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Tech: jAZZ iNSTRUMENTAL acoustic embellishment

24 Mar 09 - 06:14 PM (#2596515)
Subject: IfYa WaitLongEnoughJazz ComesThru
From: CasualCruizer

After all them years- found my niche ..that's a good 30 yrs or so later or so later since of noodlin' on the side lines as an obnoxious young-blood quite naturally, yet encouraged, and in the breath scolded if not intimidated by hard-core Chicago OLD-Town-School-Folk-Music I a flunk-out-by-default of the prestigous companies I was a part of .. the at the time-right hand finger pickin', flat pickin, claw-hammer,rhythm ranger, lyrical photo-graphic memory wizards in the truest/oral folk traditions that i was IN retrospect so darn blessed to ever have been-been exposed to while a noodlin' on the sidelines as an encouraged sometime player with an attitude on the sidelines be design, during the (way-back early Chicago Folkie 70's days aka Ed-Holstien, dave, & john prine, (Marcia Ted Jonson-Ray Hahn-(The Elastic-Band), Ray Tate, occasional, gamble rodgers, even Doc Watson,Jermone T Smith Banjo man Wally Dense, etc many more always playing together, sharing etc, the whole lincoln avenue saddle acoustic folk po- rock club scenerio ..was a powerful oral tradition potty training for anyone .. to be immersed in ,, The folk acoustic country, pop, celtic thru folk rock ..left little room at the time for-ever coming to grips with my self as a developing player .. much less contemplating, let alone imagining the considerations in my small synapse connection challenged mind for the usefullness of such pre-jazz out side ditties ever evolving to jazz/folk inflections ... Now and for-ever on ward thru the non-fog has become the case for me a jazz man too, to re-kindle a fondness for all of acoustic to be able to execute many , and discover new SUBTLE AS WELL as HEADY-orchestrational modal extended embellishments, AND playful OCTAVES..doubles triplet-triad inversions, and polytonal inversions as part and parcel akin to long lost relatives come home to be a able to tell their stories too,... you might say its all music- and jazz is friendly not aloft, there is no mis-under-stood, make-believe, or even defined border sorts for any kinda of sonic shape of moving chords capable of adding so much more color and additional dynamics almost any already beautiful yet simple folk song harmony as well as melody especially ...& ya (It flat outworks!!!folkies .. & from my practical left hands on estimation of what works it has also become all the more interactive with traditional a-440 tunning .. and the other hardly explored modal tunnings .. with sometimes conta-puntal-live tradition musings with a whole ever-changing stable of acoustic yee-haws over the span of a good 20 or so years of trial and many errors, as one who took (In Search Of The Lost Chord Alblum/Song-Literally) well just like developing finger pickin' flow as second nature .. you just don't happen upon the big book of a-la- Jerry baker jazz chords from hell ... no it don't work out that way ... just like with acoustic right hand technique- the left hand is non-forgiving- & might rightly say that you might have to spend at least the equivilent in time akin to (sitting under a shade tree for ten years that 1000 dogs have pissed under) come back as many varieties of guitar buddah's .. to be able to hear it, grace-fully play with it, experiment with it ... and with THE LUCK OF THE DRAW, if your FAST ON YOUR FEET, & ready for the challenge of as good steady folk rhythm person .. a whole lot of wonderful can happen, ..while still also being humble enough , flexible enough, to back off, AD-LIB-aka- EXTEMPORANEOUS STYLE-LIKE, fillin in just some of the spaces that are many .. especially if there is an extra one two verses instru-mental in nature ..and after all that matter how damn good you really know it is ..there will always be those more folkie than thou, just as likened to them there more white jazz snob- for brunch set than thou .. who ain't gonna wanna get it, case their brains are still so small, not uncommon to all kinds of affecianado's- which is not the exception, but perhaps rather the the rule, & which way is their wind blowin' ..(God forgive them For They Know Not What The Hear), and let alone like .. Now what do you'all think, feel about that?? .. feed-back now, and until then you'all might wanna think about the very real possibilities of findin' a veteran-jazz man with an open mind, an outta work, which is most often the case, & if your both blessed .. a patient jazz man to strum/finness ya some polytonal-modal-love .. folkies- ok then .. and thanks for listenin' FrankieCiscoHarris-AcousticJazzStylist, sideman soloist ... AcousticHarvestShowcase ...

24 Mar 09 - 10:46 PM (#2596651)
Subject: RE: Tech: jAZZ iNSTRUMENTAL acoustic embellishment
From: JohnInKansas

WOW!!! 777 words and almost a complete sentence.(?)

Quite obviously the niche you've found is not in the field of written communication. (just a nudge, not really a complaint.)

I may try to read the whole thing later, if I get around to breaking it down, but for now it's pretty much impenetrable.

The enthusiasm is commendable, though - I think (?).


24 Mar 09 - 11:11 PM (#2596661)
Subject: RE: Tech: jAZZ iNSTRUMENTAL acoustic embellishment
From: Ross Campbell

That's something like what I wanted to say (I think!?)


25 Mar 09 - 06:13 PM (#2597333)
Subject: RE: Tech: jAZZ iNSTRUMENTAL acoustic embellishment
From: M.Ted

I copied it to word, then broke it up into paragraphs--no mean trick, because there are no sentences even.   I read through it a couple times, and it is just as dense and incoherent as it was a before. Enthusiastic, though--

25 Mar 09 - 06:22 PM (#2597343)
Subject: RE: Tech: jAZZ iNSTRUMENTAL acoustic embellishment
From: michaelr

He's riffin', man... a hot solo... blowin'... and almost made it back to the head. Bird would be proud.