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Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?

08 Dec 08 - 10:28 AM (#2509946)
Subject: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: Mr Happy

The party season쳌fs gathering full swingability & although most쳌fve the gatherings I go to are music & song parties, the Xmas party form often has other guests who seem excluded from the activities.

In order to remedy this deficit, I쳌fd welcome some ideas on other types of inclusive activities, hopefully party games but with a folky/music theme

08 Dec 08 - 03:26 PM (#2510143)
Subject: RE: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: VirginiaTam


Number of players 2 to ?

Object of game to come up with real song title by turning over one word from previous into next title(exclude common words like: A, An, It, Me, Mine, My, On, One, That, The, There, This, You)

First player States a song title
example Go Tell It On The Mountain

Next Player states another song title using one or more words from previous
example Rocky Mountain High

... Rocky Top

... On Top Of Old Smoky

... The Old Rugged Cross

... The Way We Were (cannot be used as "THE" is not allowed as the turnover word)

Woot! I just made this game up!

08 Dec 08 - 09:02 PM (#2510313)
Subject: RE: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: Nick E

Pin the nose on Rudolf?

08 Dec 08 - 10:24 PM (#2510348)
Subject: RE: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: Joybell

What ever you do don't play hide and seek if you have an old chest hidden around anywhere. Don't take my word for it -- see "The Mistletoe Bough".

We have a set of large cards with pictures of the articles for "The Twelve Days of Christmas". When we perform at Christmas functions we hand them out to groups of people. Then I run around and point to each group as their turn comes and they sing (and sometimes also act) their bit. We all sing the partrige in the pear tree line.
Cheers, Joy

08 Dec 08 - 10:50 PM (#2510354)
Subject: RE: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: catspaw49

Here's a nice and educational game showing How To Stuff A and good seasonal advice!

Or what about the New Year's tradition of fireworks? HERE ARE SOME FOLKS that seem to be having a load of fun!


09 Dec 08 - 01:42 AM (#2510415)
Subject: RE: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: Liz the Squeak

There's a great book which unfortunately I can't get at at the moment to tell you the correct name, but it's by Frank and Jamie Muir and it goes through the entire Christmas period from Hallowe'en to Candlemas. In it there are descriptions of old games played up and down the centuries - how much more folky can that be?

It might be called 'A Treasury of Christmas', but I know it's been out of print for a while.. if you can get hold of a copy, then do so, because it's brilliant.


09 Dec 08 - 10:39 AM (#2510715)
Subject: RE: Xmas Party Games, Suggestions?
From: GUEST,Rich A

A Cotswold Morris version of Mornington Crescent! Only proper cotswold villages allowed so no Lichfield. Black book version 2B is the rule book.

I'll start