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Lyr Req: Old Durham Waltz (Jez Lowe)

14 Jun 09 - 04:34 PM (#2656340)
Subject: Lyr Req: Jez lowe lyrics
From: Bon_NS

I've just discovered jez lowe(having only moved to the UK 6 months ago) and I'm wondering if anyone knows the lyrics to "Old Durham Waltz"??


14 Jun 09 - 05:54 PM (#2656397)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Jez lowe lyrics
From: Susanne (skw)

Try his website. There don't seem to be any lyrics, but he's a friendly guy and might send them to you. I've got Durham Gaol, Durham Lockout, Durham Big Meetin' Day but unfortunately no Durham Waltz.

14 Jun 09 - 06:32 PM (#2656418)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Jez lowe lyrics
From: nutty

You can buy lyrics individually from his website .....


18 Jun 09 - 11:04 PM (#2659949)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE OLD DURHAM WALTZ (Jez Lowe)
From: Jim Dixon

Copied from

J.Lowe/Lowelife Music 1983

Have you seen a laddie, so blithe and so bonny?
He should've been back. There is something a-fault.
He left here this morning and said these words parting:
"I'm off to join the rest in the Old Durham Waltz."

I've searched in the factory but the stands are all empty.
The belts and the machines have all ground to a halt.
Everywhere is the same. Is there nobody working?
Is everybody dancing the Old Durham Waltz?

Is he drunk? Is he sober? Are the good times all over?
I really need to know: is it true? Is it false?
You just can't believe everything people tell you.
They'll lead you a fine dance in the Old Durham Waltz.

06 Jul 09 - 10:05 AM (#2672808)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Old Durham Waltz (Jez Lowe)
From: Bon_NS

Thanks a million folks!!!