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Pete Seeger 90 broadcast

02 Aug 09 - 01:50 PM (#2692278)
Subject: Pete Seeger 90 broadcast
From: Thomas Stern

PBS is broadcasting bits of the Seeger birthday tribute / Clearwater fund raiser.
Would be interested in others reaction to it
I was glad to see Pete Seeger obviously enthusiastic and enjoying the proceedings, but thought the 'show' somewhat disappointing.
Too many people grouped together whom I would like to hear solo, some not in best voice, many unknown and not clearly identified. I hope the DVD set (when it becomes available through retail channels rather than high priced PBS fund raiser) may have some good documentation.
Obviously there was reason to create the groups of performers - unless they wanted to run the concert for 3 days, it permitted many to participate.
One GLARING omission (IMO) from the lineup was RONNIE GILBERT - given the importance of the Weavers I would think she would be there. Does anyone know if she is well and still performing?

02 Aug 09 - 02:46 PM (#2692304)
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger 90 broadcast
From: Ebbie

You'll find an ongoing discussion on this thread: Pete Seeger 90th Birthday part at MadisonSqGarden.

I too am wondering if Ronnie Gilbert is unwell.

20 Sep 09 - 05:41 PM (#2727602)
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger 90 broadcast
From: maeve

Must be the same show that's on Maine Public Broadcasting System (Channel 20 in Maine) right now. Ronnie is on, and they're talking about the Weavers.


22 Sep 09 - 02:45 PM (#2729016)
Subject: Pete Seeger 90th Birthday broadcast on PBS
From: Genie

I don't want to bury the heads-up about the PBS broadcast in the much longer thread about Pete's 90th birthday.

For those who haven't been able to catch this concert or parts of it before, I'd say keep tabs on your local PBS stations.   The video should be airing and re-airing periodically.

It's on here in Portland, OR this Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009.


23 Sep 09 - 11:20 PM (#2730167)
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger 90 broadcast
From: Genie

Just a reminder for people in the range of OPB in Portland (or Eugene?) or Vancouver, WA.

The PBS broadcast of Pete's 90th Celebration airs tonight - 9 PM I think (or maybe 10).