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Tech: Hotmail Scam

12 Jan 09 - 06:36 PM (#2538406)
Subject: Hotmail Scam
From: bubblyrat

Hi !! I just opened my "Hotmail" application,and was confronted by a MASSIVE and OVERWHELMING demand for ALL my personal data,with the threat that otherwise my Hotmail account would be shut down within 24 hours. The standard of English used was,to be honest,beneath contempt , to say the least, but I can see how some people might be "spooked" -----Don't go there !! ( Bastards !!)

12 Jan 09 - 09:21 PM (#2538518)
Subject: RE: Hotmail Scam
From: kendall

This crap has been going on for years. Poor English is one of the clues to the scam.

13 Jan 09 - 07:12 AM (#2538634)
Subject: RE: Hotmail Scam
From: GUEST,goatfell

well there you go text messages and the people that does text messages on the phone are now on the internet and their spelling is crap, I mean I'm not good a spelling but at lest I don't text.

because when I do I can't understand it, bad use of English