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Radio Ballads [BBC Radio 7, 13th June]

09 Jun 09 - 07:47 AM (#2652102)
Subject: BS: Radio Ballads
From: fat B****rd

BBC Radio 7 (UK) Saturday June 13th. At 10 a.m and again at 8 p.m 'Charles Parker and the Radio Ballad@
Of no interest to me but I imagine there'll be a lot of you who'll enjoy it.
ATB from Charlie

09 Jun 09 - 07:51 AM (#2652106)
Subject: RE: BS: Radio Ballads
From: Lizzie Cornish 1

This should be in the music section, shouldn't it?

Just in case anyone's looking in who doesn't know about these:

The New Radio Ballads - 2006

And there are links to Charles Parker and the old RBs on there too.

Gosh, was it really 3 years ago they came out? Time zooms...

09 Jun 09 - 03:43 PM (#2652463)
Subject: RE: BS: Radio Ballads
From: Fred McCormick

This shouldn't be in the BS section. Radio ballads are bang on topic and very important. And thanks for letting me know. I never check the Radio 7 listings, so I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

10 Jun 09 - 08:18 AM (#2653075)
Subject: RE: Radio Ballads [BBC Radio 7, 13th June]
From: Jeri

Here is the Radio 7 website, which has a 'Listen Live' link.