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NEED INFO - Copyright or Public Domain?

17 Jun 99 - 09:07 AM (#87369)
Subject: old songs
From: Lynn

I need to know when the following songs were copyrighted: Volare, Old Man River, God Bless America, Camptown Ladies, Gentle Annie, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Come where My Love is Dreaming, Swanee River Mr. Sandman. Thanks!

17 Jun 99 - 10:05 AM (#87379)
Subject: RE: NEED INFO
From: Jesse in Sonora

Lynn...You might try going to and check the data base on some of these. Jesse

17 Jun 99 - 10:44 AM (#87389)
Subject: RE: NEED INFO
From: Bill in Alabama


Camptown Races--1850 Gentle Annie--1856 Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming--1860 Old Folks at Home (Swanee River)--1851

A great resource for this sort of search can be the Levy Sheet Music Collection, at:

NOTE--The Levy Collection is best for the really old songs.