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Chord Req: Willie the Weeper (from Dave Van Ronk)

29 Mar 09 - 01:27 AM (#2599623)
Subject: Chord Req: Dave Van Ronk - 'Willie the Weeper'
From: Nate Day

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to figure out the chords for Willie the Weeper for quite some time, but I have absolutely no idea. I'm looking for the version on "Van Ronk Sings," but any suggestions will help. Thanks!

19 Oct 09 - 01:04 PM (#2748017)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Dave Van Ronk - 'Willie the Weeper'
From: GUEST,Andy

I don't know if you still need them, but the way that I play it is:

I have heard him playing it in Am, and I suspect that he puts a capo on the fifth fret to do this. So in that case, you would put the capo on the 5th and then play in Em. Which would make the chords:
Em                           B7         Em
Ever heard a story bout willie the weeper
Em                            B7       Em
Willie the weeper was a chimney sweeper
He had the habit, boys he had it bad
B7                               C7    B7    Em
Listen while I tell you bout a dream he had

That is all from memory, so I can't guarantee it's perfect, but It should get you pretty close. I also recommend trying different capo positions to suit your voice. Good Luck