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Best verses about love

15 Nov 08 - 08:20 PM (#2494849)
Subject: Best verses about love
From: Cyparissa

Hello all!

I've recently been scanning my folk song collection to find the best lines about love, but I'm having an awful lot of trouble finding something appropriate.

Basically, I'm getting married this summer (hopefully! There's still a lot of visa work to do, not to mention organizing...), and I've been designing wedding rings for myself and my fiance. For mine, I'd very much love to have a line from a folk song inscribed on the inside- it would really mean a lot to me. The trouble is, most folk songs are tragic and/or morbid, as I'm sure you've all noticed, so finding something appropriate is very difficult.

So far, I've got the final line of "When My Love and I Parted," which, despite the title, actually works:

"No fate can sever my love from me, for his heart is a river and mine the sea."

I've also considered a verse from Jean Ritchie's "One I Love," though it's a bit long for an inscription:

"When the fire to ice will turn, and when the icy sea will burn, and when those rocks will melt in the sun, my love for you has just begun."

Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'd prefer lines from traditional songs, but any good lines would be appreciated. :) Thanks!

15 Nov 08 - 08:41 PM (#2494854)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: oldhippie

David Mallett - "Life is a rainstorm, but love is the ark"

15 Nov 08 - 08:46 PM (#2494856)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Jack Campin

I love my love because I know my love loves me.
(final line of The Maid in Bedlam)

16 Nov 08 - 03:26 AM (#2494945)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: GUEST,Gerry

Until they come to get me, I will hold your hand in mine.

16 Nov 08 - 06:23 AM (#2495000)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: GUEST,Seamermar

Nice to be here among you, talking and sharing songs and poetry,
There's a lot of love's songs I love, so it seems this is gonna be the longest thread ever.

One for starting could be :

What the old time masters had
it's what I feel for you
love is love and doesn't chage
in a century or two.

ripped out from "Before my time." A beautiful song.

See you

16 Nov 08 - 06:52 AM (#2495003)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Gedi

How about a line from that wonderful Donovan Song, Catch the Wind - "For me to love you, now would be the sweetest thing, 'twould make me sing"

16 Nov 08 - 06:53 AM (#2495004)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: quokka

You are my sorrow, you are my splendour
You are my shelter through storm and through strife
You are the one I will always remember
All of the days of my life

Possibly not suitable for your purpose but it is such a beautiful song - 'My Antonia' by Emmy Lou Harris and Dave Matthews.



16 Nov 08 - 08:09 AM (#2495041)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: GUEST,Volgadon

Searching for Lambs has some great lines.

O stay! O stay! you handsome maid,

And rest a moment here,

For there is none but you alone

That I do love so dear.

How gloriously the sun doth shine,

How pleasant is the air;

I'd rather rest on a true love's breast

Than any other where.

For I am thine and thou art rnine;

No man shall uncomfort thee.

We'll join our hands in wedded bands

And a-married we will be.

16 Nov 08 - 12:26 PM (#2495205)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: topical tom

Tom Paxton- "Home to me is anywhere you are".

16 Nov 08 - 01:34 PM (#2495264)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Art Thieme

Love it is a killing fit,
Beauty, it's a blossom,
And if you want your finger bit
Just stick it at a possum;-----Fod!

(from Frank Warner)


16 Nov 08 - 01:37 PM (#2495268)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Art Thieme

We have a flower in me garden,
They call it Marry Gould,
And if ya do not when you may,
Ye shall not when ya would!

(from Ewan MacColl)

16 Nov 08 - 01:51 PM (#2495283)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Big Mick

When Amsterdam is golden in the morning
Margaret brings him breakfast
She believes him
He thinks the tulips bloom beneath the snow
He's mad as he can be but Margaret only sees that sometimes
Sometimes she sees her unborn children in his eyes

Michael Smith
The Dutchman

16 Nov 08 - 09:09 PM (#2495526)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Art Thieme

Touch me when I'm bowling,
Touch me when I'm snowmobiling,
When I'm cleaning the cat litter
Surprise me with your hands,
And lightly, with kung fu--
Touch me!

(a parody after Utah Phillips)

There was an old woman who loved a swine,
"Piggy," said she,
"Piggy, dear, will you be mine?"
"Snort!" -- said he!!

(This kind of relationship happens much more than we men would like to admit.)

This young couple were childhood sweethearts,
She was a child and he was a hood,
They lived a life of blissful, pure devotion,
Their song is ended, and I think that's good!

(I wrote the song -- called "That's The Ticket" ----- but it was Carol that came up with that 'childhood' line!! So I stole it.)--

----Art Thieme

16 Nov 08 - 10:44 PM (#2495566)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: BK Lick

Love doesn't die
Love is like a river
Coming from the mountain above
Into the valley below
You can try to change the way that it's going
But you're never gonna keep it from flowing
Love doesn't die
Love doesn't die
—Tom Dundee

16 Nov 08 - 11:14 PM (#2495573)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: John on the Sunset Coast

"When I'm not near the girl I love,
I love the girl I'm near."
--Harburg and Lane, "Finian's Rainbow"


Mick, great choice! I once listened to Tommy Makem's recording of "The Dutchman" four times in succession. It is a haunting song of both love and mortality.

17 Nov 08 - 06:28 AM (#2495692)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: GUEST,Suffolk Miracle

From False Lover One Back:
There's comfort comfortless
There's honey for the bee
And if there's none but me for you
There'll be none but you for me.

From Flash Company:
A tree it will grow in the midst of the sea
Before I prove false to the one who loves me
But the sea will run dry and the tree it willmove
Before I prove false to the one that I love

17 Nov 08 - 07:22 AM (#2495713)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: kendall

"If you cheat again he'll have to move the flowers." If that don't chill you, you aint human.

17 Nov 08 - 07:38 AM (#2495720)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: kendall


"There's a ghost in the hallway,he sings an old song
of a soldier and maiden whose love was so strong,
But he died in some battle far over the sea
And she walks by the water and weeps quietly."


"I feel like an oak tree that's caught in the wind
And my branches are too old to bend."
                                          (Dave Mallett)


"My life had been a wilderness,
Unblessed by fortune's gale,
Had fate not linked my lot to hers
The Rose of Allendale."

17 Nov 08 - 08:01 AM (#2495733)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: kendall

"I'll give you back your ring and letters,
And the picture I loved so well,
And henceforth we will meet as strangers,
But, I will never say farewell."             (Fond affection)

17 Nov 08 - 11:50 AM (#2495877)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: GUEST,Golightly

Not a folk song, but my favourite love-lines are from The Pretenders 'Back on the Chain Gang':

Like a break in the battle, was your part
In the wretched life of a lonely heart

17 Nov 08 - 03:39 PM (#2496067)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Art Thieme

Last Saturday night I got married
Me and my wife settled down,
Now me and my wife are parted,
Gonna take another stroll downtown.

"Goodnight Irene"


17 Nov 08 - 05:55 PM (#2496184)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Lizzie Cornish 1

"For mine, I'd very much love to have a line from a folk song inscribed on the inside.."

"She chose my hands to lay her heart on"

('First Robin of Springtime' by Bruce Murdoch)

17 Nov 08 - 07:25 PM (#2496253)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Peter T.

"But of all these friends and lovers,
There is no one compares with you,
And these memories lose their meaning,
When I think of love as something new --
though I know I'll never lose affection,
for people and things that went before,
I know I'll often stop and think about them --
In my life I love you more."


Peter T.

17 Nov 08 - 07:30 PM (#2496259)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Art Thieme

Roll your leg over,
Roll your leg over,
Roll your leg over
The man in the moon.

17 Nov 08 - 08:02 PM (#2496276)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Bobert

"She broke my heart so I busted her jaw".... Spooky Tooth

Awww, jus' funnin'... How 'bout...

"Love hurts" by Nazareth... No, that won't do... How bout...

"If ya' don't start drinkin', I'm gonna leave" by Bad Boy George Thorgood.....

Don't like any of them then try this one...

"Love is measured by what one is willing to give up for it"... Don't know who wrote that but it sums it up purdy nicely...


17 Nov 08 - 11:20 PM (#2496371)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Joe_F

O love, love, love,
Love is like a dizziness;
It winna let a puir body
Gang about his business. -- James Hogg

Who loves the glass without the G,
Take away L and that is he. -- Trad.

Jenny kissed me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in;
Time, you thief, who love to get
Sweets into your list, put _that_ in:
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad,
Say that health and wealth have missed me,
Say I'm growing old, but add,
Jenny kissed me! -- Leigh Hunt

    Hail, sovereign queen of secrets, who hast power                                                                                                   
    To call the fiercest tyrant from his rage,                                                                                                         
    And weep unto a girl; that hast the might,                                                                                                         
    Even with an eye-glance, to choke Mars's drum                                                                                                      
    And turn th' alarm to whispers; that canst make                                                                                                      
    A cripple flourish with his crutch, and cure him                                                                                                   
    Before Apollo; that mayst force the king                                                                                                            
    To be his subject's vassal, and induce                                                                                                               
    Stale gravity to dance; the poll'd bachelor,                                                                                                         
    Whose youth, like wanton boys through bonfires,                                                                                                      
    Have skipp'd thy flame, at seventy thou canst catch,                                                                                                
    And make him, to the scorn of his hoarse throat,                                                                                                   
    Abuse young lays of love. What godlike power                                                                                                         
    Hast thou not power upon? To Phoebus thou                                                                                                            
    Add'st flames, hotter than his; the heavenly fires                                                                                                   
    Did scorch his mortal son, thine him. The huntress                                                                                                   
    All moist and cold, some say, began to throw                                                                                                         
    Her bow away, and sigh. Take to thy grace                                                                                                            
    Me thy vow'd soldier, who do bear thy yoke                                                                                                         
    As 'twere a wreath of roses, yet is heavier                                                                                                         
    Than lead itself, stings more than nettles. I                                                                                                      
    Have never been foul-mouth'd against thy law,                                                                                                      
    Nev'r reveal'd secret, for I knew none, would not,                                                                                                   
    Had I kenn'd all that were. I never practiced                                                                                                      
    Upon man's wife, nor would the libels read                                                                                                         
    Of liberal wits. I never at great feasts                                                                                                            
    Sought to betray a beauty, but have blush'd                                                                                                         
    At simp'ring sirs that did. I have been harsh                                                                                                      
    To large confessors, and have hotly ask'd them                                                                                                      
    If they had mothers; I had one, a woman,                                                                                                            
    And women 'twere they wrong'd. I knew a man                                                                                                         
    Of eighty winters -- this I told them -- who                                                                                                               
    A lass of fourteen brided. 'Twas thy power                                                                                                         
    To put life into dust: the aged cramp                                                                                                               
    Had screw'd his square foot round,                                                                                                                  
    The gout had knit his fingers into knots,                                                                                                            
    Torturing convulsions from his globy eyes                                                                                                            
    Had almost drawn their spheres, that what was life                                                                                                   
    In him seem'd torture. This anatomy                                                                                                                  
    Had by his young fair fere a boy, and I                                                                                                            
    Believ'd it was his, for she swore it was,                                                                                                         
    And who would not believe her? Brief, I am                                                                                                         
    To those that prate and have done, no companion;                                                                                                   
    To those that boast and have not, a defier;                                                                                                         
    To those that would and cannot, a rejoicer.                                                                                                         
    Yea, him I do not love that tells close offices                                                                                                      
    The foulest way, nor names concealments in                                                                                                         
    The boldest language. Such a one I am,                                                                                                               
    And vow that lover never yet made sigh                                                                                                               
    Truer than I. O then, most soft sweet goddess,                                                                                                      
    Give me the victory of this question, which                                                                                                         
    Is true love's merit, and bless me with a sign                                                                                                      
    Of thy great pleasure. -- Shakespeare

18 Nov 08 - 10:19 AM (#2496711)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Stilly River Sage

Cyparissa, I hope you have a really fat finger and a really large ring, to sport some of these suggested inscriptions!


Your first choices weren't bad.


19 Nov 08 - 10:23 AM (#2497615)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Bryn Pugh

I wonder, by my troth ! What thou and I
Did, till we loved ? were we not weaned till then ?
Or sucked on country pleasures, childishly,
Or snorted in the seven sleepers' den.
'Twas so. But this, all pleasures fancies be.
If ever any beauty I did see
Which I desired, and got,
'Twas but a dream of thee.

John Donne - The Good Morrow.

19 Nov 08 - 11:14 AM (#2497655)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Georgiansilver

My love is like the red red rose, that's newly sprung in June.

19 Nov 08 - 11:36 AM (#2497669)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: mayomick

till all the seas gang dry my dear

19 Nov 08 - 01:03 PM (#2497738)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: kendall

"There you are, here I am, and here we go again" (Dave Mallett)

19 Nov 08 - 01:21 PM (#2497747)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Dave the Gnome

Funnily enough I just posted Ernie - the fastest milkman in the west. to the best love story thread. I am sure you will find something useful there:-D

If not, lines abound in both 'The Rose' and 'The wind beneath my wings'.

Cheers and good luck.


19 Nov 08 - 01:24 PM (#2497749)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Peter T.

Hey Amos, being lazy, what's that Shakespeare from?


Peter T.

19 Nov 08 - 01:27 PM (#2497754)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: fat B****rd

"Until the twelfth of never"

19 Nov 08 - 03:23 PM (#2497873)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Dave the Gnome

Hmmm, I dunno, FB. That IS a long, long time...

Really vague question here but there is a beautiful love somg that was apparantly written by a Monk in, I think, the middle ages. I am sure it has gained some popularity recently and may have been used in some film or advert. Can anyone put me out of my misery? Without resorting to a shotgun that is.


19 Nov 08 - 09:01 PM (#2498126)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Cyparissa

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. :) Sadly, my finger isn't fat enough for a very long inscription...though maybe if it was inscribed both inside and out...

Anyway, are you thinking of Dark Night of the Soul, David?
[link] I agree that it's absolutely gorgeous, but I couldn't find anything succinct enough for a ring. :/

19 Nov 08 - 09:22 PM (#2498134)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Bobert

"Twelth of Never" is the sappiest love song that has ever been written... Bar none...

"I'll love you 'til the blues bells forget to bloom
I've love you 'til the clover has lost its perfume
I've love you 'til the poet runs out of rhyme
Until the 12th of Never
And that's a long, long time...

Man, geeze, oh pete...

That is some sappy stuff...



20 Nov 08 - 07:42 AM (#2498325)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: fat B****rd

...guess I'm just an old sappy softie , Bobert. Actually I only like the title line. :-)

20 Nov 08 - 07:52 AM (#2498327)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: GUEST,Jonny Sunshine

from the Turtle Dove (many variants thereof)

The tides shall cease to beat the shore
And the stars fall from the sky
But I shall love you more and more
Until the day I die
Then let the seas run dry sweetheart
And the rocks melt in the sun
For thou and I shall never part
Til all these things be done

My wife and I did seriously consider having half a line each from this verse, but in the end the rings we chose were too small to fit anything on..

20 Nov 08 - 08:26 AM (#2498349)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: kendall

"But the heart beats on as warmly now,
As when the summer days were neigh,
The sun can never dip so low
A down affections cloudless sky.


" How happy we were for a day,
Like lovebirds we dwelt 'neath the bower,
And the brightness of Cora's sweet smile,
Seemed to rival the blush of the flowers,
But, happiness fades like the rose,
Before the first full of the moon,
The Grim Reaper knocked at my door,
And took Cora my pretty quadroon."

Farewell to Kentucky's green hills
Farewell to Kentucky's green braes
Farewell to the green grassy fields
Where Cora and I often strayed
To this old world I'll soon say 'Farewell'
My heart will find rest in the tomb
But my spirit will fly to the spot
And watch over my pretty quadroon.

                  My Pretty Quadroon)

20 Nov 08 - 08:43 AM (#2498367)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Snuffy

Believe me if all those endearing young charms,
Which I gaze on so fondly today,
Were to change by tomorrow and fleet in my arms,
Like fairy gifts, fading away.
Thou wouldst still be adored as this moment thou art,
Let thy loveliness fade as it will,
And around the dear ruin each wish of my heart,
Would entwine itself verdantly still.

It is not while beauty and youth are thine own,
And thy cheeks unprofaned by a tear,
That the fervor and faith of a soul can be known,
To which time will but make thee more dear.
Oh, the heart that has truly loved ne'er forgets,
But as truly loves on to the close,
As the sunflower turns on her god when he sets,
The same look which she gave when he rose.

20 Nov 08 - 06:00 PM (#2498836)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Art Thieme

I only had levity on my mind when I added the humorous love verses to this nice thread. No offense was intended .. at all.

Live and learn.

20 Nov 08 - 09:21 PM (#2498990)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Joe_F

Peter T.: I think you must mean me, not Amos. The speech is from _The Two Noble Kinsmen_, by Shakespeare & Fletcher, and (I gather) is usually attributed to Shakespeare.

20 Nov 08 - 09:37 PM (#2498999)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Uncle Phil

Love's a word I never throw around -- Robert Earl Keen, Jr.

Love's a word I never throw around,
So when I say I love you til' the end,
I'm talkin' about until the day they lay me in the ground,
Love's a word I never throw around.

20 Nov 08 - 09:49 PM (#2499011)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: kendall

Snuffy, I have always loved that song. I thought it was "melt" in my arms?

21 Nov 08 - 08:41 PM (#2499709)
Subject: RE: Best verses about love
From: Joe_F

The soldier loves his rifle,
The scholar loves his books,
The farmer loves his horses,
The film star loves her looks.
There's love the whole world over,
Wherever you may be.
Some lose their rest for gay Mae West,
But you're my cup of tea. -- W. H. Auden

More than a catbird hates a cat
Or a criminal hates a clue
Or the Axis hates the United States,
That's how much I love you. -- Ogden Nash