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'Lomax the Hound of Music'

09 Dec 08 - 12:46 AM (#2510395)
Subject: 'Lomax the Hound of Music'
From: GUEST,booklynrose

Apparently there is a new television show for children on the (U.S.) Public Broadcasting System called, "Lomax the Hound of Music." A dog, Lomax, and his friends travel around the United States hunting for folk songs. There is a web site, with songs and suggestions for teaching music to children as well as games for children. It even has information about Alan Lomax. I have not seen the TV show, but a friend told me about the web site. I am very pleased that PBS would introduce folk music to a generation of children who do not have the opportunites we had to be among people singing folk songs together.
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09 Dec 08 - 01:23 AM (#2510412)
Subject: RE: 'Lomax the Hound of Music'
From: Desert Dancer

Someone posted a while ago that this was in the works -- sounds great. Shall have to get a petition on to get it added to our local schedule!

~ Becky in Tucson

09 Dec 08 - 09:15 AM (#2510646)
Subject: RE: 'Lomax the Hound of Music'
From: Leadfingers

And all they seem to do over here in UK is cut any real folk from the