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maypole dancing

04 Nov 08 - 03:12 PM (#2484804)
Subject: maypole dancing
From: GUEST,JeanNZ

I am looking for some authentic sounding maypole dancing music for background to a floral display, at the new Auckland Flower Show. I remember singing "Come lasses and lads" at school about 55 years ago, but would like a selection of instrumental tunes if possible.   Any ideas?

04 Nov 08 - 03:17 PM (#2484812)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Jack Blandiver

Try This!

04 Nov 08 - 03:20 PM (#2484814)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Dave the Gnome

The Abram Circle Dance is trditionaly done round a maypole, albeit a portable one. Good tune with many parts and danced with a simple skip step.

More simplistic is the 'Skip round the maypole' childrens chant. Can't find a link for you but the tune can be found on many Oldham Tinkers songs of playground songs

"We'll skip round the maypole, the maypole, the maypole
We'll skip round the maypole. Tra-la-la-la-la

Who made the birdies sing, the birdies sing, the birdies sing
Who made the birdies sing. Tra-la-la-la-la

God made the birdies sing etc etc etc"

Who made the flowers grow
Who made the rain fall
Who made the teacher fart :-D

Anything you like.



04 Nov 08 - 07:30 PM (#2485008)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Bernard

Don't forget - the maypole is where you get maypole syrup from...

Erm... I'll get me coat...

04 Nov 08 - 11:22 PM (#2485187)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Little Robyn

Jean, ring Roger Giles at Devonport (or go to the Bunker next Monday night)and he'll find someone with the music you're looking for.
If there's no live performer free to play, the library at the Bunker should have a recording of something suitable.
Tell him I sent you.

05 Nov 08 - 03:13 AM (#2485312)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: MartinRyan

You've started an earworm in me!

"Now to the Maypole haste away
Tomorrow is our dancing day.."

Where did that come from? Morris on?


05 Nov 08 - 03:16 AM (#2485314)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Micca

Martin, its the chorus from Staines Morris!!

05 Nov 08 - 03:19 AM (#2485317)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Paul Burke

Staines Morris, named after the famous Seaman.

As far as I've seen it, generally any English dance tune will do, but you'll probably have to adjust the repetitions to fit the figure they are dancing. It's great fun, especially if they aren't quite expert, to see who gets tangled/ hanged/ trussed up.

05 Nov 08 - 06:51 AM (#2485441)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: The Sandman

try 32 bar jigs,in my experience, having played for maypole dancers they work well.Father o Flynn etc.Dick Miles

18 Feb 13 - 01:32 AM (#3480923)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Joe Offer

I suppose I'm a little early for stuff on May, but I just came across an interesting video on May celebrations from Jennifer Cutting, folklorist at the Library of Congress. I think this dates back to 2003.

Take a look (click).


18 Feb 13 - 04:22 AM (#3480941)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: IanC

EFDSS provides a book and CD on maypole dancing.

When I danced maypole, 50 years ago now, there was a set of dances and a set of tunes to go with them. The 1st was "Come Lasses and Lads" and the 2nd was "The Merry Month Of Maying". Not sure what the 3rd and 4th were.


18 Feb 13 - 10:06 PM (#3481278)
Subject: RE: maypole dancing
From: Rumncoke

This might be the first line, or maybe the chorus.

You ladies all both great and small.
I do wish you a joyful May.

I think it is repeated - but as for the rest of it - quite gone.

If I had known I was going to forget so much I'd have been more careful to write things down....

I heard it at the folk club in Market Harborough, Leicester, England in the 1970's, and I remember the tune, which was quite jolly.

Oh well - I'm not very likely to come across a Maypole these days.