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Folkie wins Quiz!

03 Apr 09 - 12:18 PM (#2603981)
Subject: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Mrrzy

I just KNEW there was a real-life advantage to knowing the words to all those folk songs.

Yesterday's Geo Quiz on NPR wanted a town on the Humber where the Icelandic fishing boats are now going to sell their fish, since nobody in Iceland can afford any... and I remembered the words to Three Score and Ten, and guessed Grimsby, and was right!

Any real-life advantages of knowing lurics, I mean lyrics, for y'all?

03 Apr 09 - 12:40 PM (#2603989)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Ernest

Congratulations! What was your price?

Best wishes

03 Apr 09 - 12:41 PM (#2603990)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: mayomick

Recently some friends were talking about a couple who barricaded themselves into their rented flat in Kings Cross ,London around the early sixties to protest against high rents. The standoff was pretty famous at the time - baillifs were met with flour bombs ,and it was all on the tv . But my friends were amazed that I was able to actually name the couple as Cooke and Rowe .
I didn't win any prizes unfortunately . Ewan MacColl had a song about it - Hey ho Cooke and Rowe.

03 Apr 09 - 01:11 PM (#2604009)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Bill D

There is a song by Si Kahn.... "Wild Rose of the Mountain"

it has this verse:

"When I think of home sweet home, it makes my eyes grow misty.
Poppa singing gospel songs and Momma sippin' whiskey.
Whiskey from a white oak barrel sure does make good liquor.
Makes the nights seem twice as bright and the days go by much quicker."

So, I do woodturning...and one day a few years ago I made a small drinking vessel out of Oak. When I tried to use it, it leaked like crazy. Hmmmmm..

Then someone sang that song, and it hit me! I had made the item from **RED** Oak. White Oak has a completely different internal structure which stops liquid from leaking.

I use the item as a pencil holder.

03 Apr 09 - 01:20 PM (#2604013)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Dan Schatz

In 12th grade I passed a pop quiz, even without finishing the reading for that day, because I knew "Oor Hamlet."

Obviously I have since "read the bloody play" many times.


03 Apr 09 - 02:56 PM (#2604069)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Cool Beans

Not strictly folk, but I can always remember which is which, Medicare (for the elderly) and Medicaid (for the poor), because of Allan Sherman's parody of "Saint James Infirmary."

I went down to Mount Sinai Hospital
To see my old zeyde there (zeyde is Yiddish for grandpa)
And I said, thank God for the Blue Cross
And I wish we had the Medicare.

   It just came up today as I was grading papers and I instantly recognized that one of my students had gotten Medicare and Medicaid wrong.

03 Apr 09 - 06:25 PM (#2604189)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Cllr

in a lecture at university a proffesser asked us students had anyone heard of the diggers. i answered In 1649 st georges hill... and stopped before I nearly started singing all of the 2world turned upside down2 at the lecture hall.
didnt win a prize but i didnt half to answer anymore questions for the next few weeks in the lecture!


03 Apr 09 - 06:27 PM (#2604193)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: JennieG

Me to, me too (waving hand frantically in the air). A few months ago I won a radio quiz, the first question of which was "who wrote this song" - Fields of Gold - it was Sting, and the last question was "name this singer who died recently", then "Santa Baby" was played - of course it was Eartha Kitt. There was I singing along over the radio...... The questions in the middle were local general knowledge. It was a good prize too, a DVD about the Galapagos Islands.


03 Apr 09 - 06:52 PM (#2604208)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Rog Peek

I once phoned in the answered a question on the radio. "Who's singing voice was dubbed over Lauren Bacall in the film 'To Have and Have Not'. It was of course Andy Williams. I won a Beach Boys CD.

I actually thought it ought to have been worth more than that, still there you are.


03 Apr 09 - 07:02 PM (#2604213)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Snuffy

I play in a Sunday night quiz league, and a couple of months ago won a tie-breaker thanks (in a roundabout way) to John Kanakanaka.

I'd been aware for some time that some people sing too-rye-eh while others insist that the proper pronunciation is too-lie-eh. But a chance remark by another singer, that it was just the way different collectors interpreted the same sound in the Hawaiian language, eventually led me to a Wikipedia page on the Hawaiian alphabet.

So when a few weeks later the tie-breaker question was "How many letters in the Hawaiian alphabet?", when the others were guessing at random numbers I was able to say confidently "Twelve - 6 vowels and 6 consonants".

04 Apr 09 - 11:15 AM (#2604521)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: Mysha


Very impressive. Especially for being so confident that they didn't realise it's actually five and seven.


04 Apr 09 - 06:53 PM (#2604768)
Subject: RE: Folkie wins Quiz!
From: MC Fat

Please remember Folkies that I am a professional question setter !!!! I can help for a price.