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New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick

02 Mar 09 - 09:14 PM (#2579884)
Subject: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

I am pleased to announce the release of my first CD. Featuring a number of San Francisco Bay Area musicians on concertina, banjo, guitar and harmony vocals, it contains my two most requested songs, "Wallflower Waltz" and "Morning Shanty," as well as my personal favorite, "Paris." The recording also includes traditional American songs, 19th century compositions and a few covers.

The track list, for your convenience:
  1. Paris (Sharyn Dimmick)
  2. Vandy, Vandy (Trad -- yes, I know about Bob Coltman's tune -- this is not it)
  3. No More Fish, No Fishermen (Shelley Posen)
  4. Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
  5. Morning Shanty (Sharyn Dimmick)
  6. Little Sadie (Trad)
  7. When You and I Were Young, Maggie
  8. Barbara Allen (Trad)
  9. Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
  10. The Wallflower Waltz (Sharyn Dimmick)
  11. The Hallelujah Trilogy:
    • We Sing Hallelujah (Richard Thompson)
    • The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Julia Ward Howe)
    • Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
  12. Bringing in the Sheaves

The CD includes a full-color booklet with all the song lyrics and several original paintings, It is a beautiful package, if I do say so myself.

Watch for an upcoming review by another Mudcatter.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.

You can order them directly from me: send me an email at or PM me here. Eventually, they will also be available from CD Baby as well.

Thanks for reading this.


02 Mar 09 - 09:44 PM (#2579890)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: katlaughing

Congratulations, Sharyn. Do you have a myspace page where we might get a sample of your music, or a youtube sample? Sounds like a great CD.

All the best,


03 Mar 09 - 12:19 AM (#2579994)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Hi kat,

Not yet. I'm just taking the first steps into self promotion. I did just join Facebook (I know a lot of writers on there). But I am not too tech savvy, so the learning curve may be slow. When I can offer an audio sample somewhere I'll add it to the thread.

Thanks for writing in.


03 Mar 09 - 12:34 AM (#2579999)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: katlaughing

That would be good, Sharyn. Myspace is fairly easy, as long as you know where your sound files are on your computer. Of course, when you get hooked up with CDBaby, there will be samples there. Good luck!

03 Mar 09 - 01:42 AM (#2580018)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Well, Kat,

I have no idea where my sound files are on my computer: I don't use my computer for music except when you people make lovely little blue clickies to your samples. I've never tried to play a CD on my computer. I do have a brother who is an IT -- maybe I'll ask him to help me. He's a busy guy though.

03 Mar 09 - 05:56 PM (#2580612)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: Joe Offer

I'm familiar with two of the songs Sharyn has written, and I really like them:Can you post the lyrics to "Paris," Sharyn?

03 Mar 09 - 10:23 PM (#2580752)
Subject: ADD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Hi Joe.

"Paris" is a really long song, but here goes.

(Sharyn Dimmick)

You once lived in Paris:
We didn't have Paris.
You brought Paris to me
Again and again
With your stories of Paris
And writing in Paris
And the lecher you worked for
When you lived there then.

You wanted to write then
When you were much younger.
I wanted to go there.
You went there alone.
You went there again
Without saying, "I'm going."
Yeah, you went to Paris
And I, I stayed home.

Once I hitchhiked through Paris,
At twenty in Paris
Saw black flies in the market
And the road out of town.
In the hot sun I stood
With my thumb and my backpack
And summer around me
And dreams tumbling down.

And I went back to Paris
With a lover one winter.
It was cold in November --
We fought and we cried
And we ate too much cheese
And we watched others' children
And I ate at his table
And slept by his side.

We saw dead bones in Paris,
Catacombs beneath Paris.
We kissed in the chambers
Death bade us come see.
With my love I went walking
The vaults beneath Paris
Where the bones of old lovers
Were staring at me.

And I thought we'd have Paris,
You and I, go to Paris.
You would show me old buildings
And streets that you knew.
We would sit in cafes
And that would be our Paris:
Someday I'd have Paris
Together with you.

You did not even send me
A postcard from Paris
Or one from Hawaii
Or one from Vermont.
I cooked pictures up
In my fantasy fire,
Painted palm trees and hearts,
Spooned them into my want.

They say Mass for old lovers
In the tunnels of Paris:
They are lighting them candles.
They are chanting plainchants.
Well, the last thing I need
Is new thoughts of old lovers --
What I wanted was you
Whether here or in France.

We will never have Paris
Though you tell Paris stories
And though Paris is surely there,
Shining with spring.
We will never have Paris,
Or half what I wanted:
When I dreamed of Paris
You were not listening.

We will never have Paris
Though you tell Paris stories.
When I dreamed of Paris
You were not listening.

Words and Music by Sharyn Dimmick. All rights reserved

03 Mar 09 - 10:34 PM (#2580759)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: katlaughing

I look forward to hearing that, Sharyn.

Joe, thanks for the links. LOVE Wallflower Waltz!!

04 Mar 09 - 08:48 AM (#2581000)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: John Minear

Congratulations, Sharyn. I look forward to hearing this. J.

04 Mar 09 - 09:39 AM (#2581023)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thanks, John.

I lost track of you and Nancy for awhile (she'll like the paintings on the cover amd in the booklet). Good to hear from you.

I might add, I've priced them now: if I hand one to you it's $15 (U.S.) flat. If I send you one, it's $18 ($3 for postage and handling). If anyone would rather exchange CDs than buy one, PM me about yours.



06 Mar 09 - 09:25 PM (#2583010)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: Charley Noble


Thanks for refreshing this thread. I've been away for two weeks in Ethiopia and would have missed it. I'll certainly be ordering your new CD.

Charley Noble

06 Mar 09 - 10:23 PM (#2583040)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thank you, Charley -- I hope you enjoy it: #2 is about halfway done.


10 Mar 09 - 01:56 PM (#2585775)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: radriano

Yeoza, baby! A new cd from Sharyn Dimmick.

What line do I stand in?


11 Mar 09 - 03:25 PM (#2586566)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick

I've got my copy. Good work Sharyn! Of course, since my daughter (Susan Frank) appears on it, I'm naturally prejudiced in its favor.

13 Mar 09 - 08:54 PM (#2588461)
Subject: Review: Sharyn Dimmick-PARIS
From: yrlancslad

This CD presents a really nice balance of songs from North America, old and new,wellknown and otherwise,sacred and secular,but the real standouts are Sharyns own songs-Morning Shanty, Wallflower Waltz,and the title track Paris.
This last is a real knockout with sadness,loss,melancholy and bitterness all packed into its seven minute duration.It could well become a cross-over hit in the nature of "The first time ever I saw your face"
The accompaniments, sparse and understated for the most part,fit beautifully the overall atmosphere of the CD, and are a welcome change from the recent trend to over-produce folk albums.

15 Mar 09 - 12:31 AM (#2589091)
Subject: CD Review: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: Joe Offer

Ask any folk musician in the San Francisco area about the singing of Sharyn Dimmick, and they'll tell you that Sharyn sings ballads. She knows lots of them, and she sings them very well - and she never seems to forget a verse. I can't say I'm a great fan of ballads; but through Sharyn's singing, I've at least learned to respect them (I have to give some credit to Judy Cook, too). Sharyn has a pure, high, unaffected, very credible-sounding ballad singer's voice, and she tells stories with the songs she sings.

So, when Sharyn told me she was going to record a CD, I expected it would be The Greatest Hits of Francis James Child. No so. She sings one ballad on the CD, "Barbara Allen," and she sings it well. The other songs cover a wide spectrum, from Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" to a medley of "Hallelujah" songs by Richard Thompson, Julia Ward Howe, and Leonard Cohen. Carl Anderson, Susan Frank, Sadie Damascus, and the inimitable and legendary Ed Silberman sing harmony with Sharyn on the medley.

For me, the high points of the CD were Sharyn's performances of her own "Morning Shanty" and "The Wallflower Waltz." I've heard other people sing these songs many times; but though I've known Sharyn for almost ten years, I'm not sure I've ever heard her sing them. She sings them beautifully.

I'm not sure yet whether I like the title song, "Paris." I'll have to listen to it a few more times and see if it grows on me. It may be a personal thing with me. "Paris" is a good song, but Sharyn sings of Paris as a place for lovers - I enjoyed Paris most when I was alone.

Sharyn's rendition Little Sadie, a wicked little "bad man ballad," is deliciously wicked. She rounds out the CD with a number of folk songs that are among my all-time favorites: "Vandy, Vandy"; Shelley Posen's "No More Fish, No Fishermen"; "When You and I Were Young, Maggie"; "Hard Times, Come Again No More": and closing with a beautifully harmonized performance of "Bringing in the Sheaves" with Carol Denney and Mary O'Brien. I don't know who sings harmony on "Hard Times," but it's a wonderful performance.

The arrangements and accompaniments on all these tracks are simple and unadorned, but lovely. I link this CD very much - but hey, I like Sharyn very much, too.

-Joe Offer-

15 Mar 09 - 02:02 AM (#2589114)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thank you, Joe.

The harmonies on "Hard TImes" and on "Paris" are me, myself and I. I tried to do "Hard Times" with other singers and it didn't work so I "triple-tracked" it.

Shhh! -- don't TELL anyone "The Hallelujah Trilogy" is a medley. We gave it separate track times, remember?

"The Greatest Hits of Francis James Child" will have to wait. One ballad is enough for most CDs.

Perhaps I should go to Paris alone -- I've always been there in company of one sort or another and never had the mythical Paris experience we all imagine. I love Carol Denney's concertina part on the song -- made it sound like a real record for me.


16 Mar 09 - 11:16 PM (#2590690)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: KathWestra

I'm very, very excited to know that I can hear the author of one of my favorite songs (Wallflower Waltz) sing it herself! I learned of the song from Lani Herrmann, learned the song from the printing of it in the Folknik that Lani sent me, and look forward to hearing you sing it, Sharyn! Thanks for the heads up that this is out. I'll order a copy soon. PM me here with the particulars of where to send my $18.

And congratulations on doing this! Joe Offer has told me of your singing, and I'm eager to hear for myself.

29 Mar 09 - 12:02 AM (#2599598)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thanks, Kathy, for your kind words.

General announcement: I am pleased to say that Down Home Music of El Cerrito, CA is now carrying my "Paris" CD. It's a lovely store run by very nice people with good taste in music!


29 Mar 09 - 06:28 PM (#2600069)
Subject: Mudcatter CD: Sharyn Dimmick
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Sharyn sent me a copy of her self-named CD after I sent her mine. I have been listening to it and thoroughly enjoying it this afternoon. It contains an eclectic mixture of songs, some written by Sharyn, some traditional, some by contemporary songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Most feature wonderfully sweet and simple instrumentation--Sharyn's guitar and a variety of other instruments--concertina, fiddle, banjo (by Art Peterson with whom I jam twice a month). Four of the numbers are a cappella, one timely song about the destruction of a way of life by modernization: "No More Fish, No Fishermen," two traditional tunes--"Little Sadie" and "Barbara Allen," in which Sharyn demonstrates her skills as storyteller as well as singer, and one hymn, "Bringing in the Sheaves". I think my favorite cut is her "The Wallflower Waltz," her voice and guitar and Kerry Parker's fiddle.


29 Mar 09 - 06:52 PM (#2600082)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thanks, Charles, for taking the time to listen and to comment. I appreciate it. Glad you like it.

The CD, by the way, is called "Paris."

I love Art's banjo on "Big Yellow Taxi." And Kerry's fiddle. And Carol's concertina part on "Paris" -- that accompaniment made it sound like "a real record" to me.


06 Aug 09 - 02:01 AM (#2694526)
Subject: Review: Sharyn Dimmick, Paris
From: Flair

Paris by Sharyn Dimmick
Sharyn Dimmick may not be a household name among folkies outside California and the Pacific Northwest, but no serious discussion of the Bay Area folk music scene can be had without her name cropping up as one of the better singers of traditional music and song, most especially the classic ballads found on both sides of the Atlantic. She is at her very best when doing these fine story-songs. Her ballad knowledge is quite extensive to say the least. If one word can be used to accurately describe her debut CD, it is eclectic, featuring as it does a variety of musical styles and traditions, ranging from traditional ballads to hymns; and from the American Civil War to old-timey and such modern musical icons as Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Richard Thompson, among others. Three of the cuts on this recording are Dimmick originals, including Paris, the title track, Morning Shanty, composed after an all-night music gathering, and a beautiful piece entitled Wallflower Waltz. Personal favorites include the well-known Barbara Allen from the Child Collection, Vandy Vandy, A Civil War courting ballad with definite supernatural overtones, Stephen Foster's Hard Times, Come Again No More, and the Hallelujah Trilogy (including Julia Ward Howe's Battle Hymn of the Republic, sandwiched in between Thompson's We Sing Hallelujah and Cohen's Hallelujah). One song that deserves special mention is the somber and powerful Shelly Posen piece on the sad state of the Newfoundland cod fishing industry, entitled No More Fish, No Fisherman. Ms. Dimmick is most ably assisted on this recording by some of the Bay Area's best musicians, including Larry Hanks on guitar, Art Peterson on banjo, Carol Denny on contina, and Kerry Parker on fiddle; along with back-up chorus and harmony singing by Sady Damascus, Ed Silberman, and Mary O-Brien, among others. Ms. Dimmick knows how to get inside a song and make it her very own: sensitive and gentle, yet with power and poetic imagery that grabs the listener and holds their attention. Whether it is an elegant hymn such as Bringing in the Sheaves, a biting commentary on urban growth and encroachment like Big Yellow Taxi, or a song of love and youthful recollection such as When You and I Were Young, Maggie, this is a recording that sings to the best aspects of music and the telling of memorable stories. My only quibble, a minor one at that, is more in the nature of personal preference and musical whim. As a ballad buff and a lover of classic ballads from The Child Collection, I would have wished for more of these great story-songs, which are Ms. Dimmick's musical stock and trade. Oh well, perhaps there will be a sequel somewhere down the road and this will be rectified. Overall, this Sharyn Dimmick effort is more than worthy and creditable; it definitely comes very highly recommended: no brag, just fact   

                                       -Robert Rodriguez

For CD availability, contact Sharyn Dimmick at

06 Aug 09 - 02:15 AM (#2694530)
Subject: RE: Review: Sharyn Dimmick, Paris
From: Anglo

Well, 'twould be nice to hear a sound clip or two. IMHO, CDBaby does this very well, and perhaps the CD will be available there.

06 Aug 09 - 08:03 AM (#2694654)
Subject: RE: Review: Sharyn Dimmick, Paris
From: Charley Noble

Sharyn is a fine singer and songwriter.

Nice to hear there is a new recording.

Charley Noble

12 Sep 09 - 03:35 AM (#2722117)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thanks all. I haven't checked in here for about a month. Nice to see the review.

Near-Luddite that I am it takes me forever to do technical things like send CDs up to CD Baby. I will do it someday, perhaps before 2010 rolls around. I've been debating purchasing online licenses so people can listen to the cover cuts. And, of course, eventually I will set up a website.

What I can do in the meantime if anyone wants to hear my voice or my two most popular songs is I can send said person a free copy of my old cassette recording, "I Am Your Winter Lover." This cassette contains several originals and much traditional material. There are some issues with the mix in spots, but it should serve as a basic demo of my singing and songwriting ability, the kind of arrangements I do, etc. I have a limited supply of these. PM me if you want one with a name and address where I can send it. And let me just say that the new CD is better, done by a very fine engineer.

Will I record more ballads? "Dives and Lazarus" and "Death of Queen Jane" are on the upcoming second CD. Two ballads are about all most people can stand at once, except the diehards like Mr. Rodriguez.

As some of you may know, I broke my left hand in two places last summer and that has affected my facility for playing and thus delayed the second CD. I am also at work on a memoir about my life with cerebral palsy.

12 Sep 09 - 02:12 PM (#2722429)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: Joe Offer

I asked Sharyn if I could post some samples on my Website, and she thought it was a good idea. Here's my favorite, The Wallflower Waltz, reduced in sampling rate for easy streaming.

I'll post a couple more later - but those will be excerpts, because I don't want to give away the store.

If the link above doesn't work, try this alternate location
And two more:

Morning Shanty

Barbara Allen (excerpt)

13 Sep 09 - 05:24 PM (#2722945)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

It's so nice to hear my stuff online. Thanks, Joe. The "Barbara Allen" link is not working and the diehard ballad fans might be disgruntled...

13 Sep 09 - 09:59 PM (#2723085)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: Joe Offer

Fixed. I mistyped one darn character...

13 Sep 09 - 11:23 PM (#2723117)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Very funny, Joe, summing up the ballad with its first verse and last two. Some sense of humor. Like the Cliff Notes version!

15 Sep 09 - 12:27 PM (#2724193)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn


26 Jul 10 - 04:23 PM (#2952684)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

"Paris" has finally made it to CDBaby.

26 Jul 10 - 07:19 PM (#2952806)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: olddude

And it is a beautiful CD ... I love every song on it

26 Jul 10 - 07:29 PM (#2952814)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: olddude

I especially love "Paris" you wrote a wonderful song there my friend

26 Jul 10 - 07:35 PM (#2952818)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: Charley Noble

Well worth a listen.

Charley Noble

26 Jul 10 - 09:01 PM (#2952872)
Subject: RE: New CD: 'Paris' by Sharyn Dimmick
From: sharyn

Thanks, Charley and Dan. "Paris" is my favorite song that I've written so it especially pleases me that you like it. Maybe with the CD up on CDBaby more people will hear it.

Anyone want to write a review on CDBaby? Have at it.