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Lyr Req: Wonderful Words of Life (Bliss) in Kyrgyz

24 Feb 09 - 06:31 PM (#2575130)
Subject: Lyr Req: What I miss is - Bliss in Kyrgyz
From: Haruo

I know that is a ridiculous parody of Ogden Nash there, but it's true. One of my main search objects at the moment is a Kyrgyz (aka Kirghiz) translation of Philip P Bliss's "Wonderful Words of Life". The Cyber Hymnal has the song in Russian, Spanish and Oromo, and I strongly suspect I've got the words here someplace in Japanese, and probably Esperanto and Vietnamese, likely even in Cheyenne, but what I really long for is Kyrgyz. But I haven't been able to find any website that looks likely as a first place to ask, so (as with my Arabic reindeer song) I turn to the Mudcat... Need it for a concert in early May. Anybody got a lead or a notion?


24 Feb 09 - 06:35 PM (#2575136)
Subject: Lyr Req: Wonderful Words of Life (Bliss) in Kyrgyz
From: Haruo

I just realized that the way I titled this thread might mislead one into thinking "What I miss is Bliss in Kyrgyz" was the first line of the text I'm looking for. Sorry.