTell
David - ?
Jeremy - Taylor
Rosie - Hardiman

How am I doing?


03 Dec 08 - 05:21 PM (#2507160)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Leadfingers

Last time I saw Colin Scott was when they tried to revive the Folk Club at The White Bear in Hounslow - Late '73 I think

04 Dec 08 - 04:08 AM (#2507437)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Betsy at Work

Hiya Paul ,
Same as you , got all the others but David drew a blank.
Davey Graham, Swarbrick - must be some more Davids , but I didn't understand the reference to forest mile .Perhaps someone will let us know.

04 Dec 08 - 04:55 AM (#2507460)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Kevin Sheils

David Campbell?

The singer songwriter one from that period, not the more recent Islington Folk Club one

04 Dec 08 - 05:57 AM (#2507485)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

That's who I thought of too Kevin, he was current in and around London in the days Harvey wrote the song.


04 Dec 08 - 09:16 AM (#2507590)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Kevin Sheils

Being from Guyana may indicate the forest connection as well.

I may not have thought of David Campbell myself, John, if there hadn't been a recent thread on him.

04 Dec 08 - 09:27 AM (#2507601)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: folkypaul

There's a namme that's just appeared on another thread that might fit.

Dave - Goulder

How you doing Betsy?


04 Dec 08 - 12:16 PM (#2507738)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Anna

Nice to read these things about Scotty, he was a good friend from my father, he was a kind of uncle for me.Very nice memories about him an Lesley (his wife)!

Anna from Holland, 34 years old

10 Dec 08 - 11:56 AM (#2511768)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Geo

During my student years (around 1975) I saw Scotty perform a lot in the Amsterdam club Folk Fairport. He always played there on Thursday nights. Wonderful songs, great fun, lots of candle light atmosphere. He made us laugh a lot with his jokes and imitations (Dylan/Cash!). A great composer, entertainer and singer.

Once he joined us at our table and talked about his years of 'fame'. He escaped from it to go and do it in his own way.

He was really a great person!

(from Amsterdam)

10 Dec 08 - 07:18 PM (#2512135)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Lanfranc

I first booked Scotty sometime around 1966 when I was a resident at a Folk Club in Clacton, Essex. When I moved up to London in 1968, he was a fixture on the Troubadour/Les Cousins circuit and I got to know him quite well. We shared several songs in our repertoires, and he once embargoed me (in a friendly way) from singing Harvey's "Hey Sandy" until his album came out, although I recall that I had learned it first! This probably arose because at that first gig in Clacton, I sang my usual three-song intro set including "Four Strong Winds" and a Dylan song. While the next singer was performing, I was buttonholed by David Bilk, Scotty's agent who was with him at the gig, and chastised for singing half of Scotty's first set! I had never heard Scotty at that stage, and told him so, but I don't think he believed me.

Anyway, as neither of us wrote much, if anything, in the way of our own songs, we continued to mine the same sources for material. When we played at the same gigs, I would often check to ensure that there wouldn't be any sources of embarrassment. Perhaps that's why people took to writing their own songs!

When he left the UK (pursued, I understood, by the Inland Revenue), he kept in touch with a number of his old friends, including Allan Taylor and Derek Brimstone, who would visit him in Amsterdam.

I have fond memories of him, and I know several ladies of a certain age who have even fonder recollections! He was a good singer and a better entertainer, and I remember his Donald Duck impression (allegedly from his time working in Disneyland) and the "Secret Love" parody alluded to above:

"Once I had a secret love
She wore a nylon negligee.
When our night of love was through
She said I wouldn't have to pay.
When I asked her why this should be,
She said 'Sealy bedding sponsors me,
Last night we were on channel three'
And my secret love's no secret any more!"

Which I still use from time to time, substituting "Dunlopillo" for "Sealy bedding", but attributing it to Scotty.

For further information, just Google "Colin Scot", there's a surprising amount there, including the reissue of his first album on CD for around £40! I have the original vinyl in good condition - I wonder how much that would be worth? The next time "antiques Roadshow" are passing, perhaps .....?

Happy days!


13 Jan 09 - 03:49 PM (#2539059)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,ray

remember fondly as a fan seeing colin and harvey many times at midland folk clubs.Sandy was my favotite song for a long time.also liked "do the dance davie" and he did a superb rendering of carolina. at least ive still got his LP,s

19 Jan 09 - 09:53 AM (#2543042)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Fifi

I knew Scotty very well in the 70's and his then other half Jo, mother of Edward and Charlie. They were all living in Kensington then. Scotty was a great singer and played some of the best 12-striong guitar anyone would ever have heard. I think Amersterdam was his undoing......I left the UK in the early 70's and when I came back around 76 I went to see Scottie who was getting very heavily into certain substances. Very sad. A talent never really fulfilled.

09 Feb 09 - 02:52 PM (#2562008)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Guest, Jan

I met Scotty a couple of times in 1970, when he was living in Kensington with Jo & children. I was palling around with Davy Johnstone & Noel Murphy (Murph & Shaggis/Draught Porridge) & they were all in the same circle.

He was a sweet man & they were a lovely family; I am very sad to hear that he's died.

25 Feb 09 - 04:26 PM (#2575840)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Old Green Bell

Ah, Scottie. Funnily enough I was just putting together a show featuring "Lovers Carousel" by him & "Crazy Amsterdam" from Alan Taylor, partly inspired by the death of John Martyn, another lover of the cup that cheers. Scottie never wrote much, but some of it was great & I parody his "Missing Mr. Marley" sometimes.

We knew him & Leslie well in the seventies & eighties before we moved to the states in '86. I'd book him when he toured & they'd stay for a few days of fun and amnesia. He always filled the place, everyone left happily, but then it would all begin again....

Somehow he managed to exude love and good will more than anyone I've known, and in Leslie he had the perfect soul mate. I'm pleased they found each other, we stayed with them in Amsterdam a few times and he seemed to have found a great life there with the respect that he deserved. I don't know why he never really made it, I suspect because he had an in-built BS meter and didn't handle being told what to do well.

I'll always miss him and the big hugs, stories of Disneyland, "just one drink more" and love, rarely heard him say bad of anyone.

Thanks for thinking of him

25 Feb 09 - 09:27 PM (#2576117)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,harvey andrews

The missing one from Paul's list was David Campbell.
Great memories everyone!

28 Feb 09 - 06:09 PM (#2578137)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Why not release his second album "Just Another Clown" on CD??


28 Feb 09 - 10:35 PM (#2578269)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Jim Lad

So, does the name "Chris Palmer" belong in this mix for any of you?

01 Mar 09 - 06:13 AM (#2578414)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

Clive Palmer possibly Jim. The man who, every time he left a band, it became famous.

02 Mar 09 - 03:03 AM (#2579046)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Jim Lad

Played a gig with Chris Palmer, Jock. Said he was with the Strawbs.
A harmonica player with British dental work.

02 Mar 09 - 03:31 AM (#2579062)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

OK, then I don't know him.
I am however, old enough to remember the original Strawbs. In those days they were called the Strawberry Hill Boys, and the were trainee teachers at a college called St Mary's in Strawberry Hill Twickenham.
They played a lot of banjo stuff in those days as I remember,

John 'G'

02 Mar 09 - 04:28 AM (#2579084)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Mick Tems

I have an old album of Colin's - "Mister Blue" was one of my favourites.

15 Mar 09 - 03:23 AM (#2589123)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Ayd

Saw him a number of times at the Scarborough Penthouse club during the early 70's. Always a good night out. I'm another one still with his three albums on vinyl but not yet organised enough to get anything to play them on.

17 Apr 09 - 06:18 PM (#2613454)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Yes I do fondly remember Colin Scott for two reasons.

1. My brother took me to see Colin perform in Derby or Lichfield (not sure now) back in the mid 80's when I was about 16 years old. Was a fantastic performance. From then on repeatdly played some taped recordings for years until the re release of one of his albums onto CD - playing this right now.

2. My late cousin was very much a fan of Scotty and very sadly passed away following a long term illness. The song 'Edward Charley and me' was played at my cousin's funeral. It still stirs the emotions whenever I hear that track.

Would love to see Scotty's other albums released on CD. Anyone any idea if that's likely to happen?

RIP dear David, RIP Scotty

14 May 09 - 04:39 PM (#2631964)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,mokumhammer

I went to Colins funeral - here in Amsterdam. Top man. R.I.P.

15 May 09 - 02:52 PM (#2632720)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Fleggy

not much to add, just that I remember Scotty from the Troubadour; he was a great entertainer and instantly likeable, sorry to hear he is gone.

27 May 09 - 02:42 PM (#2642076)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Mark Gamon

This thread kinda breaks my heart. If there was one experience that turned me on to folk music, folk clubs, and the whole damn folk ethos, it was seeing Colin Scot at Bridport Folk Festival and later several times at Bishops Stortford Folk Club in the early 70s. Don't ask me for a year: I can't remember. What I do remember is a larger than life performer who had that folk club knack of combining vast reserves of humour with genuine compassionate heart-rending soul. After one gig, he took the time to teach me Analine - can anyone give me further info on that song? I've seen a million 'folk' performers since - many of them brilliant - but it was Scot who gave me the heart to keep playing, and I can't pay him a greater compliment than that. I wish he was still with us.

27 May 09 - 04:32 PM (#2642167)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Steve

Scot and Leslie were good friends of my father.
The first time he came to stay we met in a pub.
On meeting he threw his arms around me and whispered "which beer is the strongest?"I soon got the measure of the man.
That weekend I had a gig with my then duo.Come the scond half,my partner was to drunk to continue.Scot stepped up and played a blinder,it was great to sing "Davey" with him.
He is sadly missed.

19 Jun 09 - 09:43 PM (#2660631)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Christopher Putnam

I was working the day bar in a restaurant in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California in the late 1970's when he came in one afternoon with his parents for lunch and to shoot a little pool. He told me he was here for a vacation to visit his folks(very sweet people) who were living in Atascadero, and he was also planning to play a benefit concert at the State Hospital there. We chatted throughout the afternoon and I found him to be an incredibly friendly and likable person. He spoke briefly and humbly regarding his musical career, and it was only later on a follow up visit by him when he brought me a copy of his album and kindly gave me an autograph which I still have, did I learn of his important place and influence on the world music stage. I too am sad at his passing, but happy to hear such wonderful remembrances, as I wholly believe he deserves all these kind words and more. I was someday hoping to spend an evening listening to him sing and play. Sweet dreams, Scotty

22 Jun 09 - 01:24 AM (#2661921)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,John Morris

I first met Scotty at The Village Pump Folk Festival in 1974, kept in touch with him pretty much up until a couple of years before he died. I recorded him live, on an old Tascam 4 track, at a gig he did at Pewee's in Trowbridge about 1992 which I've just been remastering in my studio, it's a bit tatty round the edges but very 'Scotty'. He was a good mate of Peewe & myself and we spent time with him in Amsterdam as well as at Trowbridge festival & Pewwee's bar in Trowbridge, had some great sessions with him & Leslie his good lady. I've also got a copy of his last album on tape( I think ) called Lesley Lady Love which I've just remastered onto CD. Been quite a memorable journey listening to it, I still recall the time he stayed with me and left 14 empty smirnoff bottles under the bed as well as polishing off all my whisky! What a week that was! Got some lovely pic's of him at various gigs over the years, seems to be very little available about him on the web, must be time for someone to do a tribute to him maybe. Anyone interested in sharing any memories of Scotty can get hold of me through Johnny M

22 Jun 09 - 02:24 PM (#2662242)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,R Versluis holland

Yes very much

With missing mr marly and with a funny version off gloria.
I was very jung when he was playing on a birthday party with the
whole familly.Whe still talk about him.....
It was one off these thing that you always will remember.

18 Jul 09 - 08:35 AM (#2682753)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,WimB

I went to see Colin Scot a couple of times at his Thursday night spot
at the Folk Fairport in Amsterdam. (Must have been late '75 / early '76)
He did his 'entertainer' act all night long, playing "Johnny Cash meets Bob Dylan" type stuff as well as his own, more delicate songs.
They were great nights with lots of laughs and good music.
A year or two later Colin's single Mandolin Man got some airplay on Dutch radio.
He then also did some radio-appearances (and I think TV as well).
It didn't hit any chart, but most people on the Dutch club circuit became familiar with his name.
A few years later I got hold of his first album, also because of the Brinsley Schwarz connection.
I always liked this 'Colin Scot' LP a lot. It has some great songs and great arrangements too. The two later albums were not as strong though.

Very sad that he passed away so early.

Cheers, W.

04 Aug 09 - 07:07 PM (#2693873)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Karen Eaves

I was in a year long relationship with scotty in the late 70's..
I met Mox (long red hair) and Ray. Mox and Ray were part of his band, He moved to Amsterdam maybe in the early 80's... Got loads of pics of those times! Loved Scotty.. very special person. Cant belive he's passed over, please does anybody know when it happend and how?

if anybody could help, my e-mail is

thankyou x

11 Aug 09 - 05:21 PM (#2697956)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,snshobbies(ebay)

Thank you so much for your detailed posting about Colin Scot ! I can't find any youtube video of his music, I'll try harder . I have his first solo album(could it be worth more than $50?!), it is SUPERB!! Brilliant songs, and I play it over and over to try to catch where Peter Hammill,Peter Gabriel,Nic Potter,Phil Collins,Rick Wakeman and Robert Fripp are on what songs ! It seems that they are either on just one; with Robert Fripp(BOB) on maybe two or three ! Thanks again, God bless, snshobbies, steve .

25 Aug 09 - 11:29 AM (#2708180)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Hi I know someone who can tell you everything about Colin Scot I take care of his parents who came back from the states 3 years back Colin we are all of the same family Colin was a great guy

19 Sep 09 - 10:59 PM (#2727055)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bud Hedrick

Hi There,
Your work is fantastic!
I am a musician, and Scot and I played at Coke Corner, Disneyland, Anaheim, California for many years in the 1960's.
Scot on banjo and 6 and 12 string guitars, and me on ragtime piano.
While theoretically we were supposed to be there to play the old ragtime tunes from that era,
We adapted all the modern songs of the day – from Dylan to rock, and mixed it in with the jazz. Plus Scot would write songs and we'd do them!
Most days, by the end of the day, we had standing room only for the last show as people were leaving the park and had seen us on the way in.
Coke Corner is on main street, left side at the end so great position.
I have to look and see if I have any recordings put away of our shows. Think there might be some reel to reel recordings somewhere.
I was very sad to learn of Scot's passing, but so happy that his followers are giving him the recognition he deserves.
Kind regards,
Bud Hedrick
Auckland, New Zealand

26 Oct 09 - 06:32 PM (#2753240)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,p

I saw Scotty at the folk club at Bottallack in Cornwall run by Brenda wOOtton and John the Fish, he gave me a lift back to London after the gig. We used to see each other at clubs and he came to Malta with me for a week. That was the last time I saw him except once in Amsterdam when I just went and watched him play. Totally amazing man!!

27 Oct 09 - 04:14 PM (#2753850)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Matt Watkinson

I wrote the liner notes for the re-issue of Scot's first album (which I bought on its original release.) I was delighted that so many of the people featured on it were prepared to contribute. Sadly, I suspect its comparative lack of success financially suggests we won't be seeing the other two re-released. BUT...they'd sell well, I think. I knew him pretty well as a result of his many visits to Scarborough's Penthouse (original and best, accept no substitute) and I note contributions here from Harvey Andrews and Dr. Allan Taylor. Derek Brimstone in his memoir speaks extensively of his exploits with Scot...worth checking out as Derek writes wonderfully and was a good mate. I never did manage to contact Leslie and would also dearly love to locate Hans and Paddy, who ran the Melkweg in Amsterdam in the early 1970s and who also knew him well. It's wonderful to find this site and I'd be happy to hear from anyone with memories of this special geezer. Because Scotty was a "geezer" in the best sense, not as some spiv but as a bloke with a (sadly, fatal) zest for life and its excesses. I still believe he would have found gretaer fame had he lived, tough this is academic. You can contact me via myspace (penthouse) or facebook (matt watkinson) and even as Don't delay! And thank you all for giving me such wonderful memories to read and re-read. Best wishes, Matt Watkinson

27 Oct 09 - 04:32 PM (#2753863)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Warwick Slade

It's great that a year after my question people are still sending their memories of Scotty. Thanks everyone and thank you Scotty where ever you may be.

25 Nov 09 - 02:20 PM (#2773579)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: scouse

I know this is a old thread but I was looking through my old tapes and I found one of Scotty! Does anyone out there have a definitive Discography of Colin?? Just how many Lp's did he make? I know it's a lot to ask but I'd like track names as well.Who knows, there may be someone out there who can answer these questions!!
As Aye,

18 Dec 09 - 07:48 PM (#2791698)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Di Palmer

How could anyone who ever knew Scotty, do anything other than remember him.
My big brother JABP and Scotty were mates. Soul mates and drinking buddies.
My sister and I were both young and smitten, as were just about all the ladies he met.
He was very gifted, funny, attractive, naughty and sexy. He was louder than life and just brilliant star.

We lost our big brother in 2001 and I tried to find Scotty to let him know and
ask him to the funeral, but now I know he was already waiting for him.

Two naughty beautiful people. Lost, missed,... but never forgotten.
So 'Cheers' boys. Here's hoping there are guitars wherever you are. x

12 Jan 10 - 09:39 AM (#2809955)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

I stumbled across the following recordings of Colin Scot today, and was trying to find out more about a favourite performer whom I'd forgotten about when I saw your thread as well.

The tracks on....

....were recorded in Dordrecht (Neths) at about the same time I used to go watch him at Folk Fairport in A'dam in the mid-70s. All the songs are there that I remember so fondly: Ce Soir (including the calypso riffs in the second half of the track that began my love affair with that genre), Cash and Dylan, Nonsense, Candy Man etc. Must have seen him a dozen times or so, always a good night out with friends. He was a born entertainer, a bloody good musician, and a very warm person (he would come and chat with the guests during the breaks).

I'm very sad to hear he's passed away, though not entirely surprised about the circumstances. The world is definitely a better place for his contributions.

17 Jan 10 - 07:52 AM (#2814155)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,rik de haan

scotty lived in the netherlands (amsterdam) for a couple of years.
He has died in of somewhere around that year.


26 Jan 10 - 02:02 PM (#2821849)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Mike Baghraramian

Scot was a close friend of mine, we meet in college at Cal State Long Beach in 1962. When he left the states he moved to UK. I would visit with him in the winter time and go to his Gigs. It was some of the best times we had together.
When he would visit the US we would get together.
Its nice to see so many people remember him.

26 Jan 10 - 03:11 PM (#2821918)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,David Freeman

Scot Thislethwaite was close friend in College and Disneyland.
Scot along with myself and Serge Orgranovich open Bar called Kahuna's Cave (formerly Bar Solarium) in Cala Mayor, Palma de Majorca (1965-67). Ray Boyd, VP of American Standard Europe funded our new venture or adventure. What a trip it was- I roomed with Scot at Villa Ballestor in Palm Nova. Scot was also with Disney Group "The Yachtsman" (1964). Names from the Majorca days included: Charles (Trinidad), Alexandria (Sweden, opened Club in Stockholm), Archie Petrosian, Nigel Woole, John Kennedy, Michael Caine (London), Sal Mineo, Anthony Quinn, Sloppy John, Derek, Jackie Lawrence (Villa del Sol) and Stuart (Indian bloke from London that monthly made us the best lamb and chicken curry in the world). We were on top of the world. I visited him twice in Amsterdam and paid him each time to return to USA! Much more wish more Majorca friends would respond- Lost track of most! What memories!
David Freeman

22 Mar 10 - 12:02 PM (#2869295)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,pat whitehurst{nee thistlethwaite}

i am colin scotts cousin and iam trying to find his parents who i believe have now moved back to england is there anyone out there who can help me

07 Apr 10 - 03:49 PM (#2881592)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Gail Thistlethwaite (Wentzell)

I am also Colin Scot's cousin living in Canada (Nova Scotia). I do have information regarding Cy and Bess (Colin's parents) if you would like to email me at

11 May 10 - 09:13 PM (#2904885)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Andrew Emmet

I first met Colin Scot at an 18 to 30 holiday in Morocco. Scot was the entertainer for the first week I was there. I think it was 1971.
I saw him perform in various folk clubs around the London area over the next couple of years. A friend of mine, Geoff Gilbertson booked him to be be the first act in a folk club he was starting in Codicote. Probably 1972. We also went to visit Martin [can't recall his last name] who wrote some of Scot's songs, including "You're Bound To Leave Me Now".
Colin Scot was a great entertainer in acoustic folk clubs.
I have his LP, the one with Hey Sandy.

12 May 10 - 07:58 PM (#2905663)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Betsy

Guest Andrew, having read the whole thread I wonder if the "Martin you can't recall"might have been Martin Carter - strong Yorkshire accent. He spent a lot of time in Amsterdam in those days as I did myself. Unfortunately other threads write of how difficult it is to track Martin .

12 May 10 - 08:13 PM (#2905670)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,andrew

Hi Betsy,

I've remembered the name, it was Martin Hall.
The place in Morocco was called Safari Village[I think!]
They had a different folk singer or group from the UK every week.
Jo Partridge was there too playing a lead guitar for CS. He was later to appear on the War Of The Worlds album.
I also have[somewhere hidden in the garage!] a couple of CS's later LPs, which I found disappointing.
He really was more of a "live" entertainer I think.
i remember he used to sing "You made me love you, I didn't want to do it, you woke me up to do it".

15 May 10 - 12:14 AM (#2907318)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Amsterdamfan

So cool to find this thread!

I was one of the lucky ones to see Colin Scot perform on Thursdays at the Folk Fairport in Amsterdam in the 70's. What a magical time; too bad we can't rewind! So much fun having those G-L-O-R-I-A sing-alongs. I have the self titled lp too.


16 May 10 - 12:19 PM (#2908041)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,ray glyn guitarist

just found this site on browsing played gigs with scotty during 70s and 80s in england and in europe lived with scot in amsterdam. recorded 3 albums with him. tours of europe as support act with scotty for major artists including john mayall, robert palmer. many many fond memories and respect for his vast collection/knowledge of so many songs and chord sequences that he could draw upon at will. can anybody fill me in on his last days?   ray

30 May 10 - 06:38 PM (#2917403)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,andrew

Some live recordings here.

Go to downloads section.

31 May 10 - 09:49 AM (#2917644)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,ray glynn

thanks to guest andrew for submitting live recordings of scotty playing just finished listening to them. good to hear his voice again. does ANYONE have any live recordings of scotty playing in amsterdam in 1979/80 or video/photos. during this time myself and sometimes mox where playing with him can anyone make this dream come true?   ray

08 Jun 10 - 10:03 AM (#2923068)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,kees

yes ray,I have and made some live recordings from you and scot in the Last Waterhole!
send me please your e mail addres. Kees.

08 Jun 10 - 01:44 PM (#2923217)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Warwick Slade

When I set up this thread some 2 years ago I little thought how much love and affection would be recorded on this page. But then He was that sort of guy. It's sad to report that one of his friends, Sally from Southampton, has joined him in that big folk club in the sky.
The song goes on.

19 Jun 10 - 01:30 PM (#2931132)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,ray glynn

To Kees   Thanks so much for responding to my request my e-mail address is i can't wait to listen, had some great times at the last waterhole. thanks once again.

19 Jun 10 - 04:38 PM (#2931200)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Jeri

The Donald Duck impersonation at Disneyland was not was real, I heard him do it many times. For some reason, I started a google search on "Bud and Scotty at Disneyland," and have found the info about Colin, of Bud and Scotty. I lived in San Diego and used to go to Disneyland once a month when I was a teenager with my friends from school -- during the 60's. And once we got through the front gates of the park, we'd race up Main Street to the Coke Corner to see Bud and Scotty...and to flirt and bat eyes with Scotty. I've always remembered him from those early years of mine, I had such a huge crush on him. When I found a blog saying that a Colin Scot had died, I wasn't sure if was him, but then I saw a comment from a Bud Hedrick who said he'd played with him at Disneyland as Bud and Scotty. I am so sorry -- and I had no idea that he'd had such a career after his time of working at Disneyland. He was a cutie...breaking hearts like hickory nuts, I'm sure. I am sorry to hear of his death and what sounds like a difficult life.

07 Aug 10 - 10:07 AM (#2960036)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Shaun

I had the pleasure of picking Scotty up from the airport when he came to Peewees for Christmas.On this occasion my girlfriend came with me, she was eight months pregnant, on the way back the baby started kicking, well Scotty had to feel and my daughter promptly kicked him. So he tickled the baby all the way back to Trowbridge! Being the gentleman that he was before he returned to Amsterdam he recorded several songs on a tape for the baby. My daughter became a mother herself a while back. We've dug the tape out for her daughter now.

15 Aug 10 - 05:06 PM (#2965912)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bonnie Naef (nee Vragel)

Stumbled across this blog and was saddened to see that Scotty has passed on. I was in Palma in '67 and, and, like many others, stopped to spend some quality time with Scotty and friends. I remember well the curry dinners, Serge and others. It was an enchanting time made special by a supremely talented young man named Scotty Thiselethwaite. I have a few pictures and a recording, made in France, by a group called The What's New." What a voice! What a personality! And that 12-string guitar!I hope my friend lived life to the fullest!

16 Sep 10 - 06:07 PM (#2988286)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

I'm sorry to say that I never knew Colin Scott,'though I've read most of the Posts and by all accounts he was a greatly admired character.
I was searching for anyone who was staying at Safari Village, Club 18 - 30, near Asilah, Morocco during the last two weeks of June 1971.

Bye and Bye, I would appreciate any links to hear some of Colins' music.

Good wishes to all you Friends of Colin.

16 Sep 10 - 10:40 PM (#2988415)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,andrew

As I said earlier in this thread, I was there!

19 Sep 10 - 07:05 AM (#2989610)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bob

Hi Andrew, may I ask, were you working at Safari Village or on holiday?
(There were many as I recall)

19 Sep 10 - 08:50 AM (#2989652)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,andrew

Hi Bob,

I was on holiday there for two weeks. Colin Scot was there the first week I was there.[with Jo Partridge]
When I got back to England I saw him in a few folk clubs around the London area. Never again with Jo Partridge.
I had my guitar there, but was not accomplished enough to sing in the bar area!
There was some guy there who could make up a little ditty on the spot around someone's name.
I also remember someone broke a leg or something on a trampoline, and had to go home early.
I think something in the water or food got me, and I was ill for a couple of weeks after I got home!
But it was great meeting Scot [as everyone called him]. Will never forget it.

I do have some links to his CDs.


19 Sep 10 - 10:26 AM (#2989693)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bob Friendship

Hi again Andrew and thanks for your reply.

I remember the incident now you mention it. Also I believe a couple of folk got some extra Sun and they asked for volunteers to give up their seats in return for an extra weeks holiday.
Talking of being ill, I recall several had the runs after eating traditional snap, with their hands, at Tarzis' nightclub in Tangier.

A tune frequently played at the Disco became a favorite and I got a copy of it when I returned to the UK.
It was an instrumental, "Flash" by the Duke of Burlington.

Up until a couple of years ago I still had my address book into which several I met entered their details. I cannot find it now, though I don't s'pose it matters too much.

I think I'll put some material up on my blog and see if it attracts any interest. I guess as the years roll on I'd just be interested to hear how its gone for the others.

Talking again of Scot, if I could see some photos its possible I may remember him. almost 40 years ago - Lordy Lordy!
I'd be obliged for the links to his CDs if you'd be so kind.

All the best,


19 Sep 10 - 06:00 PM (#2989920)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,andrew

Hi Bob,

Follow this link to get my email.

A bit wary of spammers!


11 Oct 10 - 06:37 AM (#3004290)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,kees

Question for " fifi " , was scotty the father of Edward and Charlene ???

30 Oct 10 - 05:52 PM (#3019518)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

I did some research on Colin's recordings.
So here's a discography(?) of his (solo)work:

1971         Colin Scot - United Artists LP         (reissued on CD)
1973         Just Another Clown - WarnerBros LP         
1974         Out of the Blue - WarnerBros LP

1971         Hey! Sandy! / Nite People - United Artists 7"
1977         Mandolin Man / Boris - RCA 7" (this got close to being a radio hit in The Netherlands)

The site lists the songs as well)

ALSO: don't forget to get the live recording posted earlier on > downloads.

Does anyone have additional details?
I'm particularly interested in live shows and Colin's recordings with others. (Mailto:


08 Nov 10 - 12:48 PM (#3026807)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bargee

I saw Colin Scot at the Roundhouse in about 1971 and never knew who he was until the other day when I was in touch with Harvey Andrews. His songs Hey Sandy and Nite People have been buzzing round my brain for all these years, but now I have downloaded the first album from I tunes and it has brought memories flooding back. He really had a great voice, and half the audience were singing along with him. My brother also thinks we saw him at Cecil Sharp House but I don't remember that.

11 Nov 10 - 12:51 PM (#3029474)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bert Bremner

Thanks for all these memories - A friend from California facebooked a Q asking do you remember .... So I googled and got this - We have fantastic memories of Scotty from the late 60's - Cambridge Folk Fest; Black Anna's jolly Butchers in Norwich, drinking gin & tonic with the University of East Anglia Vice Chancellor on a sunday afternoon - we found out the Thistlethwaite connection and just rang and invited ourselves - must e-mail all from the past to get them to contribute!!

02 Dec 10 - 12:32 PM (#3045011)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,NickS

Saw Colin many many times in many folk clubs and gigs around the Midlands, including one in Wolverhampton when about half a dozen turned up - he still payed a brilliant set.

Pretty sure more than once he made it clear E&C were his children


18 Dec 10 - 12:29 PM (#3056476)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Joe Whittaker

My enduring memory of Scotty was picking up the bar bill for his drinks consumption when I ran Exeter Uni Folk Club 1970-1973.He was the only guy I ever met who drank Gin and ( a little ) Tonic in pint glasses. He was always booked as the first act after Freshers Week and never failed to fill the Long Lounge to full capacity - circa 250. Buddy Holly medlies, Do the Dance Now Davey ( which I still sing regularly ), Analine , Hey Sandy, Mr Blue, Sans Chemise Sans Pantalon and so much else to remember him. We all know what we have gained and lost by his parting.

Paul Brazier of Brighton started a tribute website a few years back which has been stagnat for a long time - anyone know about Paul and whether he is OK ?

Also Martin Hall - poet from Birmingham who wrote Davey - anyone know his whereabouts ?? Happy to be contacted on

18 Dec 10 - 05:55 PM (#3056725)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: andrew e

I met Martin Hall in London sometime in 1971 I think. A friend of mine chased him up after hearing Scot sing "Do The Dance Now Davey" and "You're Bound To Leave Me Now".
I had a tape of Colin Scot singing these[a home recording] and also "Mrs. Willis" and "She's So Pitiful".
No idea where the tape is now.
I mentioned earlier that I met Colin Scot first in Morocco in 1971.

I've no idea where Martin Hall is now.

09 Jan 11 - 02:56 PM (#3070716)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Piers Hayman

I remember Colin from the Folk Fairport in Ansterdam, probably around 1974. Sad to hear he has passed on.
I remember Derek Brimstone from the UK in the 60s, but then, Nobody's as old as Derek Brimstone. Except perhaps me?
Piers NZ

31 Jan 11 - 12:29 PM (#3085960)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Yeah, I remember Colin Scott. Scotty and I were very good friends. I don't remember when or where we met but we were both living in London. I don't remember a lot of thinks trying to keep up with him.   At the time I had a 1961 Volvo and he and I traveled everywhere from Scotland to Italy at breakneck speed with the occasional case of Newky Brown(Newcastle) on the back seat and hash wafting through the car. Gig after gig he delivered a powerful infectious set. I loved to watch him lift audiences. His music and his tales made him a great entertain. I don't remember a bad gig. I miss him.
I also lived him and his lady for about a year in Amsterdam, Christine and her dog Boris the tekelhund - dachshund. The adventures continued there.

Martin Hall was a co-writer and good friend of his. He wrote a disparaging poem lambasting me for selling out to the world by accepting a gig (Polydor International in Hamburg) out of fear. And then honored by asking me to be godfather for his daughter, Alice. Love to hear from or about Martin and Jo Johns his enduring lady in London and a wonderful person.

Scotty and I just lost touch.

31 Jan 11 - 06:40 PM (#3086218)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Patrick Small I remember Scottie from the 70s. He was a regular visitor to the Arts Centre Folk Club in Bristol. It was very sucessfully run by Pam Tobin and it featured a one man two girl trio known as White on Black as its resident entertainers. Whenever Scottie was booked you new you were in for a rare treat, and I can still see him on stage belting out 'Sandy' . I think his encores probably lasted longer than the set . The last memory I have of Scottie is picking him up in my battered ford 'pop' and transporting your man to the railway station . As his train began to move Scottie leaned out of the window and gave me a five pound note . For the petrol, he said . I told him I did'nt want it and gave it back 'Jesus Christ man said Scottie,take it and as the the train gathered speed he threw the note back again. That was my last memory of Scottie he and I throwing this fiver back and forth as the train gathered speed . Safe journey Scottie.

31 Jan 11 - 06:45 PM (#3086223)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,John MacKenzie

How nice to see Piers Hayman posting on here, long time no see. Didn't you used to live near Gerrards Cross, before you went to the land of the long white cloud?
Do you remember Pete Ballan, and Ursula Wadey his MOther? I seem to think you were aquainted.
Run into Curly Goss down there? ;)

21 Feb 11 - 07:23 AM (#3099641)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,The Badgeman

Joe Whittaker .... was asking after Paul Brazier, as far as I know he is OK and last time I actually saw him was at the Strawbs 40th anniversary weekend at Twickenham in September 2009 .....

A couple of years previously he was performing early morning on Deal beach as one or two or three or four or more, blew the cobwebs away of a rather long boozy night of celebration after watching a show the night before.

"The Man Who Called Himself Jesus" by Strawbs as you have probably never quite heard it before .... .....

PS Paul is the one without guitar, if you don't recognise him.

Try Strawbs yahoo discussion group "Witchwood" if you want to try to get in touch. I know Paul was very much part of the "furniture" and helper when Colin was gigging.

04 Mar 11 - 08:55 AM (#3106811)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Gordon

I remember Scotty from The Old Bakery (later became the Last Watering Hole) in the mid seventies. I saw him once a week for about 6 months and he always had time or made time for a few words and occasionally a longer chat over a drink and a big fat aromatic smoke. I am so sad he has gone but so glad he passed through my life, I will always remember the kindness and generousity he showed to the clueless kid I surely must have been at that time. I had an album of his - Mister Blue? - which he signed for me. Sadly I no longer have it but I would dearly love to hear him again and would be grateful if anybody could assist.

04 Mar 11 - 02:26 PM (#3106992)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: alanabit

The last Waterhole is where I caught his set in 1981, I think. Was that place a dive! Fun days!

13 Mar 11 - 02:42 PM (#3113012)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,ray

to: Gordon, check-out post dated 30th Oct..... Scotty's albums and record labels are listed by a guest. Good luck, Ray guitarist with Scotty late 70's early 80's.

21 Mar 11 - 02:40 PM (#3118440)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Natasha Gerson

I knew Scot and Lesley via the Stalhouderij Theatre company in Amsterdam. Scot wrote the title song to a video film I made. I used to stay in their house and look after their cat when they were away. Saw him play lots of times in the String and the Scotia. Scot was a lovely, big&bighearted person. I loved his music. My favorite song that Scot wrote is 'Take me away'. I used to sing 'Edward and Charlie and me' to my kids when they were little, only I'd sing 'Emile and Sofie and me'. Years after his death you would still hear his voice on the commercial for the 'Profile Tyre Centre'. Nowadays they have a voice that I still think of as the 'Fake Scottie'. Nobody can emulate that voice...

16 Jun 11 - 10:55 AM (#3171476)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Ginger Bill

I was looking for some lyrics of Scotties and came upon here.

Scottie was one of the most generous men I have ever met. As as 16 year old he helped advised and introduced me to so many people. He encouraged, cajoled and listened. I remember clearly the first singing of Lament in a beer tent at the Cambridge Folk Festival. He had the verses written on 2 sheets of paper and he played the song for the first time to me and Mike Rogerson-Smith. Later listening to Ray Glynn add the haunting lead guitar sustained me through dark days.

His voice was tempered by the Gitane cigarettes he introduced us to and his pure joy of living his life

I sang Lament at an acoustic club recently and the look on the faces of the young players was what Scottie would have loved.

29 Jul 11 - 10:02 AM (#3197889)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,David 'Brillo' Etheridge

Hi folks,
I worked with Scotty from 1972 onwards and was on the 'Out of the Blue' album recorded in 1973. I'd seen Scotty around 70/71 at my local folk club (Hitchin). In 1972 I went up to Bounds Green folk club with my then girlfriend and introduced myself; I'd seen Scotty at the 71 Cambridge Folk Festival and mentioned that I'd been there working with Diz Disley (Diz's name could open all sorts of doors in the folk scene at that time!). Scotty invited me along to a gig at Hendon folk club, which was at the Rubby club and miles from the centre of Hendon! Tube to Hendon Central, a bus ride up the A41 half way to Mill Hill, and then walk, carrying my double bass! We had a great time, and so I ended up gigging regularly around the London area, and havign the privilege of hearing Scotty perform new songs for the very first time to audiences (and to me -I had to work out the bass parts on the fly....)
By later on in the year the 'Just Another Clown' album had been recorded: ostensibly produced by John 'hold down a chord' (who remember the TV series?) Pearse, the result was, according to Scotty, rather rough, so Robin Cable (Elton John's engineer) was brought in to rescue the recordings and add overdubs.
Scooty signed to a new management company, one of which was Jamie Granger (son of actor Stewart Granger) and the finished album was signed to Warner Bros, celebrated with a boozy cruise on the Thames that even got an envious mention in Melody Maker's 'Raver' column.
By the summer of 73 plans were afoot to decamp to Saturn Sound Studios in Worthing to record 'Out of the Blue', and just after I finished my tour with Diz and Grappelli, I went down to Worthing to start recording. I played double bass, mellotron and arranged and conducted the string section on the album.
Things began to go downhill rather on the recording. Robin Cable's hobby of jumping traffic lights at speed had finally come home to roost and he was on pain killers through the recording. Add to that the overdubs and mixing at Trident studios, where Robin mixed at insane levels (Motorhead had nothing on him!) and the resulting album at times bears little relationship to how it sounded when we recorded it.
I last saw Scotty in the late 70s at a gig at the Half Moon in Putney. He's lost none of the genius, warmth and sheer entertainment value you could get from thids ultimately loving and human being. Soem may ask why he wasn't more successful: part of it may be that he got star struck by some of the people he was dealing with and lost direction. Ironically enough I saw him get really upset at how Jonathan Kelly was surrounded by sycophants at a prestigious gig and lost his inner direction, yet Scotty may not have realised the same thing was happenign to him when thrust into the limelight.
A shame, but we are where we are, and I look back with affection for the guy and the great times and gigs we had. I'll look forward to seeing him in the great folk club in the sky, together with Diz, Fred Wedlock and Isaac Guillory and all the others we've lost over the years.
THAT will be a great moment.

Best wishes to all fellow Scotty fans,

David (Brillo)

13 Aug 11 - 10:23 PM (#3207625)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Mandy

Does anybody know that Scotty wrote and recorded a song for the maiden voyage of the Cunard's Queen Elizabeth way back when! He also sang it on the maiden voyage. He was so bloody clever!
To answer a question earlier: Edward and Charley (Charlotte) were Jo Johns beautiful babies and Scotty was not their father.
My question is who did Scotty share a flat with in Earl's Court?

14 Aug 11 - 04:13 AM (#3207694)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

Brillo, great to hear from you. Are you still playing?

14 Aug 11 - 04:21 AM (#3207701)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: andrew e

David (Brillo), I remember seeing you at a Colin Scot gig somewhere in London,probably 1971 or 1972. I may even have been a floor singer.
Out Of The Blue was a disappointing album. Not your fault of course!
Just listening to it now. Got it off the net. Must be from an LP.
Can hear the clicks!
Pitch isn't too good. Sounds like he couldn't hear the "backing" very well, and he's constantly a bit flat. The other two albums were OK.
Terrible version of "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus", which used to be so good the way he played it live.

Scotty used to say he shared a flat with James Taylor, and then went on to sing "Fire And Rain"

14 Sep 11 - 02:40 PM (#3223206)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Anna

a few songs from 1977,_Dordrecht_1977.html

14 Sep 11 - 02:49 PM (#3223214)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

Thanks Anna. Great photo, typical Scotty pose.

27 Sep 11 - 10:56 AM (#3229942)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,David 'Brillo' Etheridge

Hi Andrew and John,
thanks for the queries -yes, I'm still playing -both double bass and fretless and fretted 6 string electric basses (heavens!), as well as conducting the Cotswold Big Band, the Crown Phoenix Big Band and the West Midland Light Orchestra - a 55 piece jazz orchestra. I would never have believed that I would have ended up this way!
I still have the odd folk connection; I recorded and arranged the second album I did with Miriam Backhouse in 2009 - a mere 32 years after the first one! As a write, Mim's currently touring the country for three months until going back to South Africa, so you can get the resulting CD from her on her gigs.
All of which is slightly off the subject of Scotty, but Mim's arrangements are an extension of the first faltering steps I made in 1973 on 'Out of the Blue'.
By the way, you're right about the odd version of 'Man who called himself Jesus' -I originally planned it to have a really driving rhythm to suit the Mellotron and Strings and Robin Cable put an awful half time laid back James Taylor rhythm section on it (nothing wrong with that per se, just wrong for the song in this case), so it pulls in several different directions at the same time. The end is swamped in reverb to cover up a slightly sloppy ending!

Very best wishes to all,

24 Mar 12 - 11:05 PM (#3328447)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: andrew e

Some old videos of CS here in a group called The What's New.
Hardly recognised him at first!

10 Jan 13 - 02:13 PM (#3464075)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,John McLarens

My name is John McLarens. I was very close to Scott, in fact I lived with him and sweet Penny Collins in London. I travelled with him all over England on his one night gigs. I had the ability to make him laugh when he was "down." There is so much I could tell about our friendship but the main reason I signed on was to contact old buddies. If penny or Chris and Di even Regulus are out there or someone knows where I can find them I would be eternally grateful. I miss him very much. Thanks

17 Jan 13 - 09:39 AM (#3467539)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,johnmclarens

If the "quin" or someone knows him please let him know I am looking for him.Likewise for Penny Collins,Chris Palmer,Joe Johns and even Edward and Charlie.There are more but for now these names will do.thks.Hear is my

18 Jan 13 - 06:12 AM (#3467978)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: Jim Carroll

"drinking tale" not tea!
"Tay", not tale" which doesn't make sense.
Jim Carroll

01 Apr 13 - 02:45 PM (#3497523)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Richard Lightowler

I used to run The Old Crown Folk Club in Lichfield along with Rob Dodd and Archie Hall in the early 70s. Just got back into music and playing a few pub gigs and found this thread as I play a few of scottys songs and was looking for words to bound to leave me now.
Great memories of too much booze, very hot curries {faals} after the gig, and as I was a tobacco rep in those days, my house being full of non tobacco smoke when Scot stayed with us!!!
Reading the threads rekindled many memories of him,and I still have his 2 LPs some where along with Jasper Carrotts, Fred Wedlocks, and numerous other folk club performers from those days.

Patrick Small, singer from Bristol, left a thread. Has anyone got contact details for him as we lost touch. for info please.

07 Apr 13 - 05:43 PM (#3500180)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Claire

I had the fantastic experience of meeting Colin scot and Lesley in the late 80s or early 90s. He came overto the uk and stayed with a friend of my then boyfriends family. Until this point I had never heard of him, but he soon be ame a familiar face around Chasetown in Staffordshire. He toured the circuit of folk clubs for a short while and my boyfriend and his friend played guitars with him on stage at several of the gigs. My fondest songs I remembered were Lebanon and Edward and Charlie and me. I would love to get hold of a copy of the lyrics to these songs as I found them both so poignant.

08 Apr 13 - 06:55 AM (#3500391)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: andrew e

Hi Claire,

email me.

15 Apr 13 - 03:30 AM (#3503560)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos

Hi there, just found this site, I remember Colin Scot very well, I used to visit "the Folk Fairport" in Amsterdam in the early seventies at a very high rate and he played there very often.

I did thoroughly enjoy his "act" and the duettes with Mike Silver.

Actually I had the two for dinner a couple of times at my parental home in Amsterdam.

I have got some private recordings somewhere on cassette, one of a party at my house and 1 of a part radio concert in about 1974 (VPRO, I think) Furthermore I got some scraps from news papers.

As far as I can sounds very much like him... he also did an "explanatory" and "final" note on a -dance- mix CD of '96 by Mecado, it was called "mix '96" and of course the profile tyre centre advert.

That party was very special, I had another "folk" band play there -Luke Warmwater- and even some guys from CBS made a call to listen to Colin.

The last time I saw him was in the late eighties/early nineties in Hoorn a pub called Jajum, and after that I had to read in the paper that he died...suc
hg a shame, got a couple of his records on vinyl.

15 Apr 13 - 05:43 AM (#3503600)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos

P.S. In case anybody has soms query's, one can contact me at:

I have Out of the blue and Just another clown on vinyl.(inside cover songtexts of Edward and Charley and me and lamentabele), i am trying to find the digitalised recordings of the tapes I made à couple of yards ago.

15 Apr 13 - 05:46 AM (#3503602)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos

Sorry, tablet....., should read: lament and couple of years ago!

15 Apr 13 - 05:17 PM (#3503952)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos


I did find one cassette recording of a radio recording in Holland (part) i am awaiiting some software to try and recover some stuff Thatcher was recorder at à party at my place in Amsterdam in about 1973

15 Apr 13 - 05:18 PM (#3503953)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

That was recorded at.... Sorry......

17 Apr 13 - 09:23 AM (#3504753)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos

Just scanned and "OCR'd" the newspaper article (from "de Noord Amsterdammer) it actually is an intvieuw, with text, quoted, as said by Colin.

It must have been published in abt. 1973' interviewer Huub Klompenhouwer, who died à couple of years ago, à couple of pictures are there as well, with an anouncement in the local Hoorn paper of his performance in Jajem (november 29, 1989)

Given time I shall translate it into English, the radio recording is à live performance in probably Folk fairport, in which hè also sings Edward and Charlie and me .

If anybody is interested..........I have digitalised it.

17 Apr 13 - 09:37 AM (#3504766)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos

@cornelis vlaar

Dank voor je mailtje heb het per abuis verwijderd, kun je het nog een keer sturen?

Dank je wel....



19 Apr 13 - 02:21 PM (#3505878)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Coen Bos

Found the audio file of tha party too ""chemise" is included

17 Oct 13 - 07:53 AM (#3567738)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Would Anyone Have The Word and Hopefully the chords To "Edward And Charlie and Me"

I need them For a Kids Session At The Red Hill Folk Club In Brisbane, Australia.

It Would Be Much Apreciated.

John Lewis

Paul Brazier's Brother

17 Oct 13 - 03:04 PM (#3567850)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bob Quinn

Edward, Charley and Me referred to the childrenn (Scotty's long-time lady)Jo's wonderful boy and girl. Jo was a great lady. I remember the days in Kensington and also Amsterdam with great love. To this day a wonderful part of my life. When he visited me in Los Angeles in the eighties, I was very concerned for him. I have only now discover his passing.

17 Oct 13 - 03:33 PM (#3567855)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Bob Quinn

Martin Hall - strong Wolverhapton accent. Songwiting partner of Scotty's and also Peter Garbriel. Close friend of his.

20 Oct 13 - 05:56 AM (#3568464)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Kees

Message for John Lewis,I can help you with the song,what's your e-mail address?
Regards Kees,France.

21 Nov 15 - 01:00 AM (#3752437)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Davey Mullen

It was 1972. I was a member of the guitar club at Stanely Green High School, Paisley, Scotland. My art teacher had just moved to teach in another school and invited us to a concert there. It was to be held in her classroom and I was asked by my music teacher to be the support act to Colin Scot. At the tender age of 15, I sang and played the full version of "American Pie." The walls were adorned with paintings done by pupils - "Welcome to Paisley, Scotty," was the message on them all. In a darkened room, with only a few spotlights and no P.A. system, it was indeed an intimate affair. After doing my bit, raffle tickets were sold, the prize being Scotty's debut album. Accompanied by Jo Partridge on six string acoustic, Scotty, with a Yamaha twelve string, delivered a performance to be remembered. I'll always remember that day - "passionate" and "soulful" are a few of the words I'd use to describe his act. When the show ended, Scotty and Jo spoke to me and I got their autographs.

The following year, I won the music prize and left school, then formed a rock band and started gigging. However, a few years later, I left and started writing and performing my own songs, as well as covering other compositions, including some by Scotty. In 1979, I entered the Melody Maker Contest solo section, won the Scottish heats and went on to be British runner-up. I always wanted to meet Scotty again. I bought all his album releases and saw him play again in the mid-seventies as support to King Crimson at the Glasgow Apollo. I'd heard he was living in Amsterdam and owned a pub there and it was my intention to venture over to visit. I was saddened to hear of his death in 1999, only discovering the news when I heard Allan Taylor's song "Scotty" from the album "Colour to the Moon." Alan, like many others, had great respect for him. Scotty's contribution to the folk and music scene was, to say the least, vast. And, as a person, he was - to echo the words of many - a true gentleman. I am very proud to be part of that day, thirty six years ago, when something special happened in a school classroom somewhere in Scotland.

R.I.P. Scotty.

Davey Mullen

21 Nov 15 - 07:32 PM (#3752590)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Nick

Saw Scot so many times on the Midlands "folk scene" mostly with loved family friends who are nolonger with us.
Highlights were a packed pub on the release of his second album when I got signed copies for me and my mother and a strange gig in the bar of some Birmingham hotel when he played a full set to about 10 people.
Would have loved to see him again.

05 Dec 15 - 12:50 PM (#3755926)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,John Green

Saw Scotty many times in Wolverhampton.

The last time was at the Goodyear Club on the Stafford Road. Must have been in October 69. He was coming to my 21st but had to cry off for a booking.
Love his poem
Thoughts from London.

28 Mar 16 - 11:27 PM (#3781982)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,John Bethune

I guess 'Scotty' was the kind of person that went in and out of people's lives. I remember asking members of the Strawbs in a pub in London in 1977, 'what happened to Colin Scot?' the response was, 'Ah Scotty, he went in the wrong direction didn't he?' (No Internet, then, of course!! Long ways away!)
His music was brilliant, individual, inspiring; thought provoking. I think he's still alive somewhere; about to pick up his guitar.

    John Bethune
   Still play his music a lot

14 May 16 - 12:20 PM (#3790256)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Steve

I was talking about Scotty only this week so it's great to find this thread. I first heard him on Noel Edmunds Sunday morning show and subsequently bought the album in a local record store in West Wales - much reduced! I moved to Trowbridge and went to Peewee's (mentioned earlier by Johnny Morris). Scotty was playing there the next week. Peewee and Alan Briars (Village Pump) were amazed I had two albums but did not know him. I met him the next week and have fond memories of a warm man and a fantastic performer. He did several gigs in the small room, some songs in complete darkness - it hid the tears. I saw him at the VP festival, late 80s I guess, and he captivated the large audience but got slated in a Folk Roots review for being way past his best. If that's true, I wish I'd seen him at his best.

26 Sep 16 - 10:10 AM (#3811387)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Richard Thomas

I was one of the organisers and resident group at The Rovers Folk Club in Bishop's Stortford where Scotty was one of our regular guest artists. I have wonderful memories of terrific evenings there. Often, afterward a group of us would go back to Mac's (one of our floor singers and the current organiser of StortFolk - the successor to our club). One night Scotty came back with us and he was playing tracks from his new LP - 'Just Another Clown'. I remember hearing 'A Simple Song' for the first time that evening through a haze of alcohol and cigarette smoke... a very moving experience and a warm memory. I am glad to say that my son (now in his mid-30s) has inherited my taste in music and only a few nights ago I found him listening to that very LP (yes, on vinyl!). So Scotty - we all loved you and you live on in our memories.

22 Aug 17 - 02:11 PM (#3873175)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,frank vennell

scottie was a great friend and a god father of my eldest child

20 Nov 17 - 02:59 AM (#3889382)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Malc2311

Just bumping this thread back as I'm undertaking some research into Scotty's career, beginning with his time back in Disneyland, circa '64, and then through the mid-'60s Parisian phase with The What's New, before he began his journeying around the folk clubs of the 70s and 80s.
If anyone has any particular in depth detail, either relating to his recordings or his performances then I'd love to hear from you !
Now, back to the music...

28 Feb 18 - 03:02 PM (#3908611)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Graham Thistlethwaite
Colin after leaving Canada went to CA and pot the prime spot in Disney World. His Mum and Dad lived in Oakdale CA. His father told me that Colin wrote a song for the American Natives for which he was made an honorable member of a tribe. The LP was Band due to it's content as references were made in the song about infected blankets being given to the American Indians as they were not resident to small pox.

12 Mar 18 - 04:22 PM (#3910725)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Dave Harris

I remember Colin from the days when he played the folk clubs in and around Brighton and after the gig would be happy to go back to a punters flat for a drink and more socialising. He was a fantastic folk artist and as others have said, he got people to join in and he told his jokes and impressions brilliantly. A great entertainer and I’m proud to be able to say that I knew him if just a little bit as I played at some of the same gigs as he did as floor singer. I’m saddened to learn that he passed so long ago now. He was a nice guy! I don’t know who might read this but it is meant as a tribute.

12 Mar 18 - 10:28 PM (#3910799)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,phillip.subkow

   I first saw Colin Scot at the Slade Folk Club in Hazelslade, in 1970.
The club was run by Jean & Laurie Ward.
He always had a large following, and you needed to get their early to get a seat. Luckily my mom was friends wit Jean Ward, and she would save us seats!
I was introduced to Colin Scott backstage at Burntwood Baths, a few years later, by Jean Ward, amazing guy!
I used to follow him around the local folk circuit.
I've got most of his albums, one on Cd.
I've just ordered in mint condition a copy of his Just Another Clown album!
Brilliant performer! R.I.P. Scotty

Phil Subkow

30 Nov 18 - 04:16 PM (#3964069)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Nick

Good to see the thread still running

Listening to Allan Taylor - sharing the sadness in our hearts

30 Nov 18 - 04:48 PM (#3964074)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: John MacKenzie

Scotty you're a terrible man
How you do it I don't understand
A sort of rambling gambling Desperate Dan.

21 Jan 19 - 05:21 PM (#3972716)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,JoeWhiitaker

Surely time for his two remaining albums to be re-issued.

17 Feb 19 - 06:32 PM (#3977456)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Was just thinking about Hey Sandy, if you google it most of the links are to something by a band call Polaris   and came across this thread

01 Jul 19 - 05:37 AM (#3998647)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,WimB


Any luck with your research yet?

Meanwhile I'm still enjoying Scotty's songs.
Recently dug into the 'Just A Clown' album.
Love the track Lament from this LP.


01 Jul 19 - 06:05 AM (#3998650)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Ray

Never came across Colin Scott in the flesh; guess he didn't make it this far north, but bought his LP "Colin Scot" (UAG2914 - 1971) on the recommendation of Harvey Andrews.

Not played it in over 40 years but, for the benefit of our anonymous guest, "Hey Sandy" is on there.

01 Jul 19 - 06:09 AM (#3998651)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?
From: GUEST,Ray

Should add that you can buy the CD version on Amazon for a mere £105.95! Alternatively, there are several tracks (inc. Hey Sandy) on youtube.

13 Aug 19 - 11:32 AM (#4004449)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?


I knew Scotty. Terry Macann our youth leader in the 70's used to take a group of us to see various folk artists. Scotty was a great guy who could make you sit up and listen from the very first chord he strummed on his famous 12 string acoustic. he always smoked french "disc blu" cigarettes and between songs he would stick his lit fag on the end of a sticking out guitar string. his most asked for song was Harvey Andrews "Sandy". Scotty always finished a gig with an hours sing a long of Beatles/Everly brothers/Buddy Holly Medley!!

Phil Brannon

30 Nov 19 - 05:51 PM (#4021757)
Subject: RE: Remember Colin Scot?

Met Colin through Peewee Hunt ....stayed with him and Lesleya couple of times in Amsterdam and they stayed with me in Trowbridge....such a lovely man!!