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Chords & Lyrics: [was OK OK I finaly...]

27 Oct 08 - 07:04 PM (#2477641)
Subject: Chords & Lyrics: [was OK OK I finaly...]
From: Wrinkles

The Original thread was getting a bit long and a bit inconvinient for folk to scan down to the new entry so I'm repeating it here.

Well finally as promised the full chords, tabs, and lyrics for all the songs on the MySpace player are posted to the blog. It's a compromise between what I wanted and what the MySpace blog would alow, but I think it works well enough.

Sal, if you read the "about" section it'll be obvious who's playing and singing. Any critique about the dismal performance and suggestions for improvement will be taken on board ;-)

Thanks to all for the kind comments, and special thanks to my Mudcat buddies who afterwards gave me an "ad". Check out the "Barbara's Friends" profiles for some really great music!.

The tunes are all the musical equivalent of freeware: IE any person may learn and play them and incorperate them into their live set (PPR Free) or share them around, but I still retain copy and recording rights

And Tam, I will get back to you very soon; I think you'll be pleased.


28 Oct 08 - 12:12 PM (#2478214)
Subject: RE: Chords & Lyrics: [was OK OK I finaly...]
From: Wrinkles


30 Oct 08 - 12:31 AM (#2479591)
Subject: RE: Chords & Lyrics: [was OK OK I finaly...]
From: Wrinkles

A new song, based on real peoples' experiences, written about the human price of the Troubles in Northern Ireland (hopefully enough time has passed so's it'll not provoke just knee-jerk reations) has been uploaded to the Myspace player with chords & lyrics in the blog. It's one of my few attempts to write within the tradition.

It's called Johnny Why Did Ye Do It? ("johnny" was chosen because the irony of the two songs "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" and "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" - same tune, one pro the other anti war).

Any and all feedback is appreciated.