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Lyr Req: Lilly Brown

26 Oct 08 - 08:53 AM (#2476386)
Subject: Lyr Req: Lilly Brown
From: Scorpio

A song I heard 30 years agoand cannot find on the net. Can only remember the chorus: Oh Lilly Brown, sweet Lilly Brown, you've been drinking whiskey, throwing bottles on the ground. Ring any bells?

27 Oct 08 - 08:35 PM (#2477700)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Lilly Brown
From: Jim Dixon

Is this a blues song you're referring to? If so, it might be MISS LILLIE BROWN, written and recorded by Lowell Fulson. The only lyrics I could find are these:

She's long and tall. She's built up from the ground. (2x)
She's a tailor-made mama, ain't no hand-me-down.

However, that seems to be a "floater" verse that occurs in other songs, too.