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Chord/lyr Req: Dover (John Flynn)

17 Dec 08 - 05:30 PM (#2518312)
Subject: Chord Req: Dover by John Flynn
From: GUEST,JIm Colbert

I don't think this one's that hard, but I'm having trouble with it, for some reason. (Well, the reason probably being I'm not very good at this sort of thing!)

17 Dec 08 - 05:35 PM (#2518318)
Subject: RE: Chord/lyr Req: Dover by John Flynn
From: Joe Offer

Do you have lyrics you can post for us, Jim?

17 Dec 08 - 06:26 PM (#2518373)
Subject: Lyr Add: DOVER (John Flynn)
From: GUEST,Jim Colbert

(John Flynn)

Elijah was a sergeant, 42 years old

from Mesa Arizona, Elijah won't grow old

Patrick was with C Troop, Second Armored Cav

His buddies all remember how Patrick loved to laugh

Seth was from East Brunswick, just a newly wed

Somewhere in New Jersey Seth's young widow bows her head 

Daniel was from Boston shipped out from Fort Bragg

His mother got back Daniel with a folded flag

Oh big airplane bring'em down easy

Out of the Delaware skies

Oh big airplane Dover is waiting

to welcome the fallen you fly

William was in Anbar, combat engineer
1st Marine Division, William isn't here 

Alan rebuilt bridges for Battalion B
Next to cause of death they wrote the letters I E D

Gussie was a scrub nurse hailing from Fort Bliss

Gussie had a spirit this world's gonna miss

Jeremiah's son cries on his mamma's knee

There was no armor plating on his dad's humvee


Scrubbed wooden pallets with white straps cinched over

Long boxes of flag draped aluminum 

The C-5 is crowded when it lands in Dover

The honor guard boards and makes room again 

Making straight for Nineveh, just like Jonah's whale 

Holy truth you swallow, overseas you sail

Precious is the cargo sacred was their gift

offered in a sandstorm from which your wings lift

Those who would take notice can't watch you set down

Behind barbed wire fences miles from their town

No one breathes to question this silent parade

Except for the anguished loved ones left to say


18 Dec 08 - 04:34 AM (#2518652)
Subject: RE: Chord/lyr Req: Dover by John Flynn
From: Joe Offer

Thanks, Jim. Now, I hope somebody posts chords for you.
It's a powerful song.