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Thanx to Sandy Paton

25 Jun 99 - 11:33 AM (#89707)
Subject: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Jennifer-"Risselty looker"

I can't say thank you enough for the help. And by the way...if you are a klutz, then I am still on training wheels!

25 Jun 99 - 09:45 PM (#89866)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: Rick Fielding

FINALLY! A Sandy Paton thread that the modest man himself can do nothing to get rid of.
Thank you Sandy Paton for so many wonderful things you helped bring into my life!
In no particular order (save the first one)
1. Caroline Paton
2. Folk-Legacy's library
3. Folk-Legacy's record collection
4. Folk-Legacy's ethics
5. Joe Hickerson and Jerry Rasmussen
6. Your true stories
7. All the good folks you introduced me to
8. Your sense of humour and appreciation of irony
9. The first album I've ever done that I LIKED!
10. Thanks for believing in my work when I had become very cynical about the music business and whether I wanted to be part of it anymore. You showed me an alternative road that has been very rewarding. (no money jokes!)
I love you Sandy...get to a hundred, like your dad. OK?

25 Jun 99 - 10:05 PM (#89871)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: catspaw49

Can't blow it off can he Rick?

...and for sharing a lifetime's knowledge, not about music although he certainly does. No, the real truths about being a humane being.

...and for sharing himself with a cyber friend he'd never met, and expressing true compassion and caring in the way he has of doing things like that.

...and for giving me another favorite love song, one I knew but didn't see in the same way. In the process, I learned to look at things in a different way. Sandy has a beautiful way of separating chaff from grain....Go back and read many of his insightful posts.

...and to he and Caroline and the rest on the Golden Ring CD who sang me to sleep when the pain medication didn't work.

...and for living in our village here. He said once that he always wanted to live somewhere like this. So do I and we're all lucky to have Sandy and Caroline among us.


P.S.---Did you get the UPS from Cletus? He sent the Larrivee soundhole back because he could never keep it in tune.

26 Jun 99 - 12:57 AM (#89895)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Big Mick

I am almost at a loss to express what I feel for these people, because you canna speak of Sandy without speaking of Caroline. I remember when I welcomed him to the Cat. I was struck by the respect and admiration that was expressed about him by the 'Catters who knew him. Remember Sandy, how I referred to this in the first post? And every contact I have had with you since has affirmed why it is that people have great respect, admiration and love for you. It is because the true essence of you that comes through is loving, caring, interested and full of life. You couldn't hide it if you wanted to. Even though we are but cyber friends (until next month, that is.....hahaha), I count you among some of the very best.

And I love the fact that you can't do a thing about us doing this......hahahahahahaha.....great stuff.

All the best,


26 Jun 99 - 01:06 AM (#89900)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Alice

And, Sandy, thanks for helping me find the book by You Know Who. The emails we had that evening after the search were supportive enough to make me aim for a mostly a capella recording. Thanks for appreciating the music that doesn't fall into a specific commercial 'category'. You'll never know how much of an inspirational boost you have been.


26 Jun 99 - 12:28 PM (#89977)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Rick Fielding

Rick Impersonating Sandy Right Now.

stage direction: Rugged, multi-pocketed vest and cap wearing man (played by Rip Torn) gallumphs up stairs into computer room (after visit to bathroom) and sits down in swivel chair. Checks out folk music air-play on DJ sites..

Sandy: "Hmmm, Ani DiFranco, Ani Di Franco, Ani DiFranco, Ani Di...oops, what's this? Gordon Bok? Way to go, Gordo, it's a revival! Ani DiFranco, Ani Di....BOB DYLAN!???!"
turns off DJ lists in disgust. Goes to Mudcat in hopes someone will have need of 3rd line in 79th verse of "Tam Lin", sees "Thanx Sandy Patton" thread. Prays that spelling means that it's NOT HIM! Discovers to his horror that it IS HIM!. Tries to discard natural modesty, but can't do it.
Sandy: Glmphhh, Mmmblll, !@#%^& "maybe the damn thing will go away."

It will. But not for a while.

26 Jun 99 - 12:45 PM (#89981)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Art Thieme

All of the above from ol' Art. Sandy & Caroline & Lee Haggerty and David & Robin Paton-----all of you up on Sharon Mountain (a most beautiful part of Connecticut) have certainly been unbelievably important in my life---more than words can ever intimate. Thanks for all of it. It'll be great to see you the first part of July.

(Sandy & Caroline will be at the Gebhart Woods Dulcimer Festival in Morris, Illinois on July 10 & 11, 1999.)

I just got the 2 cassette set (formerly LPs) of the Beech Mountain, N.C. people from Folk Legacy and one of Frank Profitt too. My LPs were worn out completely. I am appreciating the a capella ballad style more than ever. Good to be reaquainted with old friends. That's exactly what your issued music has become to me over the many moons passing.

Love to you all,


26 Jun 99 - 12:45 PM (#89982)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: Joe Offer

Sandy, you're like a beloved professor, a wise man with a big heart. You inspire all of us to carry on the tradition of the music you love so much. Well, perfesser, we've been listening, and we've learned a lot from you.
-Joe Offer-

27 Jun 99 - 08:37 PM (#90210)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: karen k

I'll respond to this one in a day or two. It's going to take a while to find the words to express how much all the Patons and Folk Legacy mean to me. This comment it just to bring this thread back to the top.

karen k

27 Jun 99 - 08:52 PM (#90213)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: harpgirl

...yes Sandy and Caroline...I'm not a wordy person but I also deeply appreciate the opportunity to enjoy and learn from your life's wisdom...harpgirl

28 Jun 99 - 12:10 AM (#90270)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Liam's Brother

Hi Sandy & Caroline!

In between Farmington and NYC this afternoon, I passed through Waterbury. I was singing "Scovill's" from the Eastern town line to the Western. It's coming along.

You know I'll never drive Route 8 again without thinking about Brass Valley and all those immigrant workers and the places they worked and drank and lived and died. Thanks.

All the best,

28 Jun 99 - 09:26 AM (#90338)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: Jeri

If you ignore Folk Legacy, Sandy's knowledge and experience, and his downright niceness and charm, he's still responsible for getting me to sign onto Mudcat and get my butt to Old Songs. Sandy and Caroline, thanks for welcoming me into the "family," thanks for the music!

28 Jun 99 - 09:34 AM (#90341)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

Sandy, you know I owe you and your dear wife a debt of a lifetime-
'Catters, back in 1970 or so when I was a wee lassie of about 10, I had sadly decided I could never be a musician because I didn't have a piano and my parents wouldn't give me lessons (funny what kids think makes a musician!). While visiting my grandparents in Sharon, CT, my granny suggested that my mum take me to hear a nice young couple who sang nice songs. We went to hear that nice young Paton couple, and my jaw hit the floor- I realized that I could be a musician after all- I resolved there and then to learn to play the guitar and do what they did- and I did and I do, to a small extent.
This past fall I had the great pleasure of having them come sing at the school where I teach, where they delighted the children so much that in our last days of school when we sing all the songs we've loved through the year, more than half of the songs requested were songs taught us by the Patons!!
Thank you Sandy and Caroline for still being in my life!
Love from Allison

28 Jun 99 - 07:47 PM (#90509)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Big Mick

I just love this place. This is why.

Big Mick

28 Jun 99 - 08:21 PM (#90514)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Banjer

Just from reading what he (Sandy) has written, I have learned much. I probably will never get to meet him, since my chances of getting that far away from home are probably less than the proverbial snowball in hell! But somehow I feel like I have known Mr. Paton for a long time. His ready wit and obvious vast knowledge of folk music are one of the things that keep me coming back to the 'Cat. Thanks, Sandy!

28 Jun 99 - 08:31 PM (#90518)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Liam's Brother

Hey, Sandy, where's that $5 you owe me?

28 Jun 99 - 09:12 PM (#90523)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: catspaw49

And here's a second Mick. What a place!


28 Jun 99 - 11:36 PM (#90579)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: bbc

I have now seen Sandy & Caroline exactly twice in person, but we feel like they have adopted us. They are, for sure, the finest kind of people & I feel honored & blessed to have made their acquaintance. Hope to get to know them much better, as time goes on.

with our love,

Barbara & Duane

P.S., Sandy, that drive to Amenia always feels shorter, now that I know you & Caroline are close by!

29 Jun 99 - 09:01 AM (#90663)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Jeri

Sandy (both on-line and in person) and Caroline (in person) feel like the human gravitational center of the Mudcat universe. I picture them standing in the middle of everything with arms open, pulling folks in.

29 Jun 99 - 02:13 PM (#90744)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Barbara

Amen to that, Jeri! Good hearted folks, both of them. Sure do appreciate the ways my life has been improved by knowing you.

29 Jun 99 - 04:56 PM (#90786)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: folk1234

I met Sandy and Caroline at Pinewoods Folk Music Week in '91, when I was just begining to play guitar and sing in public. They had a magic kindness and heartfelt concern that made me feel at ease. At least as at ease as one could possibly be amongst so many fine musicians. Over the years I have spoken with Sandy and Caroline from time to time by telephone regarding old songs and albums. Each time I felt that I was speaking with an old (no offense, Sandy) friend, not a business person in the recording business. The same degree of kindness and concern are evident in Sandy's Mudcat postings. Ya' just don't find very many people like that no more!

29 Jun 99 - 11:01 PM (#90890)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Rick Fielding

This is going to seem trivial and perhaps be regarded as a cheap trick to move this back to the top for a few more hours but it's about a vital topic. Without Sandy Paton, I would never have discovered the Ames store in Amenia NY. Much of my underwear and socks over the last 5 years have been purchased at a substantial saving with the help of Sandy's "old fart" discount card. Now that I've found out that Bbc also frequents Amenia, I have another reason for going.
Other facts about Amenia: Artists who have performed concerts there include: Nancy Sinatra (the sign said:"Her Boots are still Walkin") and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. (Sandy didn't do enough acid in the sixties and hadn't heard of them)

30 Jun 99 - 12:06 AM (#90912)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Sandy Paton

Regarding that $5, Dan. I spent it bribing all these folk to post this stuff. Only trouble is, Jennifer forgot the obligatory "BS" in the thread title!

Rick called Caroline and told her this thread existed and she got on me at dinner tonight to tell her about it. I'd been trying for a couple of evenings to think of a cyber-way to twist my big toe in the dirt and say "Aw, shucks, fellers an' girls," but, darn it, I couldn't find one. So, I was just going to let the thread die its natural death. See what you got me into, Rick? From now on, you're gonna have to buy your own socks, although I know you once plotted to meet "bbc" there. Remember, now, she's just a kid and doesn't get the old fart discount!

Enough already, kids. But thanks to all of you for the gracious words. Tomorrow I'll try to earn 'em.


30 Jun 99 - 04:04 PM (#91113)
Subject: Lyr Add: A SONG FOR FOLK-LEGACY (Bob Clayton) ^^^
From: Ferrara

Sandy, I wouldn't frivolously disobey your "cease and desist" request, but this is *important* and anyway it's a song. Bob Clayton (songbob) wrote the following song about Folk Legacy records, quite a few years ago. It's a parody of "THE LETTER EDGED IN BLACK." You can find it and play the tune at
This is my first attempt at a Blue Clicky Thing

A SONG FOR FOLK-LEGACY (Or A Record Edged in Black)
(Bob Clayton)

1. I was standing by my window one fine morning,
Without a thought of worry or of care,
When I saw the postman coming up the pathway
With such a jolly face and jaunty air.
He rang the bell and whistled while he waited,
And then he said, " Good morning to you, Jack!"
But he little knew the happiness he brought me
When he handed me that record edged in black.

2. With trembling hands I took the record from him;
I opened it and put it on to play.
When I heard that old-time singer with his banjo,
It changed my very life right from that day.
I didn't know a thing about the singer
As I read the liner notes from front to back,
And the only song I recognized, "Tom Dooley,"
On that wonderful first record edged in black.

3. Now, since that time, I've heard a lot of music,
And I learned to sing and play a bit, myself,
From those songs and singers that I grew to cherish
In that black-bound stack of records on the shelf.
I used to wait just for the postman's visit,
Coming up the pathway with his pack;
'Cause I knew the kind of music that could move me
Was found upon those records edged in black.

4. But harder times have hit the record business;
It's tough to make a go, I've heard it said.
And little folky companies like this one
Do most of their accounts in ink of red.
You've got to get the customer's attention
As he browses through the old folk record rack.
It's been a couple years, or even longer,
Since I've seen a good old record edged in black.

5. I know you can't return to days back yonder.
The world turns toward the morning, so they say.
But I, for one, would not be too unhappy
If a few things never changed from day to day.
I'd like to see the postman one fine morning,
Coming up the pathway with his pack,
He'd never know the happiness he'd bring me
If he handed me a record edged in black.

30 Jun 99 - 10:16 PM (#91199)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: bbc

The wonders of the Internet--now I've got men in 2 different countries bandying my name about in conjunction w/ underwear!!! That's it; I'm ruined!

bbc (giggling in NY)

BTW, Rick, you never did reply to my 2nd Dr. Ruth post. I was disappointed!

01 Jul 99 - 01:35 AM (#91255)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Rick Fielding

Dr Ruth? I've missed that. Someone fill me in. Puleeze!

01 Jul 99 - 06:47 AM (#91300)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: bbc

Check out your Man/Woman of the Yr thread.


01 Jul 99 - 11:53 AM (#91381)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: karen k

Neat song. Now, do we need verses about CD's and cassettes. There's certainly no end to the influence and impact that the Patons and Folk Legacy have on people.

karen k

01 Jul 99 - 01:46 PM (#91413)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: The Shambles

Thank you Sandy.

01 Jul 99 - 03:50 PM (#91437)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Songbob

Damn! Ferrarra beat me to it (The Record Edged in Black). It's in the Digital Tradition, and I like to sing it now and then, myself. In fact, there's an Open Sing this Friday, with the topic "Songs about singing." I just went through my list of self-penned songs and found some 22 about singing, but maybe "Record" will get an airing -- who knows?

As for Sandy, he's sort of like George (is that the name?)in "A Wonderful Life." What would this "village" be if he hadn't been born? For that matter, who would be there to help Caroline out?

Bob Clayton

01 Jul 99 - 03:53 PM (#91441)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Ferrara

Sorry Bob. Didn't think you'd been around much lately and felt the song was so great it shouldn't be missed.

Joe - thanks for fixing the Blue Clicky Thing.- Rita

01 Jul 99 - 06:19 PM (#91480)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Barbara Shaw

Sandy, you seem to be the ultimate Mudcat, Mr. Mud himself. (Your name is Mud?) You are sort of the paradigm for the community. I really think YOU should produce the mudcat album, put it on the Folk Legacy label and sell it wherever you set up headquarters. All 4 million of us would buy one, for sure.

Add my thanks to the pile.

Barbara (who calls my husband and son "drivelmasters" and avoids gushy praise like the proverbial plague)

01 Jul 99 - 07:42 PM (#91511)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Andy Leader

I happened to notice this thread while looking for a song, so thanks from me also, Mr. and Mrs. Paton. Back in 1964 or so when you lived in Huntington, Vt, I heard you do a song about "the good old days of Adam and of Eve." I write the chorus of that song on the board every sugaring season for my high school students to ponder, though I wish I had the words to the verses. Hope to see you one of these days. Andy

01 Jul 99 - 11:10 PM (#91557)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Sandy Paton

Hey, Andy! Good to hear from you! It's been a long, long time. I'll post the lyrics to the song when I get back from SummerFest in New Bedford (this week-end). I think I'll have time before we have to leave for Illinois and Michigan. We've assembled a total of five verses from various Vermont sources. Only had three when we recorded the song on that old "EGO-30" album. Watch for a "LYR ADD" thread about it.


02 Jul 99 - 05:53 AM (#91641)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Ferrara

Lord, this place is magic! - Rita F

24 Aug 01 - 05:00 PM (#534709)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: katlaughing

Refreshing for newbies and also because I've been listening to my cd All the Good People: A Golden Ring Reunion and I am still so in love with it! Every song on there is just grand!

For newbies who might be interested, please see Folk

Can't say thanks enough to Sandy and Caroline and family.


24 Aug 01 - 05:48 PM (#534763)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Don Firth

This thread slid off the bottom a few weeks before I knew there was a Mudcat. Thanks for re-upping this, kat. That that, Sandy!

Don Firth

24 Aug 01 - 08:30 PM (#534862)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Art Thieme

And Sandy, I double everything I said in that earlier post. It's over 40 years since those days when you did a guest set at the old Gate Of Horn in Chicago. You were freshly back from your collecting trip to Great Britain. Then your Elektra LP album came out. It's one of about 100 LPs I'll always keep close to me even though my turntable gave up the ghost a long time ago. (I'm glad I put it on cassette.)

Love to you all there in Sharon.


24 Aug 01 - 11:15 PM (#534936)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Murrey

For soooo much there's not enough room , not enough time , but the night in my livingroom after the kids concert at the Chocolate Church with Jack Beck from Scotland what time of morning was it ?? The next ( no later that morning) was the first time I ever heard you speak before coffee -I think you said "what a night " and it sure was !!!

Thank you and Caroline, you have been such a gift in my life ! ( you old folkfart !) Yeah I know enough already Love Murrey

26 Aug 01 - 10:52 AM (#535499)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Art Thieme

REFRESH (since this embarrasses Sandy. It's good for him.)

26 Aug 01 - 12:00 PM (#535534)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Naemanson

Yeah, let's keep it up!

Thanks, Sandy and Caroline, for the concerts you've done here at the Chocolate Church, for the free album you gave me just because I helped you lug boxes in and out, for the beautiful music you've shared with us over the years, and for the music you will share for many years to come.

And thanks, Sandy, for sitting with this newbie-to-folk at breakfast in Mystic and sharing some of the tales of your life. It helped to solidify my desire and need to keep singing and sharing.

26 Aug 01 - 02:48 PM (#535617)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Deckman

I just noticed this thread ... I've been busy! I have to add my .02 worth. Sandy, even though you and I have yet to meet, hug and shake hands, I grew up in folkmusic in Seattle under your legend. You and I both know the help you gave me a few years ago when I had to write an obituary. And you helped again recently and expanded my knowlege. Hey ... "expanded my knowlege." I think I just verbalized what about half of these wonderful folks have just said about you. And the other half of them just want to thank you for being you. How's that for a tribute! I'd like to add my name to the list. CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson

26 Aug 01 - 03:32 PM (#535649)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Don Firth

Back in 1960 at the Berkeley Folk Festival, I ran into Sandy after not seeing him since 1954, and he invited me to a private party after one of the concerts. Not only did Sandy and I have a chance to catch up, but after a bit, who should walk in but Peggy Seeger and Ewan McColl, who were also performing at the festival. Had a chance to talk with them for a while, also. Sandy's been a pretty busy fellow since way back then.

Thanks, guy!!

Don Firth

26 Aug 01 - 04:08 PM (#535672)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

Hey, Sandy, my baby brother George was too little (or too bratty) to take to the concert back in 1870-whatever, but now that he's 36 I'm turning him on to you and Golden Ring! The Legacy carries on!

27 Aug 01 - 11:39 AM (#536085)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Charley Noble

I'd also like to thank Sandy and Carolyn for their years of good work, and especially for producing and performing on the first Golden Ring album, which demonstrated to me that the spirit of the folk song party could be successfully captured on vinyl.

27 Aug 01 - 12:23 PM (#536112)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: GUEST,JohnB

I have only just seen this thread for the first time. I feel like a bit of a fraud posting here, as I have only met Sandy and Carolyn once. That was this year at Old Songs Fest. Very nice warm people, I particularly like the way Sandy ran the Sing around in the Dutch Barn. I really hate those free for all jump right in scrums, and usually end up frustrated at the back. Sandy found me back there along with all the others who wanted to share a song but were not in the inner circle. Hope to see you both at many more OSF's Thanks, JohnB

27 Aug 01 - 02:05 PM (#536173)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: open mike

yes-good their link was posted as that is what the hub - bub is all about or at least there is where can be seen the reason for all this hip hip hooray-ing! hip hip hooray!! what a wonderful resource the Pattons have been for lo these many years-- wonderful music by mail! Laurel who has had the good fortune to have spoken to sandy concerning wonderful books by mail....

27 Aug 01 - 02:12 PM (#536179)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Dahlin

Well Sandy you can't run from this one. It will probably be refreshed into infinity. I have to add my Amen to all the above. Many years and many roads and your still an inspiration to many of us. I started wearing some of those vests. Now I know why he likes them. Saves wear and tear on pants pockets. Sandy - Hope to see you and Caroline soon.

27 Aug 01 - 02:27 PM (#536191)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Naemanson

Dahlin wrote "Many years and many roads and your still an inspiration to many of us."

Dahlin, I cannot believe someone in your profession and calling would write "...and your still..." when they meant "...and you're still..."

Tut Tut, shame shame!

See you Tuesday!


27 Aug 01 - 03:17 PM (#536228)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Dahlin

Naemanson the English teacher. Perhaps the reference was to a still. More likely the results of my poor typing with my pooooor tired fingers. You'd better be sure you see me first on Tues. Hah!

27 Aug 01 - 05:31 PM (#536329)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: RoyH (Burl)

It's time to add my bit to the 'Thanx' Back in 1976, my first tour in America, I was at the NY Pinewoods club spring weekend at Camp Freedman. Sandy & Caroline were there too, familiar in name to me but I had never yet seen or met them. My plan was to seek them out and introduce myself, say thanks for the Folk-Legacy albums I had. The plan proved unnecessary. Sandy came over to me, asked about a song, and 'How did I like America, talking as if we had known each other for years. Caroline did likewise. Within a few minutes I felt we really HAD known each other for years. By now, of course, we HAVE known each other for lots of years,but the feeling of warmth and undemanding friendship I got from them all that time ago has never diminished. If anything it has grown ever more cherished with the passing years. In a time when the folk scene has grown? into a spectator sport/industry it's reassuring to know that some people who recall the spirit of participation and fellowship that marked the early days of this revival are still active and holding on to those principles. I can think of no truer standard bearers than Sandy ans Caroline. I may be an atheist, but I say, 'God Bless 'Em'. BURL.

27 Aug 01 - 06:00 PM (#536342)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Lorraine

Wonderful, caring, warm, beautiful and a lovely sense of humor- I've met the Pattons briefly many times over the years. Thank you both for all you have done to share music and yourselves with us all. Keep it up. Love Lorraine

27 Aug 01 - 06:31 PM (#536360)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)

Hello you Folk Legacies! I didn't know this thread existed until now- that's why I haven't uttered- but you both know I love you...yet one wants to be included in The OFficial Thread. How many years? Let's not count, but haven't they been wonderful ones!!! Love, Jean P.S: Didn't know there were two t's in your name...? P.S.2: Just to "t's" you further- where did that name, "Golden Ring" come from?

27 Aug 01 - 09:46 PM (#536495)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
From: Sandy Paton

From your song, Jean, of course! "Golden Ring Around My Susan Girl." Talking about people who have been an inspiration to us all, no one can match Jean Ritchie! Half of the songs we learned early on came from Jean's albums. The other half we dug out of Cecil Sharp's Appalachian collection, in which many of the songs were gathered from the Ritchie family. Then we got Jean's Singing Family of the Cumberlands (and if you haven't read it yet, do it now!). Recently, we got the "Field Trip" CD in which Jean matches songs with her informants in the British Isles. A great CD! Greenhaus at has it, of course.

While I'm giving thanks and praise, let me tell you how much we have enjoyed "Burl's" (that's Roy Harris, folks) songs and friendship over the years. Missed him last time he popped over from Wales, but we won't let that happen again. Such visits, brief as they may be, are too precious to miss an opportunity.

Folk-Legacy is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, which will let some of you youngsters realize how ancient we who founded it are now. If you've never heard of us, well, that just tells you how lousy we've always been at the promotion end of the business. Making the recordings is the fun part; selling them turns it into work!

I thank you all!

Sandy Paton (with one less "t")

28 Aug 01 - 04:23 PM (#536921)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: KathWestra

Well, since I wasn't around the 'Cat when this thread originated, I'll tardily add my voice to the chorus. Well said, everyone! Sandy and Caroline -- and we can't forget dear Lee Haggerty, who helped underwrite Folk Legacy 40 years ago -- are incomparable friends, to their host of friends, and to the folk music world as a whole. To Rick's initial list I need to add (from personal experience):

11. Rescuing 18-year-old Dutch girls from the clutches of the Calvinists. (ask Sandy sometime)

My life is richer for your friendship. Thanks for being there -- and here's to 40 more years! (The anniversary, by the way, is on Hallowe'en. Somebody should have a party...) Love to you, Kathy

31 Aug 01 - 11:00 AM (#538937)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: DebC

I have to chime in here as well. My life is certainly richer because of Folk Legacy and most recently because I am lucky to call Sandy and Caroline dear friends. As Caroline said last month, "We feel as if we have known you forever and it's only been a year or two"

I feel that way as well, but in my case I *have* known the Patons forever from listening to Folk Legacy recordings for many years. There is a lot of teaching that goes on in those recordings and still much for me to learn.

Thanks,Sandy, for all that you do and have done in the name of music.

Deb Cowan

03 Nov 09 - 06:15 PM (#2758977)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: bbc


03 Nov 09 - 06:50 PM (#2759003)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: Bill D

? Sandy was a great fellow, and very important...but any particular reason for refreshing?

04 Nov 09 - 01:01 AM (#2759147)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: open mike

maybe folks are thinking about him during day of the dead...

04 Nov 09 - 06:30 AM (#2759258)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: bbc

I just came across the thread & was thinking about Sandy. Thought others might like to see it again.


04 Nov 09 - 03:33 PM (#2759618)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
From: Waddon Pete

T'was a nice idea, Barbara. Good to be reminded.....

05 Nov 09 - 01:44 PM (#2760258)
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton

I think of Sandy fondly and often. Rick too. Just reading this brightened my otherwise crappy day. Thanks.